Great Taoist Master Jee Sifu of Tin Yat Dragon - Compliment from Hong Kong

Stephanie, Tin Ying, a Taoist disciple of our lineage is here to present you with a stunning video she made to compliment Jee sifu and showing you what kind of person Jee Sifu is.  For those who are just researching about Jee Sifu, you might bump into some garbage created by the haters of Jee Sifu in the past (and even in the present), but this video should let you know what's real and what's not.

Tin Ying is a newly ordained disciple, but she have been around Jee Sifu for a long time already and also witnessed a lot of things that have happened in the past with the lineage and with Jee Sifu.

Some haters cooked up a reason about why Jee Sifu changed his name from Mak Jo Si to Jee Sifu, and of course that is all bullshit. Jee Sifu have also explained this in his own blog posting on blogger too.  Jee Sifu is still Jee Sifu "and" Mak Jo Si. Read his blog post on this topic to understand what's the difference and reason behind the names.

In short, Stephanie (Tin Ying) hated the haters a lot and she want to do something for the lineage but posting fun informative videos on her own YouTube channel to help spread the words of Saam Law Taoism.  With more positive energy, it will flood and flush out the negatives, thta is what's in her mind right now. 

The main point is, understanding what kind of person Jee Sifu is, you are ensured to have a great learning experience in the lineage after you ordained. It's no doubt a fun and enjoyable journey!