The Bubby and Intelligent Jee Sifu: There’s No One Like Him! by Lung from NY

The best way to describe my Sifu is comparing him to a 100 year old Taoist with the body of a young, middle-aged man. He defies the preconceptions that wisdom comes with age and really gives a new image as to what a Sifu looks like. Most people associate a Sifu with being an old man with long white hair and a beard, but my Sifu is nothing like that. When I first saw my Sifu on YouTube, I was really surprised because I was expecting him to be all serious and old, as that's what I thought a Taoist Master would be like. Instead, my Sifu had a very fun and bubbly personality, which made him very easy to listen to and learn from. I was truly shocked how someone who looked so young could have such a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom. It really shows that age doesn't mean much; it's your mindset and actions that show people who you truly are. This idea is something my Sifu applies to all his disciples, and everyone gets treated equally, notwithstanding one’s age.


Additionally, an attribute my Sifu has is never giving up on anyone, regardless of what happens. He has a saying that he will “never give up on you, unless you choose to give up first,” and that is a phrase that I always keep in my mind. Having a Sifu like that really motivates you because it shows how determined he is to have all of his disciples become successful. Also, he always sees the potential in you, even if you don’t see it yourself, which really helps motivate you to learn and grow. My Sifu is a positive role model and teacher who will always guide you to the right path.

My Sifu is a very fun person and has many hobbies that include: art, photography, music, gunning, gaming, martial arts, and much more. All these things make him someone that is relatable, and he incorporates magical teachings through the use of non-traditional methods. For example, he has made multiple songs with a variety of instruments that are magical and help calm you down when you listen to them. This is just one of the many ways magic is incorporated into everyday things. Through the teachings of my Sifu, you get to realize that learning magic is not something that should be boring, instead it should be something that's fun and incorporated into your daily life. There are many ways magic learning can be applied into daily life, and that's something my Sifu has really opened my eyes to. By learning with an open mindset, you are able to truly enjoy magic and get the full benefits of it without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.
Another great thing about my Sifu is he always tries to answer your question and he is not afraid to admit when he doesn't have an answer. This shows he is very transparent and upfront with his disciples, unlike those other Sifus who try to make it seem like they know everything. Also, he is someone who can help solve problems and fix issues, whether it be in relationships or any other problems in your life. It's crazy to me how someone can have the ability to help, regardless of the situation, and will always be there to support you. This amount of support is unimaginable, considering this amount of support he has to give to every disciple in the lineage. It really shows how big of a heart he has for everyone, which makes you feel so loved and cared for, creating a great atmosphere to learn. It makes being a part of the lineage something that is special and makes you feel like there is always help whenever you need it.

Overall there are so many great things about my Sifu that words cannot fully describe. You really need to join the lineage to see for yourself what a wonderful and fun person he is, and to learn from the best teacher out there!