Your First Lesson in Learning Taoism and Magic

Your First Lesson in Learning Taoism and Magic

 The way of a dragon

Welcome aboard, our fellow Tin Yat Dragon, this is an article dedicated to all the new disciples or those people who are about to ordain into our lineage to learn Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic. First of all, you might wonder what is next and how to address to yourself when socializing with your friends. You might want to read up on the article of “Your Identity as a Taoist” to know about that!


Your Identity and Proper Etiquette  

Right after you get into our lineage, you are a disciple, and you got a magic name 法號 (Faat Hoe) which is also your Taoist name (Doe Hoe).  This name starts with “Tin” and then another word of yours. For example, Tin Yee, Tin Chuen, Tin Yang, etc. This name is your name in the lineage and it is what you will be using to represents yourself as a Taoist and part of this lineage. Whenever you talk to your sifu(s) or Si Gung(s), or other disciples in the lineage, you will be using this name.

Your magic and Taoist name are specially picked for you and it’s also embedded into your “Heart Spells” which are like the key to open up your power bank to access the magic power from the lineage. The stage 1 disciples have 2 heart spells, and the stage 2 disciples will get 3 more!  Therefore, the more you love and feel your name, the more you are bonded in with the heart spells, the lineage, and your magic power, the better it is!

When you are communicating in the lineage, typing e-mails, always greet people first and remember to call them by their title or name. For example, you see your Dai Sifu on LINE, then you greet her “Hello Dai Sifu”. It’s common sense, just like when you see your mom and dad in the morning, you say good morning to them and greet them.

People who are not sifu(s), you call them by their magic and Taoist name, like “Hello Tin Shue” and there goes a greeting. When you see your Si Gung up, you can say “Hello Si Gung” and you don’t call him by his magic name.

When you are chatting on LINE, it’s best to be polite and ask more questions when you have the chance because that is how you can learn, and express yourself.


Being a Disciple, Expressing Yourself

Being a disciple of the lineage, you are part of our big family, but we don’t know you before you ordained!  Please express yourself, and take any opportunity you can find to talk to people in the lineage and let the sifu(s) and Si Gung(s) know about you. Where you are from, what’s your interest, hobby, job or even maybe why you want to learn here, etc.  There are so many disciples, sometimes you say it once, and people might have missed it or forgot about it because they are overwhelmed or just not in the listening mood at that moment. Be considerate and repeat yourself all the time, show yourself and express yourself, again and again, this builds a great relationship between you and the sifu(s) or even the other people in the lineage!

We do not teach in a school system or seminar style. It’s all old-school teaching methods here, and so you learn as you stay and you learn as you speak. We do have a bunch of pre-planned materials for the new disciples and some basic teachings, but then they might not fit you perfectly sometimes. You might have something you really want to learn first or something you are really curious about. Say it and tell the sifu(s) about it, so they can teach you the way you want!


Budget and Limitations

Remember that we don’t know each other before you ordain, and we don’t know your financial situation. To be honest, there are supplies to buy and things you will need for doing magic or learning magic. Therefore, there will be money to spend, but if you are in a tight situation, or you have a budget restriction, remember to just say it out and tell your sifu(s) when they give you suggestions.  For example, the e-mail that welcomes you into the lineage will usually have a whole bunch of information for you to read, plus a section that guides you to build the altar and getting altar supplies. If you have issues with budget and such, just tell your sifu(s), because that is the same e-mail that all disciples will get when they ordained, and not everyone is the same with their financial situation or how much they want to spend in the path.

You can learn in our lineage with any range of budget. As long as you are willing to learn, asking questions and be proactive in reaching for answers. You cannot just sit and stay back, then expect to be spoon fed or chased around like a kid. In the lineage, you are given the contacts, the access to our chatroom on LINE, and many other ways to get you to the endless amount of opportunities to learn. If you are a true seeker of Taoism, you should then embrace the way how a disciple should learn. Be proactive and ask questions.


Cultivation of Tao and Te

Tao and Te is a good cycle pattern, and it ensures you to have things flowing to you when you need. In this case, it’s the magic power from the lineage that is supporting you and fueling your magic work, while you give back to support to the lineage.This is also explained in the article of "What is Taoism" as a foundational concept too!

Not only that, while you are in the lineage’s LINE chatroom, you will also learn that we will have a “Troop Grand Hall” chatroom. This is the place where everyone including the sifu(s), your Si Gung(s) and you will be posting pictures of yourself, or your altar, or even just a magic tool or a bunch of FUs you just did. The reason for doing so is to get support from the others. The other people who see it will then do a distance empowerment for the subject and reply “XXXX (name) – Filled”.

The more you learn, the more you know how to “fill” people with different things and the power of filling will increase. Just like in a game, you fill some level one troops to them at first when you join the game. As you level up, you can then fill them a level 12 tank or something more powerful. It’s about the same idea. Sometimes people will request something specific. Maybe one of our sifu is going to have sales in a show soon, and he wants his products to be empowered by some luck-boosting spells. Upon requests, whoever that can do it will help him out and give him a hand. Sometimes you might run into some issues and you need some reinforcements of a certain type. Then you can also get help from the others by requesting too.

It’s fun to join the game, isn’t it?  Everyone beam energies and magic power back and forth and even return each other’s favor. By doing so, it builds the foundation mindset of Tao and Te, being fed and giving back to the source that fed you before. This cycle teaches us one very simple theory. You will get fruits from a farm but must give back to where you take for the future to have more to come. When we need support for some big issue, serious issue, all the people in the lineage can send you reinforcements, and why did that happen?  It’s because you have done your part in the lineage!

Every month, you will be taught to do some “concluding magic” with your altar, and also with yourself and the lineage. Read up on the article on “What is Concluding Magic” and learn about it.


What About the Altar?

Getting your magic altar setup is one of the essential steps to advance in magic learning, and it does cost some money to have things accumulate. While some might be on a budget, they can choose to tell their sifu about what they can afford or how to progress slowly to work toward the goal of building a complete altar. No matter you are doing it later or slower, it’s still a good thing that you progressed.

Remember all your supplies goes through your Dai Sifu and other Sifu(s) who are too choose, cleanse and give you support power for all your magic tools. When you need things, you will go back to your sifu(s) in the lineage to get the supplies.

If you are a student at the moment and you are really almost to the point of zero budget, then you can learn other things without altar first, and get the altar constructed later when you are ready to do so. We have a lot of materials that can be learned and cultivated even without an altar, and there are many things to learn as long as you ask and be proactive in learning. Remember that LINE chatroom?  You can keep asking questions all the time to hunt for answers from the sifu(s) and Si Gung(s) too!


Moving on and Getting Started

For our new disciples, this article should set you off to a healthy mindset for learning in our lineage. For those of you who are interested in experiencing this kind of Taoism learning, you can contact us to get started and dip yourself into the water to feel it how it’s like for real. There is nothing that is better than feeling it yourself. Besides, we have no restrictions or requirements for our stage one disciples too. You can learn as a stage one disciple and see if you like it, then move onto stage two whenever you want. At least you have tried and gave yourself the opportunity to experience. Life is short, and we should experience the good things when we have a chance to encounter it, just like we say, it’s fate that brings you into Taoism.