Saam Law Tao Changed My Life for Good! - Ning Sifu from LA

Saam Law Tao Changed My Life for Good! - Ning Sifu from LA

I was born and raised in Taiwan and I grew up in a Buddhism family. Naturally, I was surrounded by Buddhist gods such as 佛祖, 觀音, 媽祖, etc.  If you have ever been to Taiwan before, you would know that you could see temples everywhere- be it small or big ones. When I was a kid, my family usually took me to visit these temples and I followed through the motions of doing “Buddhist things” that I thought I was supposed to do. I did not know what I was doing; I merely did so just for the sake of it. 

Even though I was raised in a Buddhist home and I was surrounded by all Buddhist gods, I never trusted them. I did not believe they could help me get a better place in life or help me be a better person.  I’ve seen many people who were very devoted to the religion, yet I never saw their lives or personalities improve. 

When I was at my lowest point in life, I had no friends and I was bullied by my friends and classmates for 6 years. The boyfriends I had were always lying to me and treating me badly. They even went as far as abusing me both verbally and physically. At work, I worked really hard, but my bosses and managers did not appreciate what I did for the company and treated me like a little girl who did not know anything. They had no respect for me. As for my co-workers, a few treated me nicely, but most treated me like I was an idiot or a retard. I was angry and upset, but there was nothing I could do about my situation. I began to feel desperate- so I began to search for help such from Christianity and Buddhism. I even went to as far as reaching out to religions such as Witch Craft and Devil Rituals, but after awhile, I felt that I did not belong to these religions and I felt no connection with them.

Since my childhood, I felt like I had been encountering obstacles nonstop and that the chaos in my life would not stop until the day I die. I felt upset and disappointed in my life, so I tried to comfort myself by thinking, "I can't be the only one who lives like this, surely other people are suffering too."  By this point in life, I had already given up my search for a religion to help. Instead, I turned to books, articles, quotes, etc. to help comfort me whenever I encountered problems in my life. 

However, my life took a drastic turn for the better a few years ago when I met my current husband. At the time, he was my boyfriend, and he had found Saam Law and told me that this religion was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from other religions. I remember him saying, "this is the REAL one." At first, I was pretty skeptical about it because I’ve seen many religions that tried to bait you and scam your money, but then I thought "well, why not try Saam Law? If I end up getting scammed, I can just treat this as a critical life lesson."

So, I eventually got ordained with my boyfriend and I felt the difference between Saam Law and all the other religions I have experienced and I realized theat Saam Law IS THE REAL ONE.  All the Sifus were really nice and they would answer my questions without asking me to pay any “extra fees.” They would also try to help me with my life problems and teach me the magic to solve these problems. Before ordaining, I usually had urinary tract infections like once a week, and I had always thought that it was due to my weak immune system. However, after I got ordained and started to practice the magic, such as writing scriptures and drinking fu heads/ fu water for 6 months, the number of urinary tract infections I got significantly decreased to once or twice a month. My Sifus also taught me how to open our eyes to see the “other world” that many people cannot see. After I saw it, I finally learned why my life had so many obstacles and why my body had so many illnesses. My boyfriend who got ordained with me also received help from all the Sifus and he changed a lot too. In the past, he was a selfish and impatient person. He would yell at me and beat me when I did something wrong or something that displeased him. After ordaining, he became nonviolent and more calm and patient with me. I also saw that he started to smile and laugh a lot, something he rarely did before. My Sifu also taught him 氣功 (chi kung) and some healing breathings with the purpose of helping him with physical pains he had. After he did the chi kung for about 10 months, he felt the soreness and aches had diminished and he believed that if he kept practicing, these symptoms would disappear in no time.

As for myself, the job I am working now has better benefits than the job I had before ordaining into the lineage. My boss, manager, and co-workers all treat me kindly and with respect. This lineage has not only helped me get to a better place in life, it has also brought me and my boyfriend together, allowing us to become husband and wife. I am truly grateful for all that this lineage has helped me with in my life and I sincerely appreciate all the Sifus help and teachings. Thank you so much!!