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What are The Three Pure Ones in Taoism

Tin Jee Learning Theory Statues and Deities

The Three Pure Ones, or Saam Ching 三清 is one of the most important essences of Taoism theory. Most people might think that they are three old dudes hanging out on the altars, but they are actually just energies and patterns depicted by a human statue in most occasions. For the outsiders who only get to touch the surface of Taoism will often only know of what’s presented to the majority, and not really into the what’s inside. Here we will expose the Taoism theory in our lineage and be sharing you’re the wonderful magic theory of Saam Law Sun Gung.

Saam Ching, is not about any spirits or entities, it’s a principle of nature, and it is a pattern of how elements or energies get into a system and start to feed into things, powering things up, or helping things in the world to grow and prosper.

Saam Ching 三清 means the three “Ching”s, and it consists of Sheung Ching 上清, Yolk Ching 玉清, and Tai Ching太清. The word “Ching” itself is a word that describes an action of transporting elements from one place to another.  Saam Ching in a nutshell is like how you Sheung Ching food from outside of your mouth into your mouth, then Yolk Ching is when the food is being chewed up and broken down, at last, comes the Tai Ching which is when everything is then swallowed down and there goes food into the system. After Saam Ching is completed, there will Saam Jing 三淨 to start, which will talk about in another article in the future.

If you understand the Saam Ching pattern above, then we will clarify what is the Saam Ching for a human being, which is what we care the most in Taoism and Taoist magic.


Saam Ching of Human Beings

Any living beings have a spiritual planetary body, which we call the Yuen-Sun 元神, and it is where our life-essence is pumped from. You can see it this way, we are living on a planet ourselves, while we are also a planet of ourselves on the other side of the universe. It is not exact, but a pretty good start to think of it like this as a metaphor. 

The Yuen Sun of a person is located at approximately where the sun is, but it’s in another dimension of the same place. You can say that it is like a few photoshop layers overlapping each other, and one of these layers is our sun, while one is a place with many Yuen-Sun(s) flying around in space.

The Yuen Sun has three parts to it, which is what we refer to as the Saam Ching stages.

First is the core of the Yuen-Sun in the center of this spiritual planet, which is called the Junn Yuen真元 meaning the real essence (of life). This is corresponding to the Sheung Ching stage, because it is what help us pulls in external elements into the Yuen Sun, and it brings in new Pre-Heaven energies to the Yuen Sun unit.

Then there is the surface or “living side” of the planet which is called the Ling Yuen 靈元, which is the circulation and utilizing and processing of essence.  This is corresponding to the Yolk Ching stage, which is to process all these essences into another form for the next to continue.

At last is the Yuen Sun 元辰, which is the light form of this spiritual planet, and this is where everything gets contained, and it is what generates more real essence for the future. This is corresponding to the Tai Ching stage, which is what contains everything in the Yuen Sun unit and pushes what is left to the system below, for our soul and body in this world.


Saam Ching Statues

When you see the three statues of the old men in different outfits, you might be confused about who they were. The simple way of saying it is that they are three statues that are designed to represent and symbolize a pattern or principle. They are not related to any spirits or entities. As we have explained in the article on “What are Statues on a Taoism Altar For”.

As you can see from the Yuen Sun description above, the Saam Ching statues all have some things in their hands to tell you about the work or property of their related task. For example, the Sheung Ching statue always have a fireball in hand which represents the burning essence of life. The little tool on the hands of the Yolk Ching statue is called a Yue-Yee, which is a symbolic tool for connecting things together and transferring things from one side to another side, just like a bridge. This is actually the job of our Ling Yuen too, which is to transfer the Yuen Sun’s processed resources to our soul and body here.  Then you will see the Tai Ching statue with a whisk or fan in some cases, which offers you a different perspective of looking at the Yuen Sun 元辰 (not Yuen Sun 元神, which is the combined unit of the three).  The whisk is for picking up “dirt” which is the negative and unwanted energies we have picked up or created in this world, and then storing it back up into the gourd, which is a tool for storing things and not letting it come out easily. The gourd also symbolizes the digestive system, which helps to digest the negative energies we picked up, and generate new essence of life for us in the future.  Some Tai Ching statues got a fan in the hand, and it is to have the energy or force of the Yuen Sun give us a push in this world, helping us to do things better or bring us new motivations and energy to do things in life.

Before we get into the names of the statues, we must also introduce the word Tin Juen 天尊, which is actually translated to be a “resource storage restriction”. The words are decoded in a complex way which we will skip it, for now, to make it less confusing.

The Sheung Ching energy is often called then Yuen Chi Tin Juen 元始天尊, it is the power that restricts and controls the birth of resources. Yuen is resources, and Chi is the starting of something. Pretty much like the birth of resources, created from the essence of life.

The Yolk Ching energy is often called then Ling Bo Tin Juen 靈寶天尊, it is the power that restricts and controls the moving and transporting of “treasures”, which is the processed elements in the Yuen Sun, and is actually the “wealth” for your soul and body, hence the word for “treasure”.

The Tai Ching energy is often called then Doe Duck Tin Juen 道德天尊, it is the power that restricts and controls the Tao and Te, as we have explained in the article written in the support us page!  This part will help us get the resources from the Yuen Sun or give back to the Sheung Ching zone to bring us more potentials. In a way, this stage is what completes the cycle and brings us a future cycle or circulation between the Yuen Sun and you in this world.

As you can see, the Saam Ching statues are all corresponding to the three different parts of the Yue Sun system, but just the statues alone do not do anything. Statues must be carefully chosen, then programmed, activated, and empowered to do the job properly.

The real purpose of the Saam Ching statue is to have three containers that can accumulate energy from your altar and you every day. While the energies got packed in, the statues then program them into three mini-Yuen-Sun-alike energies in this world. For example, the Sheung Ching statue will be like a mini-life-essence-alike kind of energy. It’s like you have recreated the Yuen Sun in three parts, and these are a newly created miniature of the real thing that is far away. You cannot recreate the whole thing or exactly the same thing, but at least you got one that can do a certain job of what the Yuen Sun does. It is like how we cannot bring the Sun home because it is too big and not possible to be moved to your house, but we can create a mini-sun for our home use, which is a lightbulb. We only need a small portion of the sun’s light and heat, and so we don’t need a whole sun at home just to illuminate that little room up.  Same to the Yuen Sun and Saam Ching statue. We have recreated our mini Yuen Sun on the altar, and there goes the three miniature that can serve our need. If we need some essence of life, we can get the Sheung Ching statue to empower or help us and so on.


Practical Application of Saam Ching

Besides knowing about the Saam Ching statues, the same theory of Saam Ching is used everywhere in Taoism and Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung. To understand how many works and how magic tools work, one must understand the Saam Ching theory in order to execute magic accordingly and know what they are doing, and why they have to do such and such.

There is a Saam Ching Bell in our magic tool that is a pretty signature magic tool of Taoism, and what this does is to help your “Saam Ching” (verb) any resources into something, giving it the essence and energy to start operating. It’s like a bell to push resources into things for the subject to start operating. For example, if we are putting in essence energy into a bunch of FU talismans, you can use the Saam Ching Bell with some spells to transfer essence over.  Saam Ching Bell is good for empowering, dealing with resources, and also working to deliver the intention energy to the subject, etc.

There is also a pretty signature part of a FU Talisman that looks like three check marks on the top of the FU. This is also called the Saam Ching portion too which is for us to infuse our essence into the FU as “resources” for the FU to operate later on. There are secrets for infusing essence into these check marks which is not exposed to the outsiders and is one of the critical parts of how to make a FU talisman effective too.

Saam Ching can also be a principle that you can use in life to analyze everything and see what is going wrong in the system. For example, the Saam Ching of the weather can show us how the Pre-Heaven energy is in the sky by observing the Post-Heaven symptoms and signs. Analyzing the weather and geographies to understand the Pre-Heaven energy flow is a common practice in our lineage to know how energy flow is like and know when to do FU work, or when to open altar, etc. Doing things at the right time makes it better, but doing things at the wrong time can lead to conflicts and crashes.

There are also Saam Ching related spells, FUs, and other magic methods in our lineage that can be very useful for your daily needs. As you can see, Saam Ching is a principle of nature that can be applied to magic and many things in life.  It is one of the most important concepts to understand in Taoism in order to really learn Taoist magic properly and not to be mistaken the energy containers for something else.

Here is our full lecture on YouTube!

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