Secrets of Yuen Sun 元神 and Soul Travel 出神

This is not an article for the newbie and not an introduction. If you want to know about what Yuen Sun 元神 is, please visit the article on introduction to Yuen Sunand also read up on the three souls, preheaven, and Taoism 101. After you have gotten those down, you might want to read this one, which is on some advanced experience and knowledge on the Yuen Sun; something that you won’t expect to see me posting in public.


What is the Secret

There are so many lineages and sects of Taoism out there using the same word, Yuen Sun or Yuan Shen, but most of them are clueless about it because they only pass down something they heard, and not what they have witnessed.  The secret that I am going to tell you here is about how this Yuen Sun came to be your spiritual planetary body, and how it started, plus how is it like on the Yuen Sun and such. All of the things I talk about, are from my own experiencing, seeing and witnessing it myself, instead of hearing it from others. I have also learned the “version” passed down from others before, and I can tell you that the real thing is NOT like that at all.

First of all, how did your Yuen Sun come to be your planetary body, as in how did it all start?

Long ago, in the very beginning, we were all once a living being in the Dai Law Tin; the ancient and most original space of nature. We were all a “complete being”, which means we had this Yuen Sun born with us just like we have organs in our body. It’s nothing new, it’s just part of you.

However, we people die from that world and cycle down the next and then the next one after, the “parts” of the whole self split up and detach; resulting in the relationship we have with the Yuen Sun today, which is very distanced and far away from each other.

When we move from one world to another, cycling to the next life, this Yuen Sun was just always there to catch onto everything we accumulated in life afterlife. It’s kind of like taking the same USB sticks and plugging them into many different computers to start a new journey with the same stick. Imagine you are playing a game on 10 computers, and the prize and score are saved onto your USB stick, so you keep carrying on the next game with the same stick in your hand, this is the Yuen Sun. Without the stick, you cannot move on to the next game too.

When you die, the Yuen Sun will not die, it will just suck you back up and you will regroup with the Yuen Sun again. Then next life you might be connected to another life, then you will be born again etc.  The cycle of life continues, until your Yuen Sun is demolished, then you will be pushed out of this system as neutral energy, then be recycled by nature, and be reborn in Dai Law Tin again as a new being. By then, your memory will be wiped, everything will be forgotten, and you are a new person.

Personal Experience

My experience of going to my own Yuen Sun is when I get my treasures back that I had for the previous life, which includes things I know, memory from the past, and things I have cultivated into the Yuen Sun that I can use again this life – such as my magic stuff! 

Later on, I went to other people’s Yuen Sun for doing diagnoses, magic warfare, battling evils to save people from evil attacks and so on.  It was a few years of non-stop soul travelling and doing cases after cases. The Yuen Sun world has opened me up to so many things and opened my eyes to a whole new and real-world that I never heard of before from those “traditional” texts.

Soul Travelling

When we soul-travel to the Yuen Sun, it is not about going into a dream-like how many people thought. It’s not about going into some sleep state and seeing things. Instead, the real soul-travel kept you very conscious and you can still be able to sense things around you in case someone is calling you or something like that. However, the moment we go into the world, we can be very “isolated” from reality, but it’s not like you went into “stone out” mode. You have full control over the body, and you do need to use the body to move around to control yourself in the other world.

The best way I can put it is like you are playing a VR game, your hands and legs are still required to move to “move” in that world. So you can still speak, move your arms, turn your body etc. One thing is that you don’t need to do the movements you want to “execute” in that world, it’s like in a game where your movements are more like a gesture so your soul knows what to do and you will see the result. For example, you want to turn and flip around, you can do that by using your hand gesture and doing circles and such to bring that message to the soul, and then you will see your vision and everything change as if you are playing a VR game. It’s very much like that.

People, things, including scary monsters and creatures or evils will be interactive with you, as in they can kick your butt and you will get sick from that attack. Soul travel is not a joke, and it is not a game or your imagination. I have had disciples who go travel and got hit, then came back sick for months because of the evil lord’s attack on him, the chop of that weapon got half of his body numb and iced immediately, and then he was coughing for more than a month.

There are some scary things like how you could imagine a sci-fi game with aliens goes. A lot of scary monsters, creatures, and other crazy things can happen in the Yuen Sun. I have seen Yuen Sun with invasion going on, evil empire building a whole castle and set up their base in there etc. It’s a lot of craziness, so absurd that you won’t be able to tell anyone what you witness.

I have been to the Yuen Sun “Central” 元神中樞 too, which I used to call the YSC, it’s the center of the “planet” and that place is usually the most critical place to look at and battle to clean up the Yuen Sun. A lot of the bad Yuen Sun will have this place flooded and a lot of creatures invading and chewing up all the roots etc. These roots sometimes have some glowing orb kind of “organ” stuck to them and you need to pop those organs to release the juice and such to deal with the problem.

In that world, you can fly, dive, move very fast, it’s like a world that you go in with a Superman-like mode. However, your enemy also does. You can see a small snake turn into a giant that is like a whole building height and try to crush down the whole place etc. Things can go very wild and very wrong.

Maybe that’s a bit too much for today…!

I can only say that I don’t expect myself to train any disciple to do this kind of soul travelling back then, but somehow it happened, and I have gotten a few disciples to that stage. It’s not that hard too, but it does take a lot of trust and faith; commitment and dedication. If you don’t build up your altar and get stronger first, you can be totally smashed in that world and come back going crazy. The scary thing is how those high-level evil things can make you get crazy and take over your mind. You could be like so faithful and such today, and once you lost the battle, you can turn into asshole mode and flip the table; betray the tao, and quit your own Tao. The whole thing is about self-destruction, stripping away your powers, and being stupid. I have seen it happen, and it totally blows my mind.

After so many experiences, I learned my lesson and have to be much stricter in teaching, to avoid anything bad happening to the disciples in the next generations. No one goes soul travelling yet unless ready. A strong foundation and altar are a must.  You only have one chance, and if you go, you failed, you are done, I cannot rewind and undo the whole thing and remove the problem for you. Therefore, make sure you are better and over-equipped before sending you off it’s the way to go.

Ordain today to get started, and if you want to learn how to do all these, make sure you become an active learner in the lineage and gear up your altar faster! Not sure what Taoism is yet? Check out "FIRST TAOISM BOOK"!