What is the Minimal for a Taoist Altar

Every once a while, we got a few disciples who will ask the same question, and that is what’s the smallest and minimal start-up requirement for a proper Taoist altar. Here we will get this topic covered and make sure you always ask questions on LINE. If you are not yet ordained, you can feel free to do so and get yourself into this awesome learning experience.

The minimal of an altar will basically include:

1.     Your table for the altar – a table with 4 straight legs, a table-top, made of wood. Make sure it is sturdy and will not wobble when you try to press on it etc.

2.     Sun Paai(神牌) – which connects you to the source of the lineage. (small or big etc.)

3.     Gum Fa, Sun Hung for the Sun Paai

4.     Brass Incense pot with the ashes inside.(the pot can be smaller for minimalist, such as a 4 inch pot to start with.)

5.     Incense 2 packs. (at least, order more when you are starting the 2nd pack)

6.     A pair of candle stand (brass)

7.     Red tapered candles

8.     Small cups x6 and small dishes x6

9.     Brass bowl for drinking FU water

10.  Stamps – Saam Law Stamp, Pre-heaven Saam Law Stamp

11.  FU paper

12.  FU writing brush 2x

13.  Red ink, black ink (bottled ink)

14.  Stamp pad (red)

As for yourself, you will need the proper outfit, so we suggest you to start with:

1.     White underlayer clothing set 1x

2.     Tao robe (black) 1x

3.     Round hat 1x

4.     Sup Fong Shoes 1x

5.     Wrist bead for cultivation 1x

Basically, with these items, you are good to get a start in most of the cultivation for the beginning stage. Yet, it is not the most ideal, but it is better than having nothing or less than these. If you are willing to or can afford to spend more, contact your Dai Sifu and tell her about it, and let her recommend you something according to your budget.

On top of the items above, you will also need to purchase the altar opening FU bundle from the disciple page to get your Sun Paai activated.  

If you want to start with even less items, it’s going to be very hard, and we do not recommend you to go lower budget than this, because you will not be able to practice a lot of foundational things.

What Can You Do with this Altar Setup

There is a lot you can do here, but as a beginner, you can at least have a full and complete all-around cultivation cycle.

First, you can cultivate the altar by burning incense and doing your food upload to the altar, which feeds your altar (daily) to make it grow.

Secondly, you can do your cheng sun ceremony every 2 weeks to connect to the lineage’s source and bring down power to fill up your altar and such.

Most important, you can do your basic cultivation and FU work, which allows you to be doing your FU HEAD, Dai Jee FU and such – and this is how you can take the cultivated energy out of the altar and consume them back into yourself, or to apply it onto some other things outside of you.

With this altar setup, you can be doing these basic things on a scheduled and cycling basis, which is already a very healthy and effective power-building cultivation for yourself. Every 2 weeks, you will do the following as a standard routine:

1.     Open altar and Cheng Sun to welcome in the power from the lineage’s source

2.     Chick FU (FU Head, dai jee fu, etc.)

3.     Drink FU and consume the energy into yourself

4.     Make the magic water to purify your house

5.     Make bath cleansing FU to cleanse and purify your energy body

6.     Make a new protection FU to wear or carry (update every 2 weeks)

7.     Do some sort of body sealing magic and such for your protection and empowering need

There can be many more things that you can do, but here is the general idea. Those who are advancing into the later learning parts, you will also be doing things like Chut Saat and exorcism etc to get your living place a much better energy flow, removing the clogging energies and reinforcing the seals that you will be putting on your house, blocking off all sorts of crap that might be harmful for you.


Hearty Reminder - Why Buy from Dai Sifu

In this lineage, we tell you that all your supplies should be purchased through your Dai Sifu in the lineage because she handles all that stuff for all disciples, making it easy to get everyone on the same setup. At the same time, you should understand that it is not about where to get things cheaper, or where to get the best deal. This mindset should be erased from your head.

Why do you want to get things from your Dai Sifu, is mainly because we emphasized on a lineage, a structural lineage support-system. Everything that you will be getting should first be at her place and being empowered. When you get the items, they are all connected to her department, and her department connects to the head department here. Everyone is like the branches connecting to the trunk and the trunk connects to the roots. If you buy things outside, they are all not connected to the lineage structure, and that means you do not have the backend support connection, and it makes everything not as good. We are a family, and we make sure that everyone stays bonded as one family, even for all the magic supplies that you will be using. In case you lack power, or you got attacked, there are powers that can be backing you up from the other departments in the lineage. 

Lineage support is priceless, because it is all given due to the heart and that is what we are bonded by! Never treat yourself as a “client” in the lineage, because you are not one! You are a disciple, and we are a family here. Therefore, you should always remember your role here. It doesn’t matter what your background is, be it a president of a big company, or a bankrupted potato, we do not look at you differently. When you ordain, you got a unique Taoist name, and that marks the fresh start of your life as a Taoist in this lineage. You are yourself, just like a king before he is a king. Everyone starts the same and we advance to build a nicely bonded relationship here. That’s the difference between a master and disciple relationship compared to a teacher and student relationship. If you are a student, you can always stop paying the school and the teacher will not be your teacher anymore. Your relationship is build and kept based on money, and not the heart. Being a disciple is so much better!

Ordaintoday to start learning!