You Need to Burn Things for Your Taoist Altar

We have been talking about burning paper offerings in the past, and even our article on “how to use magic money” talked about the different types of offerings that we use in the lineage too. However, this article to is to tell all our disciples why you should start burning things for your altar, and if you cannot burn it on your end, you can have us burn it for your altar at the HQ too. It is very important, and now you will read about why and how urgent is it to start burning things for your altar asap.

Everyone knows that we need food and resources in life to survive and do things. No money, no food, nothing can be done! What about the spiritual beings like the gods and deities and such?

I always had this argument with people back then when I don’t know the truth about how the spiritual world works completely. I said “you think that by burning this thing then they will have something appear over in their world? Have you seen anyone from that world “burn something” and we have some surprise food or gifts dropping into our home or even from our sky?”. I always thought it is super ridiculous and stupid to even believe burning a house for the dead can result in a house in their world, it makes totally no sense. Well, I have proven myself wrong after my years of experience actually dipping myself into the spiritual words, being in contact with the other spiritual beings.

Long story short, the way how it works is the same with the deities at the altar and the ghosts and other spiritual beings. They all belong in the same or similar category which we call the dimension 6. In these worlds they do not share the same property and matter with us. I have explained that before in the other articles but let me briefly do that again.

In this world, we are solids and we reflect lights from the surrounding and then other people can see us. In that world, everyone glows and illuminates and there is no light from the surrounding. Instead, it’s like a black monitor, while everyone glows like the picture on the screen. Everyone emits the light, even objects and plants do, and so they just “appear to be there” because they “shine” their own colors.

In this world, we need external materials such as food, money, and such to live a life. In that world, they need INTERNAL element – the soul energy, to live a life and create things they wanted. As a spiritual being, you can have anything you can imagine or think of, as long as you can make and fuel it with your soul energy. The more things you “make” out of your imagination, the more soul energy it cost, the more “health” you have to sacrifice. Therefore, there is a limit to how many things you can have because you have limited soul energy to be able to upkeep your health and stay “alive” in that world.

There are 2 ways to get more soul energy than you have – one is to capture other souls and consume them into yourself like how “killing” others work. In this world we do it by eating animals and living things, in that world they also do the same. However, the amount you can eat into yourself will often be just enough to upkeep your life and already-created things. It is hard to go over the average limit. Then you are left with the other path which is to conquer and capture more soul energy from the other places. That is also why some evil gods and ghosts will crossover and grab human being’s soul energy by possessing them and such…!  The more they can loot from human, the more they can create and the wealthier they get.

Now you know that they need SOUL ENERGY as the basic resource for creating everything and to upkeep their health!  The funny thing is, it is very easy for us to create more soul energy here, we just need to sleep and eat then we will regenerate it easily. However, these spiritual beings cannot do that!  It’s like how one place can grow a certain plant and they have tons of it, while the other place cannot grow this plant at all!  Soul energy is a very rare thing with high demand in their world!

When we burn those paper offerings, they all contain our thoughts, our soul energy, and that is why it “works”. They will get the soul energy from the offerings and with the soul energy, they can create anything they want or need. It’s not like you burn a house then they get a house, but they get the soul energy from it, then they can create their own house that fit their need.  It’s sort of like you can gift someone the cash, and they use the money to buy whatever they want.

We might not know what kind of weapon the celestial troop needs, but we can burn them the offerings, and they can take the “energy” and convert it into whatever they need! 

How Does the Magic Money Work

For the magic money that we burn, they are all consecrated and turned into magical tools, so you are not just burning some “soul energy” for the other side. All of these paper offerings have their own purpose and they convert to useful resources for the spiritual beings. You need to give the right thing for the right person, or else they will not be able to receive it or use it.

With more “money” on their end, the healthier they get, the more powerful they get, and that translate to a stronger altar, and also the ability to help you fight and do work!

Now you might have this question in mind “they are the gods, should they have everything they need already since they are so powerful?”

Think about it this way, your LOCAL altar’s deities are YOURS and they stay at your location! The gods in the celestial court are the big headquarter that has everything.  It’s like the big HQ has a bank account and your local store is just a small store that is under the HQ. The “company has money”, but you still need to get the money from the HQ and deliver it to the store so the store can have it and use it!

Your local altar is funded by the celestial court, and that is why you need to use the magic money to ask the celestial court for the money, like getting them to sign the cheques, and then you can burn it for the local so they can have the money in hand.

You can also be hosting an altar without doing these, of course, it’s just that your altar will not be as wealthy, because they are living on the minimalist style since you have not given them anything more than what they need to survive at your place.  Think about people with a pet, the pet can eat grass and drink water outside too, since you never buy food from the store for them and think they can just “live like wild animals” at your house and having a relationship with each other like that. Ya, they will survive, just not very happily like those with a more giving owner.

What if I Cannot Burn Things?

Some people might have restrictions at home, such as those living in houses that doesn’t allow them to burn things or make fire etc. It’s ok, you can have 2 options here.

One option is that you can have the HQ does it for your local. We can burn it at our place and deliver it to your altar in the spiritual dimension. It works the same way, and is even better since we are consecrating the magic money and not you, which means there is more value in the package!

Another option is to do your own package of magic money and use the no-fire method to “send” the offerings into the altar and then trash the package of magic money at the end. That also works.  Or even better, you can buy a shredder and destroy the magic money into shreds at the end.  This method is ok too, just that fire is the most preferred way because it is the most direct and quickest way for them to receive it all.

How Often Should I Be Burning?

You can do the offerings once a month, or twice a month, on the lunar 1st and 15th. Usually, we will do offerings for the upper deck altar on the 1st and then the lower deck for the 15th. Sometimes we also add extra if we have to thank the god for some special wish that got fulfilled or extra help that we got. On the gods’ anniversary dates, new year, and some special dates, it is always good to give offerings to everyone on your altar!

You can also gift these offerings to your ancestors too. Think about when you would like to send them a gift?  Maybe their birthday, death day, or whatever anniversary? You can send these to them and make them wealthier too. They will not see a chicken wing falling down from the sky, but they will get these preheaven energies that converts into their wealth, and they can use it to make things or improve their health and wellbeing.

If you are facing a hurdle, and you are asking your gods for help, make sure you burn more offerings too, they need money to fuel the battle as well, and repairing things AFTER a battle requires money too!  Consult me about how much and what to burn for the situation!

Feel free to ordain today and start learning directly!