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What is Yuen Sun 元神 in Taoism

Tin Jee Learning Theory

Yuen Sun 元神 is the spiritual planetary body of a person or living being, which is where their Pre-Heaven energies and essence are from, and what powers things up as a living being. Everyone, including you, have a Yuen Sun too. Your Yuen Sun is not visible by the naked eyes, which is only born to see things in the physical dimension and not the non-physical side of the universe. We cannot see energy waves or sound waves in the air, nor the wifi invisible beams of data that is bouncing around the room. We cannot see a lot of things, but we can feel and witness it, just like how we can witness the power of the Yuen Sun too.

Cultivating your spiritual energies and bodies in Taoism with Saam Law Sun Gung has a great positive impact on your Yuen Sun. When you learn and cultivate in our lineage, you will get to learn about your Yuen Sun and soon be able to work with it, build a better connection between you and your Yuen Sun, and even to put the cultivated essence back to the Yuen Sun, for a better future to come.

Your Yuen Sun feeds you with the Pre-Heaven energies that put your life in a certain direction and flowing pattern. If one cannot get the resources from the Yuen Sun flowing nicely toward your physical body here, then hiccups and bumps will start to show up in your physical life, which reflects on the whole circulation between you and your Yuen Sun. As a Taoist, we know how important it is to secure the connections between our physical life and the Yuen Sun of ourselves, and this shapes the foundation of our cultivation concept, connecting back to the Tao, the place where things started, for you.


Yuen Sun and the Tao

As explained in “What Is Taoism”, the word Tao is defined to be a pattern, that means the leading essence of a system. For example, the Tao of a company can be the founder or the boss, and their intention, thoughts or even words will affect the whole focus of the company, leading it to a certain path and destiny.  The Tao of a family can be the mom or dad, and they usually set the whole direction of how the family thinks and leading the children below to a certain destiny too.  The word “Tao” can be applied to many things because it is just seen as a pattern. In Taoism, we talk about the Tao of a human being, and that is your Yuen Sun, which is like the “boss” of your life. 

The Tao, or Yuen Sun, is a personal spiritual planet, and it is not something shared with the others. You can see this spiritual planetary body like an organ of you, like your brain, it does not look like you as in the you that you see from the mirror. What you see in the mirror is just a part of you, there is a lot more “you” inside that container – such as your bones, flesh, organs and even the cells and other non-physical parts of you.

You are a single living being living on a physical planet that contains you, as the exact opposite, you are a spiritual planet that contains a bunch of living things. You can say, that we are like living on two sides of the universe at the same time, and both lives work as one.  There are much more to know about the Yuen Sun, which is explained in our article of “Saam Ching – The Three Pure Ones”, with the Yuen Sun anatomy or structure explained. Take time to read it if you like to know the specifics!


Taoist View on Life and Destiny

Many people will be curious to know our view on life and destiny. Is life planned and programmed with all the happenings and events already preset before we are born?  This Yuen Sun theory will answer it for you, and you can also see the same pattern in your everyday life.

The Yuen Sun sets the focus and direction, like a broad direction that a president of a company will give to his team of people who work in the company. This year, we will want to launch out 10 products and spread the words all over the country. This Is the focus or direction, and it does not set the specific of how it is processed or executed. Therefore, the journey is still like mystery and nothing is planned yet. As we can clearly see here, Taoist do not believe in a planned or preset life. However, we understand that the condition and operation of the Yuen Sun will greatly affect us. In a way, the Yuen Sun sets a pattern and we will flow toward this direction that this pattern is leading us. What happen in the process and executing part is unknown and not yet decided. 

What’s the role of us being in this physical world, is to make decisions, and execute the finalized decisions to make things turn into reality. We are so powerful in this physical world, with a brain that can think and process information and elements that flow into our system. With a careful and smart way of using your brain, you can decide what to happen in the future, because you can realize and see what’s coming and what’s potential to be happening ahead.

For example, you are already seeing the sky is dark and gloomy, wind is blowing, and the clouds are low and dark. You know it’s about to rain, and your brain and process these elements too.  Your job is to decide what to do.  You can choose to stay home, walk out there and get wet, or bring an umbrella and go to work. Whatever you choose to do will shape your future.

The Yuen Sun is set to be like a certain condition and will operate on its own, which you cannot really control.  While the Yuen Sun spins and runs, it gives off energies to us and we are being “fed” by it. While we get “fed”, we can choose how to use what is given, just like we are given $100, you can spend it wisely for a great potential growth, or spend it poorly and dump it into the vending machine for little-stuffed bunnies. You can decide on how to utilize what is given, but there is always a subtle “pattern” that leads you toward a certain direction in life. Your life is not “set” but you will always be led and guided by your Yuen Sun every day.

Things like our service of Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫微斗數 and other divination services, are to calculate the Pre-Heaven energy patterns to get a forecast of what's most likely to come up, and so that we can plan ahead, or do precaution work if necessary. We believe that we should get a grip on our own life and shape our future to what we want, by working on problems before they happen.


Taoism and Beyond the Yuen Sun Limitation

Just by cultivating and learning things in Taoism can allow you to utilize what is given by your Yuen Sun better, and be able to give back to the Yuen Sun to replenish it, but if you and your Yuen Sun both lack resources, then there is nothing you can do about it.  Learning Saam Law Sun Gung changes that fate for you. The reason why we call this Sun Gung 神功 and not just Taoist magic or Taoism is because it is actually Taoism and beyond. We can do more than what the normal Taoism limits can do.

With Saam Law Sun Gung, we learn to cultivate with elements and resources that are outside of your Yuen Sun and this world you live in. We get the Pre-Heaven essences from the earliest dimension, the most original universe, which we call Dai Law Tin. With these essences, we cultivate more of them into a resources pool in the lineage’s energy bank, and there goes a huge amount of accumulated and crystalized essence that can be used for your magic work, which includes patching up and empowering your own Yuen Sun. If your Yuen Sun is lacking resources, you have an extra way to get resources for it, and that means you have a much greater chance of repairing your life’s pattern than just going the normal route.


Where is the Yuen Sun

The Yuen Sun of a human being is located approximately where our sun is, but it is in another dimension in that area, which we cannot see with our naked eyes. However, our disciples in the lineage can and have already witnessed their own Yuen Sun by using the soul travel magic. You can travel to visit your own Yuen Sun when you are at a high level in the lineage, with certain skills acquired. Jee Sifu (myself) have done a lot of Yuen Sun repairing and recovery ceremonies for clients and disciples, and it’s definitely a life-changing ceremony for a lot of cases that haunted the victim for a long period of time. There are cases where people are almost dying from a disease or health situation that the doctors have to surrender and have no clue about how to handle the situation, and by doing some “battles” at the Yuen Sun for the person, over a period of time, the situation got stabilized and the health problem seems to be gone for good. A few vivid examples can be seen from some of our sifu(s) in the lineage, who mostly went through some vivid spiritual cases and experienced this themselves.

Yuen Sun can be invaded, just like aliens invading a planet in the movies, and if that happened to your little planet, you can expect your life to be out of control, or some kinds of weird things will be happening to you that reflects on your Yuen Sun condition. Some Yuen Sun can show up with tons of turbulence climate, and some can be even stolen or tapped by another Yuen Sun that is trying to suck up the life-juice of others. Luck stealing magic and some other similar sorcery can suck another person’s Yuen Sun up like how you can tap into other people’s bank account and drain it all out with some tricky work at the back. What’s even worse, is that you might not even know your Yuen Sun is being tapped or hacked, while you might have been thinking that it’s all just some ‘bad luck” this year!


Claim Your Rights Protect Yourself!

Why shall you practice Saam Law Sun Gung? One biggest reason is to claim the rights to protect yourself on the spiritual side, which includes your Yuen Sun!  Even you are not yet at the higher level where you can soul travel and fix things up yourself, you can also do a lot of things to get yourself covered and not be bullied like a blind duck in the pond!  The lineage grants you power to use, and you can use it right away after you are ordained.  When your life is filled with magic all over the place, at least you gave resistance to all those potential threats that might be targeting your Yuen Sun on the other side of the universe.  Your Yuen Sun and you are together as one unit, just like your organs and your body. You must learn to love it and protect it, giving it food that it needs and not just feed it with junks and expect it to work properly.  You will learn more about the Yuen Sun and how to take care of it when you start learning in our lineage, and as a disciple, you can do much more to upkeep your Yuen Sun than just waiting for things to get better with time. Be proactive and make changes by realizing, and putting it into action, is the way to success for anything. We know that, and that’s why we cultivate Saam Law Sun Gung magic.

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