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What is Concluding Magic

Tin Jee Learning Theory

Concluding magic is a form of giving back to the source of where you get things from, to complete the circuit or circulation cycle, so that you can have another cycle to come in the future. Those who are learning Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic will have to learn about this concluding magic as part of their knowledge of Taoism because it’s the foundation of Tao and Te. 

If a disciple just knows how to do magic and use their powers, but not to conclude and give back to the source, they will eventually be losing their powers and everything will be gone as well. It’s very logical, just like having a farm that grows fruits and veggies, and you must give back by putting new seeds and resources into the farm for it to grow new fruits and veggies for you again. Keep picking fruits and harvesting your crops, but not growing something back and not helping the farm to sustain is going to lead you to nothing but a piece of mud. 

Some people might fear this, and so they think that it is best to not preserve all the fruits and not eat anything, then there is no need to give back!  While that might work for the first few days, but the more you wait, the fruits will turn from sweets to sour, and they will rot, and there go the insects and bugs or even many unpleasant things to come that will ruin your whole farm altogether. In order to have a healthy cycle, you must eat more, and grow more, then both you and the farm will prosper and grow.

Concluding does apply to many things, even when you eat, you conclude by cleaning up and washing your dishes, or restocking food. That is so simple, but yet many people don’t know how to conclude properly when it comes to magic or the non-physical matters.

Concluding Magic

When you learn Taoist Magic from our lineage, you are learning Saam Law Sun Gung.  Where does your power, skills, and teachings come from is where you give back to conclude the cycle. With the theory of Tao and Te, as mentioned in our “Support Us” page, Tao comes first before Te.  That means, we the leader provides you with power and teachings first as the part of Tao, and then you give back as your part of Te.  Every end of the month, you should have the intention to conclude the cycle by doing a few things.

  • Conclude for the Human Beings
  • Conclude for the Ground of Operation
  • Conclude for the Resources and Energies

Doing concluding helps you to build a better cycle between you and the other side, plus reward you with a better month to come. The practice of concluding should be something to keep in mind all the time. Even when you are having a rough time in life, your heart should still be there.


Conclude for the Human Beings

To conclude the human beings who have given you the power and support all along, the Tao that helped you and allowed you to learn, you will, of course, give back to the headquarter, to Gum and Jee Sifu. If you got extra help from your other sifu(s) you can also thank them personally too. To do this, you will do a monetary donation with the concluding link in the disciples only page, or use our Support Us button on this website.

The amount to give for concluding depends on your intention and feelings.

In the ancient times, disciples will work to help the sifu make a living, bring in business or even help to get a job outside and fund the temple at the back as their “duty”. Today, we cannot expect that to happen, but doing a little “concluding” there is really a minimal that a disciple should be doing to have their heart in building a good and healthy relationship.

If the disciple is doing well, they can give back more. When they are in a difficult time, they can reduce and adjust their amount. Even a symbolic amount, a few dollars, can represent your heart.

Concluding payment is not about giving tons of money and sharing your salary with the lineage. It’s about giving back to where you get things from and building a good relationship by having the intention to support the lineage back, and treat it like you are part of the family.

Why money? Read this article.


Conclude for the Ground of Operation

The altar is where you do your magic work, and your home is where your altar is built on. Every day, we conclude by doing small things like food upload, changing out tea, water, liquors, or even doing the cleaning of the place.

Every month, or even every 2 weeks, we will be doing things with the altar to bring in new energies or feeding it with our magic powers to energize the place. To do this, we will do the Cheng Sun ceremony to welcome in new energies, and then be using our magic to pack these new energies into the house and altar, so that we have resources to use again in the future.

Besides that, we also use some special FU paper and the incense sticks as a medium to burn and sent off energies out to the Pre-Heaven dimensions and close off the energy channels that we have created during our magic work session. Whenever we do magic, there are some energy channels created in the different dimensions, and they will have a trace of energy left behind. If we do not use the special method in the lineage to conclude and close off these channels, then you will be leaving out energies of you that can be “traced” by anything in the open field, which isn’t good for you at all.  If you leave a bottle out in the open area, it gets dusted and dirty after a while. Think about how it looks with your energy transmission channels out there! When you are in the lineage, you will learn how to eliminate this issue by using your altar to do the concluding magic every month to make sure that you start with a fresh clean month and your energy channels are always flowing nice and smoothly with no “dragging forces” that drags you from behind.


Conclude for the Resources and Energies

To conclude for the resources and energies, you will have to know where it comes from. Of course, it all goes back to the lineage and all the sifu(s) who were supporting you at all time. In our lineage, we have a lot of methods to “give back” to the upper level. Besides doing the monetary give-back, disciples are also taught to send requests for reinforcement energies on our LINE chat room, and as a give-back practice, they will also have to fill up each other’s requests to help the lineage circulate and prosper. Everyone is helping each other’s out, and just by doing that kind of action, the whole lineage gets stronger and stronger over time, with everyone more bonded to each other, supporting each other, and there goes the indestructible lineage you are in.

The more advanced disciples know how to send more things, or some specific magic, for a better and more specific kind of help. But even as a newbie disciples, they will already be taught to send basic things to each other and start on this practice from their first month.

Request often and fill often, that’s mostly how it’s done in the lineage. If anyone has a certain need or they are doing some special magic power and need a top-up, they can also send a photo of their altar or their magic FU work on the chatroom to be empowered too.

Keep in mind, that if you are purchasing a FU talisman or service from the lineage, you are not giving back, because you are paying for something you want to have. Give-back means to give back without the want of return. Concluding is to give back for the whole month of magic learning, support and power, but it is not a way of “thank you” yet.  For those who want to really show appreciation or thanks to the lineage, they can choose to give extras with another link or payment.


Reward from Concluding

How much you have contributed, or planted, is usually how much you get to have. The theory is very simple, and there aren’t any hidden secrets to it. Remember that your magic will work and benefit you, only if you also know how to conclude properly, and have a good healthy mindset of what a disciple should have. The learning experience in our lineage is like the old school style, where you don’t have to pay to learn, but you are a disciple, and you should know that by accepting this identity, you are part of the big family. Being a disciple, you should feel yourself as part of the lineage family, just like how your sifu(s) sees you as part of their family too. Contributing to and supporting the lineage is part of the most important mindset of a disciple, in order for the relationship to stay healthy and blossoms. 

We all know that if we cut down a tree to build a house, we must plant some trees back or we will end up with no more trees in the world later. Remember where you got your water from when you drink water 飲水思源, is what we say in Chinese all the time.  Conclude everything well, and that ensures there are more to grow in the future!

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