What is Luck in Taoism?

What is Luck in Taoism?

What is luck in taoism

Providing Taoist magic services for so many years, I always have the most clients or believers asking me “What is luck” or “How to improve my luck”. Most of them really don’t understand what luck is, but they think that luck is just “my overall status”. Most people who have been having bad things happening to them or they just cannot get successful in things they want to achieve, then they will immediately call it “bad luck”. While that isn’t wrong, it isn’t fully the truth either. There are more to it that you would need to understand to really diagnose and solve your problem. Here we will introduce you the wisdom of Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic, and explain what is luck!

What is Luck by Definition

Luck is (Wun) in Chinese, and it is the same word for moving or transporting 搬運 (Boon Wun) or 運輸 (Wun Shue). The word itself means one subject, carrying something to move forward to be processed. It’s really just like the postal service, or courier service. From one station to the next, and the next station then can receive and continue processing the item. 

So, what is the WUN that we are talking about in Taoist magic or in life?

In our theory of Yuen Sun, we talked about the different bodies and dimensions of ourselves. That is right, you don’t just live here with a physical body, you have a layer that is non-physical too. You might not believe it but look at the energy your body is giving off even now. The heat, the energy waves, the brainwaves, the electromagnetic fields, and many things that are not seen by your naked eyes. Modern science has taught us that there are many things that you cannot see with your eyes, but they exist and interact with us all the time. Have you wondered how our wi-fi works? They are like invisible beams of magical things in the air that transmits “data” around, how crazy is that?  Well, there are even more of these in the world that we cannot see with our physical senses, such as the eyes or ears. 

In Taoism, we say that there are 9 dimensions in general, and there can be more, but they are mostly categorized as 9.  Our body has a “full” form in dimension 1, 6 and 8.  The energy and things from dimension 1 will flow to the energy body at 6, and 6 flows to 8, and then 8 flows back to 1. The whole system is non-stop flowing and circulating, just like how our blood circulates inside the body, it never stops circulating, and there is a certain order of how it does it, while you don’t notice it is doing the job.

When the body in d1 delivers to d6, then from d6 to d8, there are dimensions to pass through, and that is just like the channels or roads between the 3 stations. The transmission condition or the “road condition” there between it is the “luck” that we are talking about all the time.

The local body has 9 dimensions, and that is not all of it yet. If you read up our article on the Yuen Sun and such, you will know that our body also have more parts to it that extend all the way to where the sun is. In short, we have 3 bodies here, then 3 souls in the higher level of this planet, and 3 more dimensions of our Yuen Sun, the spiritual planetary body. We have a lot of parts to our system!  As you can see, it’s a huge network, just like the organs of our body that are all webbed and linked together.  The flow between the 9x9 dimensions of us is what we call the “WUN” or luck of life.


How Can Luck Affect us?

luck repairingLuck that Taoism talks about is basically saying how well you are connected with your energy body, your spiritual body, your spiritual soul, your spiritual planetary body and such. If the transmission between these are interrupted, broken, or having hiccups, there will be issues for your life in the reality, because all these energy flow will create a “pattern” for you, and the pattern will show up in your life over and over again, because your life is all based on this pattern.

If you are going through some “bad luck” recently, you will realize that the similar pattern of bad happenings will reoccur again and again.  However, not everyone can spot the patterns, because you are not educated or trained to spot it, and so most people might need to get bumped a few more times or bump into a big disaster, in order to realize they got a problem. Everything in the world starts from small to big and so is these “luck” issue. Before the big disaster came, there should be already a lot of smaller or even micro samples that are showing you the signs. IF you can realize them, you might be able to fix it before your big dish poop is served.


How to Know My Luck

To be able to understand what is luck, you need to know about the theories of what we call the three realms. Tin , Dei , Yun . Most people will wrongly have interpreted or translated it as “Heaven, Earth and Human” which is totally misleading. We have explained this theory in the article of "Pre-Heaven and Post-Heaven” already. If you understand the pattern, you can apply it on yourself and see what is going on mostly.

Let me give you a shortcut and give you a quick example.

If your Yuen Sun is having an issue trying to deliver things to your body here, then it means there is for sure a hiccup between the Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) to the soul. Let’s say it is because the soul cannot grab onto the resources are given by the Yuen Sun. Then that is a problem going from Tin to Dei stage of happenings.  If you apply the same pattern to everything in life, you will see that things are always having a hiccup going from Tin to Dei stage, meaning the stage of “getting it happen”. For example, you might be planning for a party and there can be all the good plans, but it just cannot happen or start.  You might have tons of business ideas, but when you push them to real action, they just cannot happen to work. This kind of pattern will repeat itself over and over again in many things that you will be doing in life, and it’s a reflection of this energy pattern in your own “system” with your spiritual body.


How to Fix my Luck

You might be having a lot of bad luck recently and you might even be able to spot your own problems or patterns now, but how to fix your luck?  That is the question!  Knowing and realizing the patterns will be great because at least you know that it’s not a problem that cannot be fixed, but you cannot fix something just by acknowledging it.  There got to be a way to fix this pattern issue.

Everyone have their own “system” – the 9x9 dimensions and your different bodies. The things that will happen to you, in reality, is all based on your own patterns, like a reflection of your own “internal system” with these spiritual bodies and such. In order to fix the “root cause” of your luck issue, you need to dig into that subject and start doing things to yourself.

A normal person does not have the power to work backward and change things in the spiritual dimensions. We are mostly just being affected by it and cannot affect them back. In order to do so, you need a special kind of cultivation, such as learning Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung. If you have read about what “Taoist Magic and Sun Gung” is about, you will know that we cultivate to work with our Yuen Sun and that is exactly what fixes your “luck” issue!   The cultivation of Tao and Te as explained in our article of ‘What is Taoism” tells you that a real Taoist will cultivate “Tao” by improving the flow between the Yuen Sun to the body here, meaning that, they have to cultivate and strengthen the bridge/middle-agent that is taking things from the Yuen Sun to your body, and that is the spiritual soul.  By doing the cultivations in our lineage, you will learn to strengthen your soul and be able to take gather up things from the Yuen Sun better.  Then following with the cultivation of Te, which is to plant things back into the Yuen Sun, for the sake of our future, so that we can have more to take!

The theory is very simple, it’s like a farm that you have which gives you tomatoes and veggies to eat. You have to learn to pick from it and harvest your crops, then you have to learn to put things back to the ground in order for your future to have food to eat.  That is the basic concept of Tao and Te. In Taoism, we work with our own life-system and it’s all about the circulation between your different bodies in life. A real Taoist must cultivate to touch their Yuen Sun and do things with their spiritual bodies, and that cannot be done just by reading books and acknowledging theories. There is real work to be done, and real things to practice in order to achieve the real results.

If you are having bad luck or you want your luck to be better in the future, you might consider being a Taoist and learn Saam Law Sun Gung to start improving your luck. Not only that your luck needs a boost or improvements, but what’s even more shocking is that you might want to “secure” your luck and protect your luck from the luck-stealing thieves in this world! There are many ways to steal someone’s luck, just like people stealing mails and packages in real life. You might have a box of goods delivered to your door, but your greedy neighbor might take it while you are not home. Things your Yuen Sun is supposed to give you might also be gone to another person while you think it’s your bad luck. Yes, it is a form of bad luck, but it’s really not your fault!  What to do when that happens and how to secure/protect your luck from being stolen?  Ordain as a Taoist and learn Saam Law Sun Gung, claim your rights to fight back and protect yourself, and even your loved ones!

For those who are encountering a very severe bad-luck situation, it might be too late to start learning things now. You might need help from us immediately to neutralize the threats and secure your luck right away. In that case, we suggest you try our “distance ceremony” for us to help you deal with the Yuen Sun repairing and recovery, securing your luck.  If you are smart enough to realize that you got a luck-issue with you now, but you still don’t know what you should do yet, don’t hesitate to contact us to inquire for more information and options!