Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun Taoism Knowledge 101

The word Yuen Sun 元神 is not that common, but you might see it written as the “Yuan Shen” which is in Mandarin PinYin. This is one of the core concept and knowledge of Taoism. If you are not understanding this right, you will have everything wrong in your whole Taoism book. This article is to get you the knowledge to fully understand the Yuen Sun, your spiritual planetary body. It will blow your mind!


The purpose of the Yuen Sun is to provide you with the life force essence, the elements that it needs to keep you alive, and give you a direction in life, so that you can feel you are here for a purpose, and you won’t want to die or suicide.

First of all, you can take a cup of water and analyze it, you can say that it is half full, or half empty, depending on how you want to look at it. The fact is that for anything to exist, there are always 2 sides to it, which is what we call the law of the opposite.

Taoists understands that we are a living being living on a planet that contains us. To understand life, we have to look at things the other way around. What if we are a planet containing all the living beings inside us?

It is hard to understand, but Taoists like us can actually soul travel to then Yuen Sun of ourselves or others to visit these spiritual planets and see the condition of them!

Yuen Sun is not just a theory, but a real thing that affects our life. Yuen Sun is like your life’s resource center. If it is doing bad, you will have a hard time in this world. If it is doing well, you have good fortune coming your way.


Everyday, we interact with the Yuen Sun without realizing. You are awake here, and you start to absorb all sorts of elements with your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. It all turns into energy, memory, and these things are stored into your heart. When you are tired, you go to sleep and your heart will dump its energy to the Yuen Sun, while exchanging for some fresh and clean preheaven energies from then Yuen Sun. When you wake up, you feel “charged up” again and can function again, because that Yuen Sun is like your power source, it fuels your life! This is what we call the "dragon energy"!

When we have a bad time in the day, or before our sleep, then we are sending that bad energy to the Yuen Sun, which gives the Yuen Sun a rough meal. In return you will be getting something bad from it later too. In short, if you don’t want your Yuen Sun to do harm to you, then don’t harm your Yuen Sun by shoving in bad energies and such. Mind what you see, hear, eat, and so on. Your every action in this world counts!

Sometimes, your Yuen Sun is having issues and hiccups, such as the Fan Tai Sui issue, then you will experience the effect in your life here too.

Improving Life

To improve your life, you can work on feeding your Yuen Sun better. There are so many things you can do to achieve this, but all these means change in your lifestyle. No many people like changes, and many fears it, are you ready? I should say, you HAVE to be ready, if you are wanting to improve your life for real. Here are 3 big changes you should make to your life today to improve your life:

  1. Start to be consistent and disciplined with your sleeping schedule, sleep on-time and wake up on-time, it will soon teach the Yuen Sun what is the actual meet-up time and the Yuen Sun will connect with you better. Just imagine you are doing this with a person, if you keep visiting their home everyday at the same time, they will be able to expect you again tomorrow, at the same time.
  2. Eat well and enjoy your meal. Don’t just eat like a piece of bread with jam, eat something with life, like meat! Never go vegan and never starve or fast, it’s going to kill yourself!  It takes life to extend life, so eat some meat and feel happy about it.
  3. Make the night yours, make it quiet and do some things that make you happy. You can play some games, watch a movie, anything works. Make the night “your time” and not just going out for OTHERS. Stop working, and start loving yourself. The better your mood is in the evening, the better it is.

What’s more? Ordain and become a Taoist, let the TAO become your second Yuen Sun, and feed you with more preheaven energies, just in case your Yuen Sun is in the Fan Tai Sui list that year! The Tao has you covered!