My Experience in Tin Yat Dragon as Disciple

I started my relationship with Jee Sifu by initiating and becoming a disciple within the Tin Yat Dragon sect of Taoism. My motivation was to hand a legacy to my family heirs that are Multiracial Americans. (Native, European, African, Asian) I was surprised at how available and open hearted Jee Sifu the Highest Master “Cia Juan 師尊” was to all the “newbies” like me. The analogy of climbing a mountain together is very applicable. You might fall off the cliff without a guide. He makes it easy and fun as well as challenging and rewarding to use magic to make magic. I feel “magic” is the term for opening the heart to help in ways that are exponential because the lineage backs us up. I began in earnest my daily heart spell recitation on day one. I noticed how the “Saamlawnese” (language of the gods) sounds were magnetic and I was taught how to push this sound/spell into my wrist beads to store up the power like an extra battery for my heart. I was confused when asked to mumble the spell. How could that work? My rational brain was trained to relax as I trusted and followed my heart. Soon I experienced a more powerful practice! Cia Juan is a genuine Taoist Master and I trust him completely. His advice is based on his extensive direct experience. I was also taught how to use the magic power with special symbols. I was taught how to invite the gods of the Bagwa with Fu heads that are tickets of request to contact the lineage gods.

Cia Juan has written extensively and teaches us in Taoist Scripture format in addition to oral teachings. The opportunities to learn in the lineage were exciting and vast. I was taught how to greet others in the lineage with correct etiquette. I faced many hurdles that Cia Juan helped me to overcome. His encouragement reminds us it is OK to “learn on the way and better every day”. I especially enjoyed that his teachings included the “Munn 文” theory and the “Mo 武” application with attention to details and humor.

As I was learning the Saam Law Jo Si Fu head a portal opened into the mysterious primordial realm of the Tao. I call it a sympathetic resonance based on the fact that the uppers had cleared the trail for me. Junn Si Jeung taught us our “Sun Kuet 身訣”. These are gestures to communicate your heart to the gods of the lineage. Between each one we return to self. This is a very powerful activity that harmonizes your heart-mind, body and souls. Cia Juan was very practical reminding us all to eat before we start our morning of Taoist connecting called “Ching- On 請安” and chanting. The uppers in the lineage gave some admonishments to the struggling newbie’s about clearing their past and starting fresh with the lineage they had joined. We needed to become the proverbial empty cup!

We were encouraged if we desired to have a home altar with a “Sun Paai 神牌” the lineage signage of the gods to connect all the disciples to the gods powers. I do not have technology reception in my mountain home so Cia Juan taught me how to start the day cultivation with the salute as if Cia Juan was in the room with me. Offering tea, incense and food on a table to the lineage gods. Soon it blossomed into a morning rite of connecting and greeting with Saam Law Jo Si offering my heart and again in the evening siting and meditating with the heart spells.

At about day 19 a profound realization hit me: everyday for the rest of my life! The 108-day practice was just a signal of loyalty not that I would suddenly stop cultivating when I reached the goal. I was integrating body protection magic. I have been authorized to share this with my friends and will perform this ceremony on an auspicious day honoring 上清靈靈寶天尊 Sheung Ching Ling Bo Tin Juen.

By day 36 I had ordained to the Tao with the help of Junn Si Jeung in order to cultivate and learn more about the Tao. My faith was unshakable so it was time to give back to the Tao with a method called concluding. I was taught how to send letters to the gods. We do this whole heartedly every new and full moon. The gifts of ordination were profound:

1) a new name 2) heart-mind spells 3) and the power of the Fu. My “Fa Jee” cultivation of magic symbols was expanding daily. I was taught how to make a mobile altar to open my heart outside in the sunshine! Then inside I was taught to set up a Fu drawing table with the altar at my back. This gave me great confidence and I felt very connected and supported by the uppers. The color cosmology of the Fu was exciting. Later Dai Sifu would gift me these valuable papers! The teachings were illuminating the process and methods behind the symbols and were very comprehensive.

On day 84 the altar was activated by Cia Juan. After 6 months my little brother “Cia Di” gifted me the statues of the Three Clear Ones that he obtained with the guarantee stamp by Dai Sifu, BEH Cia Juan. They now are starter homes for the gods that Cia Juan infused and consecrated for our ever-expanding network of lineage altars. I continue to be amazed at Cia Juan and his big heart that is devoted to helping all who ask. He gifts his time and services to the disciples with great joy and generosity to inspire our humble cultivation. As a disciple progresses new heart spells are taught as a way to assist powers, execute magic and inherit magic to send at a distance. Every thing is very methodical and exacting with great precision like the real qi breathing methods and golden bridge hand signs. I now can open the altar, create Fu, consecrate, and send help to others as a Sun Lung Taoist Priestess.

I am so very thankful for the gifts of ordination I am deeply committed with my stabilized heart aligned with the 12 wishes of the lineage. Special thanks to Tung Sifu opening the door for me. Hui Si Jeung giving me tips and templates. Fong Si Jeung my role model.

All the uppers and lowers along the way! I joyfully follow the Taoist Priest Commandments. May all benefit from the inspiration of Cia Juan’s teachings that connect us to the magical gods of the Tao!