Taoist Master Testimonial on Saam Law Tao - Dragon from New York

            I was born in America and raised in a family that was under the Mazu religion, which was the source of all the chaos in my early childhood. Growing up, my life was very traumatizing, to say the least. From a young age, I have witnessed live possessions, spiritual attacks, and an array of family conflicts. There was never any peace at this so called “home,” and I never felt content there. It was like living at a haunted house (literally) with evil crap floating around everywhere creating a chaotic environment daily.

            From a young age, I was never religious. I never believed in any gods, despite my EX grandparents forcing it upon me. Whenever I was forced to light incense back then, I never cared while doing it. I would hate it whenever I was forced to do anything religious. At that time, I was young and didn’t understand much, but I vividly remember all the times I saw ghosts floating around and my EX aunt getting possessed voluntarily. That night truly scarred me and made me hate this Mazu religion even more because of the messed up and terrifying things my EX family would do for this "god." Throughout my childhood, I was never into this at all, but instead, my family forced it upon me at the time. I’ve always felt the need to find the reasons behind doing things, but back then whenever I would question their words, I would be met with a beating.

            Aside from that, a major entity that really messed up my childhood was the constant conflict between my parents. Growing up in a household that was never harmonized was something that really messed with my head. My parents would constantly be fighting and it even got to the point where it would be physical. Mainly my dad had the absolute worst temper and would be abusive to my mom. Watching my mom get slapped across the face and not being able to do anything was truly something that traumatized and angered me at the same time. The most heartbreaking thing was I knew my dad was not like that; he was a sweet, funny and caring father but it was the influence by his parents and religion. My father had basically been enslaved by this religion for years and listened to every word his parents said. This turned him into an animal who would punish his children out of pure anger and not be understanding at all. At one point, it was like my dad had two personalities inside of him: a normal and fun one and a monster that would come out whenever he was mad. The breaking point was one night when my parents got into a heated fight and my mom took my sister and I to finally leave that hell-hole of a “home.” When my mom was in the car ready to drive off, my dad threatened to smash the window with a 3x4 plank, and at this moment, I knew that my dad had completely been taken over by this monster inside him.

            I ordained into Saam Law after my dad found Sifu’s website online, and since that day my life has been changed drastically. I remember the day I was ordained into the lineage and it was truly something new and it gave me hope for a better life. From the start, Sifu has always been so attentive and caring for us and it was crazy considering we just ordained into the lineage. Initially, it was definitely an adjustment and I was still skeptical, but as time went on and we followed Sifu’s teachings, I realized that this was the real thing. All the spiritual attacks I was facing was able to be cured by using the magic we learned in the lineage. I remember one time I got paralyzed while taking a bath, so my dad used palm magic he learned from Sifu, and was able to get me back to a normal state.

            The biggest effect the lineage has had on my life was creating peace and harmony within my family. I saw my dad change from a monster to a genuinely good father over the years we have been with the lineage. This was something I had dreamed of for years and the lineage was able to provide us with the help and guidance to make it a reality. Through the guidance of the lineage, we were able to buy our first house, which was something I never would have thought would happen, given the circumstances back then. This really shows how if you are connected to the TAO and live according to the teachings, good things will come in the future. There were times where we were financially unstable but we trusted our uppers and kept going. With the help and guidance from the lineage, we were eventually able to pull through and survive. All the positive things in life that came after joining the lineage really showed how life-changing becoming a Taoist can be. I am so happy and grateful for everyone in the lineage that has been here from the start for guiding us and helping us to prosper and become successful. Words really cannot describe what this lineage can do to change your life- it's truly something you need to join and experience.