Alaskan Taoist Master - Saam Law Saved my Life and Gave me a Family!

Before, I had become a part of this lineage, I was a person who sought for spiritual wisdom. I didn’t see myself as a religious person, nor did I ever care about going to any group or church to be religious. I have only spent time on my own to build knowledge regarding experiences that I went through in my life and relationships that I had. I didn’t have much direction either, and took relationships with people for granted. When interacting with others, I was having trouble expressing my true feelings and inner thoughts. I had a lot of suppressed emotions that I would just process on my own. Then I found out about the Saam Law.

The reason why I joined the lineage was because I wanted to find like-minded people. I was looking for a path that would allow me to find answers to my questions, as well as learn more about life, death, and the afterlife. The Si Gung and Sifus of the lineage have shown/ given me so much care and attention to help me grow. They not only helped me become the person who I wanted to be, but they helped me realize who I was meant to be. I have learned what daily improvement really means and have been given this chance to assimilate into a new life that I couldn’t have ever done in such a short amount of time without the support and guidance from my Sifus!

In 2019, Si Gung and Sifus coordinated a gathering that was held in Alaska, USA. All of the upper level disciples were given the chance to meetup and spend roughly 6 weeks together for an intense, military style, magical arts training camp. The purpose was to help us become Elite Taoist Warriors who could surpass mental and physical limitations that previously blocked us from achieving goals in our daily life. Additionally, we would learn to develop structured patterns in order to live a more disciplined life. It was an intense period, but we were all victorious and developed an unbreakable bond as a team.

We may have started out as strangers who weren’t blood-related and spoke different languages, but we later became a tight knit family whose hearts formed into one unshakeable mass. This is the real power of the lineage! The bond that we created was only possible because we had trust in the guidance and wisdom of Saam Law.

After this training camp was over, it was a matter of keeping up with my new life and not falling back into old patterns. Although I had a completely new life, my old mindset could have stop me from living and enjoying it. If it wasn’t for my Sifus’ support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
JLT is our Saam Law Temple located in Alaska. The Sifus from around the world have pulled together their resources to build JLT. This is both my place to cultivate Saam Law’s power and my home. It’s a wonderful and cozy place where I can live without fear of losing it. Because of my love and dedication to the Tao, my Sifus wanted to make sure that I would be living with less worries. I truly am thankful to be with my Sifus now.

I used to live day by day just surviving on a paycheck to pay rent and buy groceries, but now I can focus on other work and have money to build savings, spend towards hobbies, and invest into prosperous outcomes. I am no longer worrying so much about doing things on my own. I have this great network of support behind me pushing me forward into the bright future! Life is full of hurdles and difficulties, and having to do anything with little or no support is nearly impossible these days. With the help from the Tao, which is something bigger than myself, it has been easier and faster to grow.