What is Concluding Magic

What is Concluding Magic

concluding magic

Concluding Magic 謝法

This is actually the concluding document we give to the disciples, and here we will just publish it for the potential disicples to-be. If you are ordaining into Saam Law Taoism, you will need to know how to cultivate the Tao and Te properly and it is just very common sense here. Keep in mind that you pay to get the ordain ceremony to get yourself ordained only, and all the teachings, guidance and help that you get is "FREE" of charge.

To cultivate the TAO, you must take and use what the TAO gives you, utilize it and take more for whatever you need.

To cultivate the TE, you must give back to the TAO to complete the cycle, and so you will have more to take in the future.

You see this pattern in nature all the time. We breathe in air from nature, then we must breathe out to “conclude”. If you just breathe in and not breathe out, your cycle is broken and you will suffer. With Taoism and magic learning, it is the same.

While we must connect, take and use more of this TAO power, which is, the energy from Saam Law, the lineage and the teachers, we must give back to “conclude” for a healthy cycle. If your cycle of TAO and TE is healthy, you will see everything blossoms and get better, stronger, and richer.  

Concluding magic is done every time you use magic, daily and also monthly, as your small, medium and big conclude.

Concluding for Every-time you use magic

Whenever you have used magic, you must be use your heart to appreciate Saam Law (TAO), the lineage (GING), and the teachers (SI) who taught you and inherit you the magic power, the wisdom and the methods. The concluding is small, because it is inside yourself, inside your “heart” and it is not projected out of you yet, but it is important to do so for every magical work you do.  Do not ever forget about it, and always be happy, grateful and thankful for the opportunity, power, and teachings you have got.

Concluding for Everyday

At the end of the day, you must conclude by giving back to Saam Law, the lineage, and the teachers by using the following method.

To give back to Saam Law, you will burn incense at the altar or open a portal to Saam Law by drawing a Saam Law Fu Head in the air with your sword finger / Tin Yat Sun Lung Kuet 天一神龍訣. If you cannot burn incense yet, do the Sum Heung Kuet 心香訣 handsign and recite your 1st heart spell, stomp the left foot 1x and pull the handsign to your head, in front of your forehead, and close your eyes, think about what kind of help you requested and worked, or think about what kind of help you wish to have in the future, and make wishes about what you wish to improve, get better and such, and send in your intentions to Saam Law Jo Si.  After you are done with your “message”, then bow 3x to the handsign and get on the ground, bow 3x to the ground with both hands pressing on the ground at the side to send your message to Saam Law. This will conclude you and the “source” of where your power and knowledge comes from – Saam Law.

Next is to conclude the lineage, you should show up at the LINE chat room and say hi, post a sticker, or help to fill-troops which promotes the lineage to function, move on and get better. That will be your daily concluding, or giving back to the lineage, which helps the lineage to operate better.

Lastly is to give back to the teachers which include your Si Gung, and the other sifu(s) who have taught you. You can do so by showing your appreciation to them on LINE or by any method to say thank you for the teaching.  If you got into a talk with the Si Gung or Sifu, you should always end the talk by thanking them and not just to leave the room like you vanished from the planet, which is rude.

Concluding for Every Month

Every month, you should do a BIG conclude, and what defines big is something that can go out of yourself and be delivered for the other party to keep. A thought is inside yourself, words are non-stop transferring from what’s inside you to the outside of you, but people cannot “keep” your words. To make the other party be able to KEEP your thoughts, you must give something that they can “take” and keep at the end.

To conclude to Saam Law, the TAO, you must give back monthly (at least once) by doing the following rituals –


1)     Open portal to Saam Law facing the window

2)     Use SUM HEUNG KUET 心香訣 with heart spells to tell Saam Law Jo Si that you are concluding for this month.

3)     Burn FU paper 8x or more into a bowl or the HING. (place the bowl or hing on the ground)

4)     Complete the ritual with a 3/9 bow.


1)     Clean up your incense pot – pull the sticks out and level the ashes.

2)     Take FU paper (blank) 8x and 36x incense stems and burn them in the pot

3)     Take FU paper (blank) 8x and 24x incense stems and burn them in the pot

4)     Complete the ritual with a 3/9 bow.


1)     After pot is all cleaned up and organized, burn 3 incense to tell Saam Law Jo Si and all above that you are concluding for this month right now.

2)     Take FU paper 8x or more, and circle them over the incense 3x CW, bow 3x with it

3)     Burnt he FU paper into the HING, with the HING on the ground. (use bricks or something to level it up to prevent the heat getting too crazy on the ground).

4)     Complete the ritual with a 3/9 bow.

*Blank FU papers have nothing but “blank” energy of whatever color that is. It carries your energy and send the “blanks” to Saam Law, which means more potential for you in the future. It’s like you got food from a restaurant and now you are giving back the empty bowls and plates, which means they can use it for the future clients.  It’s a form of giving back too.

This is the most basic way to conclude, and even if you are a newbie without altar, you should also do it by doing the portalling method, and burn some FU paper. If you do not have FU paper yet, you can find any yellow paper and infuse your ling sum heart spells in it and burn them for the time being.

To conclude to the lineage and the teachers, you will be doing it by using a monetary donation. One payment is for the lineage, and one is for the teachers (Si Gung). If you are specially taught by a sifu in the lineage, you can also show your appreciation to them by doing a monetary donation as well.


How much is a good amount for donation?

Think about it as in food. Every month you should thank your two Si gung (at least), so think about it like treating them to dinner with you, how much are you going to spend. A $5 conclude means $2.5 for each person for that meal, is it reasonable to you in your standard of living today?  Or you would think a $20 donation for each will make more sense for treating your master to dinner at the end of the month?  This is only ONE treat per month to show your appreciation, and your master teach you everyday whenever you ask for teachings – for free. As a disciple, you should appreciate this even more.  If you feel that you should give more, feel free to do so to show what’s really in your heart.

For students or those who don’t make money yet, you can do a symbolic donation to both (like $1) or keep some money in a little container (some coins) as a symbolic saving piggy for this. At the end of the year, you can take out all the money and convert them to do a one time donation, or you can save it up and keep saving until you are ready in the future, then donate it in one go.

For those who are having financial difficulties at the moment, you can do the same as mentioned above, put some coins as your symbolic donation into a little piggy, and so you can add them up and donate it later when you are ready.

Keep in mind that this donation is for showing your appreciation and your heart.

Those who forgot to conclude can always make up for it by doing a donation anytime to make up for it.

At the same time, don’t forget that you can donate to your si gung or sifu’s altar as if you are going there to burn incense and do food upload too.

You may also add up all the above and do it as a lump sum amount too. As long as your mind and intention is there, it is fine.

Everything above is for our disicples only, and so the bits and pieces of details such as how to "open portal" or do the handsigns etc are all taught in the lineage. Ordain today to start learning!