Yuan Shen Secrets of Taoism (Yuen Sun) and Taoist Magic

Taoist secret of Yuan Shen Taoism Magic
Many of you might have already read our introductory article on Yuan Shen or Yuen Sun (Cantonese), or even our more in-depth article that talks about how the Yuan Shen affects our life. Just to recap from the previous article, Yuan Shen or Yuen Sun 元神 is our spiritual planetary body that locates far away from us. The Yuan Shen locates around where the sun is, but it is in another dimension that we cannot see with our naked eye. With Taoist magiccultivation, one can witness it themselves and even soul travel to their Yuan Shen, proving to themselves that it is 100% real as steel. In this article, we will talk about what this theory is important in Taoist magic and why we must know about it in order to do Taoist magic properly and effectively.

What is Yuan Shen

Yuan Shen or Yuen Sun 元神 is like a powerhouse or a power planet. It generates power and delivers it to us. Our body here in this world is like a little electronic device, and our energy body holds the “charge” from the Yuan Shen (Yuen Sun) like a battery cell. This cell will power you up to operate for one day of life here, and you will need to sleep to recharge.

In order to know how magic is done in Taoism, you must understand that we use a lot of “dead objects” in this world as tools, in another word they are all like a container, or a shell, just like what we have explained in our article on “what is the purpose of statues in Taoism”. All things in nature can be utilized to do magic, as a magical tool, no matter it’s a wooden sword, a flag, or even a gun, a flashlight, or a computer.

A Yuan Shen is like a big power generator that stores things into your little cell in this local body of yours. You can use yourself or even our altar as a Yuan Shen too. Then we can make our own battery cell, infuse it into the dead object as their “battery” that carries the “pattern that we need”, and then program the object’s internal working system, or what we call “creating a soul” for the object, and now the object can be used physically to cause effect to something else in the Pre-Heaven dimensions.

The definition of Yuan Shen or Yuen Sun is just a place or thing where they have all the essence and resources, and now it transforms the stuff into another condensed form and gives it to another subject, like how our Yuan Shen gives us its essence to power up our life.

Given this pattern, our Faat-Sum (The energy heart) can be a little Yuan Shen of our body here too, because it powers up our physical body all the time like a battery cell inside our body. You can also say that our altar is another big storage, or a big powerhouse, which stores up our daily battery juice for a bigger power source to use in the future.

Taoist Magic and Yuan Shen

As you can see, we have a small battery inside our body that is charged and filled by the big spiritual planetary body of us, the Yuan Shen. This little battery inside us is a Yuan Shen of our physical body in this world too. But having a small battery is not enough to do magic because the power you can generate is so limited.

Think about it, if you are being fed by a place where it delivers a portion of food to you daily, you can have food to eat for that day, great. That is good enough for your daily life, but if you use it to share with others, you will have less to eat, and your life is also shortened because you ate less and less as you keep giving your food away. That is why most magic occults say that by doing their magic, there will be some drawbacks or consequences such as having sickness, blind, or even be lonely the whole life or something bad will happen to screw up your life for the “trade” of having magic power. It’s not the problem with doing magic, it’s because they have been doing it the wrong way, using up this life-food of yourself to do magic is not the way to go.

Many Taoists in the ancient time start by cultivating their own little battery, trying to make the capacity bigger and bigger so that they can keep their Yuan Shen’s resources better, and get a bigger amount of fill-up every day. As they cultivate hard, their “energy heart” Faat Sum 法心 will grow bigger and be able to store up more and more of that Yuan Shen essence, and there goes a bigger portion of “food’ that you can take and use in this world. However, the more they dig into it, they realized that this is also not going to work in the long run because no matter how much you cultivate, we all have a limit in our capacity and growth. You grow your Faat-Sum (the energy heart or the battery cell) then there is a lot more food and such to intake to upkeep this battery. If you stop up keeping it, your battery cell can also speed up your journey and fast-forward you to death, leading to more issues. This is actually what people used to call the "internal alchemy" practice. It is not a bad thing, and we also teach it, but you need more things in conjunction with this to get the benefit!

The wise masters like those who cultivated in our lineage before us knows that there is a fix to this problem, and we all understand the theory in life already. We can’t take water by our hand and drink from the palms. We need buckets, and a storage area for buckets, then we have a huge tank. We can also cultivate the water in the tank, purifying it for better taste, filtering out dirt and rocks, or even adding more vitamins and such to it for an even better quality type of water.  We can also make different beverages out of this water and have other kinds of drinks to enjoy. Later, we can also mix water with leaves to make tea, or even beans and such to make soybean milk, or even coffee, beer, all kinds of things. Right, that’s the way to go and that is why we have an altar for proper Taoist magic cultivation. No altar, you are going to be drinking from your palms all your life, and that sucks. You can keep stretching your palms and make your palms bigger or even practicing your skills to hold water better, but that isn’t going to win the race of people who use hoses and pumps to get their water.

As we have seen, we are born with a brain that thinks, and wisdom is the king to success. Using your body is important, but using it wisely is more important than being a human-cow who just knows how to drill the wall with their horns. We are smart, and we can invent things, utilize things in this world to make tools and use tools to deal with resources, cultivate resources, and make new things for our life!

Our Taoist magic altar is a tool for this. It’s like a powerhouse!  We store up some of our “battery juice” into it every day, then use different magic to tweak the altar, add tools, cultivate it like adding filters, pumps, tanks, and all kinds of features to the altar, making the tiny bits of “battery juice” that we drip into the altar daily grow into another form. In another word, your daily stored “essence” is just a seed in the altar, and the seed grows into tons of seeds, then tons of veggies and plants for you to use later on.

In short, your altar is now like a planet, the Yuan Shen, it cultivates the Pre-Heaven essences and grows your “farm” of essences. Have you seen how people raise bacteria or sourdough? It’s pretty alike in a way.  Now we can have more than what we have in the Yuan Shen, using a little bit of what we got from the Yuan Shen planet daily to invest into an altar, and now the altar will grow out more for us to use later on. As the altar gets richer and richer, you will then have your own “Yuan Shen” (the altar) in this world, which is what you can now use to do work for other people and yourself, pumping these life essences into people and things, with the programmed work that you want them to do.

Yuan Shen and FU Talismans

As you can see, our magic altar is like a Yuan Shen that is built by ourselves in this world, then what is a FU Talismanin this case?  The FU Talisman is nothing but a piece of paper, and we set our programs into it which makes it serves like a circuit board or a software in your computer. People then take this FU Talisman and use it on their end, executing the program, and the program will withdraw resources from the user and apply it to the program’s work then the user will see effect or results, such as their spiritual encounter being fixed up. The problem is that the person’s own resource pool is so small and weak (that is their own battery cell, the energy heart) and there is not much to squeeze out of that tiny heart at all, how can we make the FU talisman effective and powerful?  Well, we will link the FU Talisman up with a Yuan Shen, our altar, and now the altar got the FU hooked up like a wireless powerline to the device. When the person gets the FU, the altar then powers it up and give resources as instructed and the FU will now work on the altar’s power.

As you can see, doing FU Talismans without an altar can really suck, because it can either draw power from your own little battery cell and use up your life-resources, or it can be drawing from the user’s own battery cell (the energy heart) which only weakens them and not help them.
To operate Taoist magic properly, cultivation of the magic altar is super important and it is what can allow us to have powerful magic done, including the FU Talismans.  If the altar sucks, all the FU talismans suck. It’s like saying the software can be a nice one with a lot of powerful features, but the computer sucks in terms of its CPU, and ram or even the power voltage is not enough to power it up, leading the FU to be a piece of useless paper. 

Learn Taoism and Taoist magic with hands-on experience, learning real magic that you can understand and put to your logic senses, you might like the path of our lineage’s teaching, Saam Law Tin Si Tao. Welcome to ordain today and learn for real, we teach our disciples with a lot of fun and practical analogy, making sure that you really understand what you are doing, and not just following a bunch of alien movements and rituals blindly. Learning real magic is easy if you have a great master to guide you and give you the proper teachings!