My Incredible Jee Sifu - He's so Knowledgable and One of a Kind! by Ning Sifu from LA

My Incredible Jee Sifu - He's so Knowledgable and One of a Kind! by Ning Sifu from LA

The first time I saw Jee Sifu was on Youtube; I remember it was in January 2018. Back then, I hadn’t ordained into the lineage yet, and when I watched his video around that time, my first impression was he seemed to know about everything, including magic (Yes! I mean the ‘REAL’ one, not the Harry Potter one), ghosts, Tao Te Ching, curses, Feng Shui, bagua…etc.  He even knew how to explain the after death world, unlike other religions that explained the topic vaguely or in a mumbo jumbo manner. The videos he posted in Youtube always had the answers to questions that other religions could not explain. Sometimes, the answers were so simple that it got me thinking, either this guy was simply BS-ing, OR he was the TRUE MASTER.

Another thing about my Sifu is he likes to laugh and smile A LOT.  If you have watched his videos, you can see he practically smiles and laughs throughout the entire video. His smile makes you feel that there is nothing in the world that gets him worried, anxious, or angry. It’s like a very bad-ass guy tries to attack a Wing Chun Sifu with his most fierce kung fu, but the Wing Chun Sifu only has to use ONE HAND and he can already beat his ass down. Usually, you won’t see this kind of Sifu in other Taoist lineages.  Other Sifus that I have met in the past all barely smiled or laughed. They always acted very seriously in an attempt to establish a sense of prestige in front of everyone. They also have no patience whatsoever when you ask them questions, however my Sifu is nothing like that.

Like I mentioned above, my Sifu really knows his stuff and always has answers to the questions you have in mind. Thus, everytime I  have any questions, I always ask him and he NEVER loses his patience or answers the questions with a nasty attitude. It really seems that he never gets tired of answering repeated questions, and even though some of the questions may have already been asked a million times, he still answers any question with patience.

Another great thing about my Sifu is that he has great health and perfect skin! If you have encountered some Taoism sects such as Wudang or Maoshan, you would see them smoking ALL THE TIME and their faces were either pale or yellowish and they all looked old like Crypt k Keeper, but not my Sifu. His face and skin looks like baby skin, and you cannot find any pimples or dark circles on his face. If he was not a Taoist Master, I think he would be a great model for a  beauty salon or cosmetic surgery, because his skin is just so smooth that I believe every customer would love him so much. He also doesn’t smoke and he eats well everyday. I can see that he always has a fire in his heart and mind and always feels energized everyday.  

OH!l YEAH, and by the way, my Sifu also knows about Martial Art (Kung Fu) which it’s another great thing about him. He knows everything about Kung Fu, including the famous Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Northern first, Southern fist, imitative-styles fist, five element fist, Chi Kung, etc. The way he moves and acts is totally different from other Sifus out there. My Sifu’s movements look vigorous like a tiger while other Sifus’ movements look like they are crumbling and falling apart. When you learn kung fu from him, he not only teaches you the movements for the kung fu, but he also tells you the reasons behind each movement. He will have patience with you, as long as you keep practicing and asking questions.  

So far, these are all the GREAT THINGS about my Sifu!!!  But… what about the bad things? To be honest, I haven’t found any bad things yet. If I ever find it in the future, I will tell you, but as for now, there just isn't any bad traits. However, should you really insist that I must say something that is "bad" about my Sifu, then I would say strictness. My Sifu treats all his teachings very seriously, and as a result, he is very strict with us. He will constantly push us to become a better person. Sometimes, you will even feel like you cannot do a certain thing and you'll believe that there is no way you can do it, but Sifu will keep pushing and encouraging you to do better. It’s like he stimulates your potential to 200%, compared to the 10% of your potential you are using when you do things on your own.  Once you've achieved your goals and you look back at what you did, you will be amazed how far you can actually go. Furthermore, he is a good "fixer-upper," and I don't mean that as in he is good at fixing houses, but rather, he can fix people so well. He can fix and filter out the bad qualities in you while keeping the good qualities. In order to do that, he needs to be strict and firm with us disciples, but at the end of the day, it's for our own good. 

Lastly, there are so many great things about my Sifu I also want to talk about, such as how he created all these LINE ARTS and how he knows so much about guns and flashlights as well. He can also write Chinese calligraphy beautifully and even knows what kind of wine is best for certain types of cheese. He genuinely has so much knowledge. If you have the chance to ordain into our lineage, you will be so amazed by how you can learn something new from him everyday.