What are The Three Pure Ones in Taoism

The Three Pure Ones

Saam Ching三清is a principle of nature, which you can see it in anything in this world. Basically it consists of 3 different “Ching”(s), or stages. It’s actually very simple!

The first one is Sheung Ching / Upper Ching上清, which is like the sky, it rains downward and “Chings” (delivers) the resources to the ground below.

The second one is Yolk Ching / Jade Ching玉清, which is like the ground, it crystalized the essence from the above (water and minerals) and forms something inside the ground (like jade).

The third one is Taai Ching, which is the last stage of delivery, and that is to give birth to things, detaching them from the system, like a baby going out of the mother’s system, cutting the umbilical cord and so things can start to “go live”.

Saam Ching 三清 is a pattern and it appears everywhere. For example, if we are just talking about the sky alone. The Sheung Ching is when the sky absorb air and elements from space and such, then the Yolk Ching can be the stage of making clouds as their “jade”. When it’s Tai Ching time, the sky will rain or snow depending on its condition – but they are all about releasing things out of the system.

Intake, process and releases, that’s basically what the Saam Ching principle is about.


The Three Pure Ones in Taoism

In Taoism, the three pure ones / Saam Ching are often presented as three human figures, and most people mistook them to be three different “gods”, which isn’t completely wrong, yet not completely right at the same time.

The human statues of the three pure ones describes what this power or energy does. It’s actually very simple. White outputs light, and black absorbs. The hair of the Sheung Ching and Yolk Ching are both black, because they both intake and absorb things. The Tai Ching statue got white hair, not only because its more stylish, but also because it releases and output the elements as its main focus. Now you should feel better when you see white hair on your head!  

three pure ones

The tools that these statues are holding in the hand tells you about their job, or their “power”, just like you see a nurse with the medicine, or the cop with a gun etc.

The Sheung Ching got a fireball, which is the essence of life, which is given off by the inner fire from the ground. That is why the ball is held at the lower darn-tin area (lower belly), because it resembles the inner fire within a system.

The Yolk Ching got a tool call “Yue Yee”如意which is a tool that was used as a scratching stick in the ancient time. It’s held by the big head and so you can poke and scratch your back, reaching to places that you want to reach. The power of this jade ching is basically to process and assign its duty to different places, so that the ground can operate. It’s sort of like the manager in a company, they push and whip people to work, so that they can finish producing the product (the jade). This tool in the Yolk Ching’s hand is the magic wand that allows the powers to reach to wherever that needs it.

The Tai Ching got a fan, or sometimes a whisk.   The whisk must also be white, because it is a whisk that flicks over and outputs / give its elements to somewhere. The fan version of Tai Ching means that it is giving out “energy”, and the whisk is basically to give off “power”. You might wonder why a whisk is used in Taoism. This is actually very simple, because hair collects charges and we all know that is why it picks up the dusts and nasty things it touches. The charges is the power, which goes “into” things and charge other things up too. The two version of Tai Ching have different powers. The version with a fan will be more useful for empowering and giving things a push, the whisk version is more useful for actually starting up things, or giving you protection power, such as the power of exorcism.


Three Pure Ones Statues

Having the statues of the three pure ones at home is amazing, because they help you with everything in life. However, what makes them so powerful? Statues are statues, they does not have any magical power, unless they are specially consecrated, meaning that they are connected to a corresponding power. What is “your” Saam Ching (three pure ones) connected to – that is the question.

Most ordinary Taoist magic will connect their three pure ones to their lineage’s powers, some will connect it to the Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) of the owner, which is also “okay”, but it is not what we do in our lineage.

In our lineage, our Saam Ching (three pure ones) are connected to the ternary forces of nature, which we call the Saam Law powers from Dai Law Tin. Therefore, as our page on the “Gods and Deities of Our Lineage” says, we have:

Sheung Ching Tin Law Yuen Chee Tin Juen上清天羅元始天尊

Yolk Ching Dei Law Ling bo Tin Juen玉清地羅靈寶天尊

Taai Ching Daai Law Doe Duck Tin juen太清大羅道德天尊

These forces connect to the most pre-heaven forces of nature, which is called the Yuen, Yuen, Cheeenergy. In short, it is the white, black and yellow energy, which is the three primary energy of creation in nature’s system.

The Sheung Ching is called Yuen Chee Tin Juen because it means the beginning elements of things. It gathers all the resources that it takes to start something.

The Yolk Ching is called Ling Bo Tin Juen, which means the power that move the treasures and valuable resources around, like a processor that push parts and things around to assemble the masterpiece.

The Tai Ching is called Doe Duck tin Juen, or it can be call the Tai Sheung Lo Gwun, depending on its output method. It can output back to where it got its stuff from – back to Sheung Ching. Or, it can output to something outside of the system, which then departs the system (Tai Sheung) and things will then start the “age” (Lo Gwun). That’s right, once something is born and detached from the system, it’s then en route to age and death, that is why it’s called Lo Gwun (as in the aging man). Some also use Lao Tze老子as the representative, because it means to age the seed, like when seeds grows into a plant, it is going through the aging process. It does not have anything to do with the “person” Lao Tze.

Once our statues are properly consecrated, they are connected to these forces in Dai Law Tin, it channels in the same powers to your statues, and now the daily contribution and offerings at the altar will fill up the statue with energies, which becomes the power that you can benefit from in the future.

Everything in this world must go through the three stages of Saam Ching in order to start, or happen. Just like eating, you will need to Sheung Ching the food into the mouth, Yolk Ching it by chewing it up and then Tai Ching it by swallowing to release the food down into the system, for the system to intake and start another process. There is absolutely nothing in the world that does not follow the principle of Saam Ching. It’s so obvious, and you can witness it everywhere. Having the statues of these powers allows you to cultivate them at home, and let them empower you with everything you do in life.  

The three pure ones is the main statuewe have on the altar, and also the first set of statue we recommend to our disciples. If you are ordained, you will also learn how to request and withdraw the powers from these statues and powers too. Imagine you are in need of a boost in the Sheung Ching state of things, because you lack potentials, then you can get help from this statue!  Get ordainedtoday to learn more!