What is Concluding Magic

concluding magic


Every month, a disciple should conclude the month by giving back to where they have taken from. 

Cultivating the TAO, you take from your uppers. Such as using the magic powers from the TAO, getting the teachings, guidance and care from your Si Gung(s) and Sifu(s) etc.

Cultivating the TE, you will give back to them, for a relationship to be growing in a healthy manner.  As we know, a relationship cannot grow with only one side giving. Love is two way, and not one way.



Every month, disciples will at least conclude by using a monetary amount to represent their heart toward the lineage. You can do this donation amount by going to the disciple page or directly using the “support us’ button on the website.

The easiest way to think of a proper amount is to use food as an example. Just imagine you are living in Toronto, where your Si Gung(s) are. You have got a month of guidance, teachings, and care from them, should you not take them out to dinner or something to thank them back?  You will ALWAYS use their standard to measure the concluding amount, and not your living area’s standard, because it is a concluding for them, and not you.

Go download the APP “FOODORA” and enter the basic address “NORTH YORK. CANADA” and search up the restaurants near this location. You can see the pricing and try to imagine you are ordering a good meal to treat your Si Gung(s) (2) to thank them for everything.  If you are there treating them to dinner, what will you order for them, and how much that will be including TAX (13%) and TIPS/gratitude’s?  Try to check out and see the total, that should be about right. 

Some people will do 2x concluding a month, just before/after the 1st and 15th of the lunar month, some people will do it 1x a month, some will even choose to do a separate concluding for a specific thing that just happened.  It’s alright, you can choose to do it any way you like, but just remember you must at least do so once a month to continue and extend your relationship with the TAO.  If a disciple doesn’t communicate much and don’t conclude at all within 6 months, they are just showing that they are not appreciating or even wanting the teachings here. Therefore, they will automatically be cut from the TAO’s bloodline too.

There are exceptional cases – such as students, babies, and people who don’t make money yet... these people are exempt from the $ concluding method.

Remember that your Si Gung(s) are the main one to conclude, but if you have got extra help from the specific SIFU(s), you can also conclude with them and send them an appreciation amount of $ too.  Please keep in mind that sending money to Chiinnature or Tin Yat Dragon doesn’t go to the sifu(s), you must ask them for their paypal address to do the payment.

Remember to cherish and nourish your relationship with the TAO and your uppers. Concluding the month nicely will welcome a better month to come, as well as prolonging your connection with the TAO and your uppers.