Why Need to Give Money to Learn Taoist Magic

Why Need to Give Money to Learn Taoist Magic

Why need to give money to learn Taoist magic or even give money to “conclude” when learning Taoist magic? In our article on “money magic” we have already mentioned that money is not wealth by itself, but there is more that you should know about money and what role it plays in magic learning and why you should be giving money.

A lot of people want to learn Taoist magic, but a lot of people thinks that magic should be “free”. Not sure where they got this idea from, but where do we see anything free in nature anyway? This article is not about any “personal opinion” but to bring you some true wisdom and theory of Taoism, analyzing money and let you understand why it should be one of the essential things that you should be outputting for learning Taoist magic.

What is Money in Magic

Money itself has no value, it is the human who puts a value on the paper bill only. Money is a medium, a tool, for exchanging of wealth. When two people meet up, they will trade. One person got apples and another person got milk, how can they trade without money as the medium for value? They can both argue and scream about how important their milk or apple is to them, and there will be no ending. Therefore, we have invented money as a way to trade goods or trade for the “wealth” of others.

Money is a medium that can convert your wealth into a form that can be exchanged with another form of wealth of another person. You can sell your apples and get money, then use the money to buy the milk you want.  Money itself is not wealth, it is a piece of paper or only a metal coin, it cannot be consumed by anyone. Therefore, we do not say a person with lots of money is wealthy because he cannot eat money or consume money.

When you ordain into a lineage, you get magic power, which is a cultivated form of “dragon energy” or pre-heaven energy that was cultivated and saved up by many people in the lineage before you. This energy is what we use for doing magic, and what we use for making the magic of a lineage work.

You get this “wealth” from the lineage, so what is the trade?  You get from nature, then you need to put things back to nature in order to have things to take again in the future. Like we say in the theory of Tao and Te in “what is Taoism”, in nature, you were given by the one before you first, then you give back as you use and gain.

When you ordain into the lineage, you get to learn and you gain the magic power, the opportunity to cultivate, then you give back to the lineage. However, you cannot give back your magic power as a form of giving back to the lineage, since we sell you milk, we don’t need milk. The only way to give back is to use a medium that can convert to everything that the lineage need, which is money. With money, the lineage can use it on anything it needs.

As we say, money is a medium of wealth. It can be exchanged for “anything”. You don’t know how much the lineage has given you before, and let’s try to count a few that you might have missed out.

Maybe beside the “magic power”, you might be getting protection, empowerments, teachings that wasn’t charged a penny for, care and personal tutoring, consultation that was done while you ask you zillions of questions, or even blocking off some evil magic attacks while you don’t realize it coming, there are so many things that the lineage can be giving you while you are not paying attention to, yet the lineage does not seek for any returns for them. You don’t know how to give back enough to have the seeds planted back to the ground of where you got your fruits, and the best way is to give back using the form of money, which can combine everything up and not miss out one single bit of detailed, and there goes your “concluding” of a cycle, for a fresh new cycle to begin.

What if Magic is Free

If you think magic can be free, then we have to see what can happen if magic is taught and inherited without a single penny given from your pocket. 

First, you get ordained into the lineage and you got your magic power, which is a very “raw” and pre-heaven form of energyessence. This “dragon essence” exist before life in this dimension started to appear, and it’s the creation energy that gives birth to “life” and keeps beings “alive”. Therefore, what can you give back to “trade” for this?

Energy work in nature work on its own to balance the system naturally, just like you push from one side of the swimming pool and your force will cause the whole pool of water to move and have waves or ripples all over the pool. You don’t need “someone” there to operate and moderate the system because nature works on its own. If your heart or mind is not set to “conclude” this transaction of you and the magic power, nature will take it “from you” and “for you” like the waves on the swimming pool that works on its own.

Nature will come back at you to take the equivalent amount of the same matter from you, which is the essence of life in your energy body, the Faat-Sum 法心, and that means, you will be sacrificing your health, wealth and even life for using nature’s pre-heaven energy without a cost.

However, even if you “symbolically” give a bit of money to the lineage as a “symbolic” concluding, it tells nature that you have the “heart” for this transaction, and nature will hold on and not do this “come back” at you, because you know you need to concludeit the energy will not do harm to you at all. As long as you stay in the lineage, conclude routinely, and have your heart good and strong with the lineage, you will cultivate and blossom.

What About the Debt?

You might be thinking, what about all the years of “debt” that I cannot concludefully with the money I gave, will nature come back to “collect the debt” one day and take away everything?

Don’t worry!  As we said before, your relationship with the lineage is bonded by heart and not by the money. You are the disciples and a part of the big family (lineage), and so there is no “set amount” for what you have got from the lineage. It is about your “heart” to the lineage that matters. Even it’s just twenty bucks because your trust and faith and your heart to the lineage are strong, this twenty buck means a lot. If your trust and faith are not there, and your heart to the lineage is crappy, even you give $50000, it is not more than the $20.

Money is a medium only, and the amount does not mean much without the heart and intention behind it. Therefore, you should be giving the money that matches your intention and keep loving the lineage, having trust and faith in the lineage, then your money will “mean a lot more than what the surface value cost”. This will soon or later make your concluding money worth much more than what it seems in the human world.

Nature will not come to “collect debt” from you, as long as your heart is there for the concluding. Be honest, be truthful, and be doing this with your heart is the most important thing.

Taoist magic is very powerful, because we work with nature’s Pre-heaven energy, the creation energy, and therefore we need to take this seriously and learn that there is going to be a huge consequence if you do not play the game right or use it properly.

Just like people using fire and electricity. The energy itself is very powerful, and that is why you have safety rules to follow and you must learn how to handle it with care.

If a place tells you that their energy and all that is free and won’t have any consequence if you don’t do something, it’s probably a scam or a super weak energy, and that is why there is nothing to be scared of. Just like playing with weak electricity, it won’t really shock you even you goof around because the voltage is so small.

If you handle any sort of great energy in nature, there is always the risk of danger if you goof around. Look at the water, you can drown if you don’t know your safety rules. Look at fire, electricity, or even air with pressure tanks. They can kill you if you don’t do it right, but they can help you a lot when you handle it with proper knowledge and handling manners. Our magic power is just like this.

A little sneak peek for you here, there is a way to use money for cancelling out these "debts" in pre-heaven better, because you can set the number to a certain amount to "correspond" to certain things in nature's energy pattern, which can match what we are doing more and have a better result in concluding. We will talk about this in the future article!

This article is not meant to scare you away from Taoist magic or Saam Law Sun Gung, we are just like an electricity technician teaching you the safety of using this powerful thing called magic power, or the “pre-heaven energies”. It’s so powerful and so good, but you also need to use it with the proper mindset and know some basic knowledge to not get you exploded!  Nothing powerful in this world is just going to make you happy and jolly, there is always danger behind great powers!  That’s real life!  Learnit seriously and then you can enjoy the great power!