Testimonial forward (Tin Wai, HK).

The weather of last week was very unstable, there are thunder, lightning and heavy rains. I got sick because I was careless.

At Tuesday night, I felt my forehead headache and I know I’m going to sick. I reported to uppers and got reply very soon. Saam Sifu suggested me to do iron shirt to strengthen myself. After doing, I felt both my hands and body warm and powerful. The sickness of mine getting much better, very impressive!

Next day, I felt nausea and vomiting, legs and arms are weak. After SiGung knew what I ate and my symptom that day, SiGung taught me how to do Chi Kung and how to recover by eating ( using orange peel with congee as a remedy to fix the stomach issue, and the meat replenishes the energy and essence lost from the sickness)

Amazingly, I went to work at the third day normally. I don’t need to took medicine and see doctor, only need to do Chi Kung and eat properly. This is the first time that I recover from sick in short time. I feel very appreciate that care and support from SiGung and Sifus.

It is very lucky that I am able to meet Saam Law. I witness amazing and powerful of Saam Law in these 2 years after ordaining. Not only magic but how to get along with people and deal with things can all apply by wisdom of Saam Law.

By cultivation every day, makes me more stronger and TAO always take care of every disciple. Thanks Saam Law changes my life. Hope every newbies’ heart can focus on the TAO and life will be much better and better.