What is Yuen Sun 元神 in Taoism

yuen sun

Yuen Sun / Yuan Shen元神is basically where the resources comes from, and this can be anything depending on what we are talking about. In Taoism, we talk about a few very important Yuen Sun, such as the Yuen Sun of our life, or even the altar as a Yuen Sun. Basically, a Yuen Sun will be the resource pool, where all the things are, and where things started from.


Yuen Sun and Your Tao

white light pyramidThe first Yuen Sun we will being talking about is the Yuen Sun of your life, which is your own personal spiritual planetary body.元神, means Yuenthat Sun. Yuen here is referring to the first element in nature, which is the white light we talk about in the “nine star theory”. White light contains everything, just like in science, you can see the rainbow when you put white light through the prism. However, we are not talking about the white light that you can see in this section, its only a metaphor which can help you visualize what Yuen is about. Sun, is to output and project beyond itself.

First of all, how can one believe or know that they have a Yuen Sun, a spiritual planetary body?

There are 2 things to look at. One is the theory of Yin and Yang, and the other is how people started with this approach in Taoist Magic.

yin and yangYin and Yang theory says that everything in the world that exists must have two extreme opposites. You have brightness and darkness, you have high and low, and its all because you have two things that is opposite of each other, like black and white, that is why you can see it there. Full light or darkness is not visible, you need the opposite to be able to see that its dark.

Just like the Tai Chi diagram, there are two sides, and they are the extreme opposite of each other. Now look at our life here and flip it around, then you know why we have a Yuen Sun.

A)     We are one living being that live inside a big planet that contains us. We are physical, and we absorb things into ourselves, while we go outward to reach and interact with things outside of us.

B)    We are a big planet that contains many living beings inside us. We are non-physical, and we only output things to the others, while we go inside ourselves (the planet) to interact with things inside of us, like how a planet reach inside itself by raining and such.

Very easily, you can get the idea, it’s a change of role, and everything flips, that’s the other side of you in the universe, and you are no long a human being, but the planet that contains the human beings instead.

Another theory that explains the cultivation of Yuen Sun, is that people does not have to start with knowing the Yuen Sun at all. It started by observing life right now and how we are living on a planet. This planet is a big place, and it is a place that we share with others. 

In the method of “using the fake to cultivate for the real”, we will use a method similar to the algebra in mathematics to cultivate for something that we want for the future. For example, you do not have a house yet, but you want to invest in one to make it happen. For one year, you will spend 15 minutes daily to think about your “dream home” and you will jot these ideas non-stop onto a notebook. Every day you spend your time and energy on this, after one year, you will have a full notebook of ideas. These are not yet your dream house, but it contains all the potentials, and now you take it all and summarize it, crystalize it, and you will now have a very different idea and way to achieve your goal, isn’t that magical? You pretend as if you have a house and you invest your time and energy in it, this “fake” house then becomes the “real” later on.

You can also pretend as if you already have kids, and you start saving money and planning for this imaginary kid. After 5 years of doing that, you then go for the real kid, go make baby, and now you have 5 years of investments already, your kids is for sure much more well-off than ever. You will also be much less stressful, because you have already done the work in advance to save up and to plan things for the kid.

As you can see, if you look at the planet you live on now, there is just endless amount of sky and ground, but not all are yours. This place is open to everyone. So in order to make sure your life in the future is going to be good, you will invest in an imaginary planet that is ONLY yours. These energies that you put into the investment will then be going into everywhere you go, and all the sky and ground that you interact with, because these are “your” sky and ground, your place, your life.

These are methods of how the Yuen Sun idea can be understood even without witnessing it yourself. However, once you can do all that soul travelling and go beyond this physical world to explore the deeper realms of nature, there goes the real Yuen Sun, and there goes the real Yuen Sun that we are talking about, a planet of your own that exists in the other end of the universe.

For us who spent our whole life in Taoist magic, and with extreme dedication in our cultivation, we have reached the Yuen Sun and witnessed it ourselves. At the same time, we also work on the Yuen Sun of other people to help them recover from life damages and many spiritual issues. To us, Yuen Sun is no longer an imaginary thing, but a real yet spiritual thing that exists. We know, that if the Yuen Sun is screwed up, your life is pretty much going to have issues here and there. However, even your Yuen Sun is shiny and glossy, it doesn’t mean you are going to be mega-rich though.

Yuen Sun is the Tao of your life, as explained in the “what is Taoism” article – it is like the head or the boss of your life. It gives you direction, it points you to flow toward a path, and it holds your potentials.


Yuen Sun and Taoism

Cultivating Taoism and Taoist magic first deals with the Yuen Sun, and we know that you must fix up your own Yuen Sun in order for life here to be good. You can see your life in a structure of three parts – The Yuen Sun as the sky, the soul body as the ground, and then the physical body as the final executing department. You have the Yuen Sun giving you a lot of potentials which we call it the “essence of life”, it is like the “fire” in you that makes you want to go on in life. When your Yuen Sun power is weak, you will feel like wanting to be lazy, or just to die, because you don’t feel you need to keep going on here.

The soul body of you is the invisible energy inside your body, which acts like a postal service that takes the stuff from your Yuen Sun and digest and convert them from essence into energy, and they will be stored inside your body, and these are your inner powers. With a good soul, you can think well, and make good decisions, and even avoid many disasters because you can process things properly.

The physical body of you is the container in this world that contains the soul inside, and you are responsible for acting things out, doing it, and at the end, showing yourself by physical action. When you see, hear, smell, you will absorb the light and energy back to your mind, and your mind will connect with your Yuen Sun again and “teach” your Yuen Sun how to adjust itself according to your life here. This is explained in our “Three Treasures” article too. Basically, it’s the Tao, Ging, Si道經師of your life.

Yuen Sun is the Tao, it’s like the boss that gives you direction. Soul is the ging, the processor. The body is the Si, the teacher that teaches your boss how to adjust its plans.


Yuen Sun, the Tao of Tao

Cultivating your own Yuen Sun is important, but what makes one want to ordain into a sect or lineage in Taoism is that you can do better than what you can. Imagine a family of three. The father can be the Tao, the boss of the house. But you can’t just have the parents and the kid, because the family need a source of income to keep going! So, the boss goes outside and find a boss that can lead him and provide him with resources! A boss of the boss!

Taoism is about finding the Tao that can lead the Tao, which is not your ordinary Tao. It’s a Tao that is greater than you, which can contain you and give you resources that you do not have – just like going into a company to work, and the company then provide you with resources that you do not have, leading you to a learn, to grow, and to success in life.

There are many different sects and lineages in Taoism, and they all have found their own Tao, and that is why they are not named the same! These sects and lineages all connects to something, a higher power, which they believe they should follow and learn from.  Going into one sect of Taoism does not mean you have anything to do with another sect.  

fake peaceHowever, the problem with Taoism today is that people are working with the politics and the politicians does not like the idea of people not being “united”, since it will create wars and fights between religions and sects. Therefore, they want them to say “we are all brothers and sisters” to avoid the fights. The fact is, none of them share anything and none of them are related, but they just hide away from this and pretend the Taoism sects are “friends” while they are really not.

For the truth seekers, picking your destiny and the sect or lineage that you want to be ordained into is the most important thing in your journey. First you must see which one you can connect to, as in which one you have a chance to bump into. Secondly, which one you like by looking at what the materials and content laid out by this lineage?  After you made your decision, does this lineage accepts you?   All three elements will determine if you can really be with this path or not.

After picking the sect/lineage that you will be with, then you go “into the Tao” and now the Tao of this lineage becomes your boss, your Yuen Sun. You will then start to get all these preheaven resources from this source, and not just your own planet on the other side. Your planet might be lacking something or in need to repairing too, and this new Tao of yours will provide you the elements that you need to get things fixed up.

If you feel our materials clicks with you, it means that you might be suitable to choose our Tao as your Tao’s Tao! We do accept disciples now and you can get started today by ordaining!