Tin Fong from Canada - Experience in Tin Yat Lineage

I joined the Tin Yat Dragon lineage after many years of searching and trying other spiritual paths. None of them really fulfilled what I was looking for. I started to think there was no such thing as a genuine spiritual path anymore. I thought maybe we had lost the spiritual connections that ancient people had.  But I kept searching anyway, casually watching YouTube, while in the back of my mind, I was ready to commit to a true path.

I saw one of Jee Sifu’s videos and I became intrigued. He was speaking so straightforward, yet I could tell there was wisdom and power behind the words. I spent a couple weekends binge-watching his videos, seriously considering becoming ordained. I really liked the fact that he said that anyone could learn and be part of the lineage. I felt confident that support would be there for me to learn and progress on the path.

I decided to ordain and emailed Jee Sifu. I told him I wanted to take baby steps and he promptly told me to stop thinking too much. Haha, first lesson in acting from the Heart! It was tough for me at first, to learn the spells and so on, but I never felt like I was struggling on my own. There was always someone there to encourage me and give me tips on how to improve. They provided me with ways to learn that worked best for me. Everything was done in a positive way. Even when I screwed up, was forgetful or lacking discipline, I was corrected in a positive way. There were always explanations for things, I was not just told, do it this way. This wisdom behind it was always explained.

When I look back at how I was when I joined two years ago, compared to how I am now, I see major improvements. Jee Sifu helped me get over the grief of my husband passing away. I will always remember and appreciate that because I was really stuck in a bad place. I am much more confident now. I learn new things more easily. I have a deeper understanding of the spiritual world. I even got a much better job which allows me to work at home. Jee Sifu also healed my skin from autoimmune disease. I feel like I could go to them with any problem, and I would find help.

To me, the best thing about Tin Yat Dragon is the people and how we work together as a team and a family. I know that as I get older, no matter what challenges I face, even when it comes time for me to transition into the spiritual realm, they will be there for me, and I will be there for them.