What’s the Afterdeath World Like

After you die, is it all just a pitch-black world and nothing else? Definitely not. The Taoist way of explaining life is very simple and natural, and we are all about understanding how things work, not just “believing” how things work. Take a step back and think about how it is like when you close your eyes and fall down into your bed, how it feels to sleep, and is it always pitch-black? The answer is very obvious, we do not only see black all the time, because there are times when we will be haunted by nightmares, dreams of all sorts, weird experiences, or even being sexually harassed in dreams. Dreams can feel very real, as if you were really there in person. You can wake up and “jump” back to this world here, but what if you cannot come back and you are “stuck” in that world forever? That’s how it feels like when you are dead; that’s the beginning of the life afterdeath in the Taoist’s perspective. The afterdeath world is not that mysterious, but you cannot see the truth until you are actually dead. As Taoist masters, who have cultivated themselves for a long time to soul travel and actually visit these places, we can tell you by word of mouth, describing how it is like there… yet, it is up to you to believe it or not. If you take our words seriously, and prepare yourself accordingly, you will not regret it by then.

“We are born to die” – that’s how we explain life in our lineage. Actually, we should start in a nicer tone – we are living to prepare for our death. Is that nicer? Whatever way you phrase it, it’s all about going towards “that way,” which requires you to “die.” Death, or dying, is only a transition, and you will eventually end up in another place, resuming your life in another dimension or world. The afterdeath world is like your dream zone, the very “real” one that made you feel as if you were really there in person. Instead of how it feels like in the dream, you will feel double the realism, and triple the fear, because you finally realize that this is not a simulation anymore. It’s not something you can just “quit” when you want to.

The moment we die, we transition from here to there, into what we call the spiritual realm, or the d6 (dimension 6). In order, you will feel the following things happen to you:

  1. You will lose the desire to do more things, and you just want to lay down and do nothing.
  2. You will start to feel weak physically and cannot pick up the energy to move much. You will start to feel very tired.
  3. You will not want to talk or even smile; you feel emotions are buried inside of you and you want to be separated from the external world.
  4. You will start to lose your memory and start to remember things from very a long time ago and go through a stage of “rewinding” inside your head.
  5. You feel internally weakened and cannot control yourself; it feels like the world is shifting and moving around while you are just there seeing and listening.
  6. You start to lose the power to think, and you start to “blank out” or “space out,” but a lot of light and blurry things start to appear in front of you, making you feel confused and scared.
  7. You will start to see illusions and many weird visuals.
  8. Now you are going to reach a phase of darkness, with nothing else, but blackness, and then sounds will start to come out, like listening to space, to air, to some low pitch rumblings.
  9. After a while, some extremely bright lights show up and you feel like waking up from a dream, and there you go into the other world, being a real “ghost” now, and arriving in the other realm. Here you are fully conscious and know about things in the past…

In Taoist’s way of explaining the afterdeath world, it’s really another world, in which you are there to transition through a period of time for your souls to actually be pulled back up into the Yuen Sun (spiritual plant body). After that is done, you will live in the Yuen Sun until the time comes for you to cycle to another life again. During this phase of being a “ghost,” you will be able to travel, move, see, listen, etc., just like you could here. It’s definitely not a black-out and definitely not just “game over.”

Taoist masters like us have seen and can go into this afterdeath world whenever we need to, because that is where we “work” when dealing with spiritual cases. The afterdeath world does exist, but it is not like how the Buddhist explains it in their promotional materials as those “hell-like” places and such. In fact, the afterdeath world can get scarier than that if you get kidnapped by evil gods and get pulled to another place instead of going back to your own Yuen Sun.  In those places, you get tortured and have no option to “quit” or “die and end.” There is no end to the torture, and you will be treated like a white mouse in the lab, being a “battery” for the evil god’s planet. You will not want to be there! The afterdeath world is not something to ignore. We don’t need to travel there to witness anything, but we must not forget to be prepared for it. The way to prepare, is to cultivate your Taoist magic and build up your altar, so that you have these powers to ensure your safety, protect your soul body, and empower you for the journey ahead.