What is a FU Talisman?

What is a FU Talisman?

FU talisman

A FU Talisman in Taoism is like a ticket that records where to draw resources and power from, what to do with it, and how to delivers them. Along with the authorization of the corresponding parties, the FU will be connected and bonded, and become “effective”.  A FU Talisman is not just a piece of paper with some scribbles and stamps, it is a really powerful magical tool that involves a lot of work which you cannot see most of the time.

A quick note before we dig into the topic – printed FU from a printer does not work. A FU must be hand written for things to be effective. However, there can also be printed FU or objects with printed symbols that contains an invisible FU inside making it effective!  As we say, you cannot judge a book by its cover. Sometimes things can look fake but is real, sometimes things is looking very real but it’s fake. To know what’s fake and real, you need to read this article to gain the knowledge.  Wisdom is the best tool to polish your vision!


The Creation of a FU Talisman

As we have said in the “What is Taoism” article, every sect and lineage of Taoism is different, because they are connected to different powers as their Tao. This Tao, is like their leader, their boss, or the higher power that they get their knowledge and skills from.  This Tao provides them with methods to communicate with it, and to utilize the power from it. 

FU, symbols, spells, etc.. are all methods generated by the Tao of the sect / lineage, for them to withdraw power out of this source and use them to deal with different things in life. The words and symbols used in the FUs and such are all like a special language that only works within the system that creates it.  If the Tao of the sect never have these codes granted to the people, then there will not be such codes.

In short, if a sect never have ABC as their FU, then even the people keep doing ABC FU, it won’t work at all, because their Tao does not have these things, and they don’t know what you are trying to tell them since the language failed.

As you can see, FU talismans, or FU, is a language that communicates with the sky, the Tao, which is where your resources comes from.  Every sect and lineages have a different Tao of their own, and hence the language also varies.  

Copying FU from other sects is just no different from trying to talk French with your Chinese grandpa, or trying to use type some C++ programming language on your android notepad app, it just doesn’t work at all because the language is not the same.

A record of the FU that is given and inherited in the lineage is called FU-Look / FU-LU 符籙 which is often a book of FU. The disciple who got ordained will go through the 授籙 process (sau look) which is to inherit and be granted these books. The ceremony can be as simple as just giving them the book and telling the higher powers about it, or it can be as fancy as a 2 hour ritual depending on the way how the lineage does it.

The things that is inside a FU, such as the symbols, methods, and all the required ingredients, are taught and inherited by the Tao of the lineage, and not created by humans. Yet, it is in the humanized language because it is created “through” the hands of human who inherited the knowledge.  You can say that it is like someone who speaks French and you know French and Chinese.  This French cook taught you by showing you the cooking, and you translate them into Chinese, and now you are teaching the Chinese how to cook these dishes – then there goes your Chinese cook books.

In our lineage, we can convert things into any languages too, as long as there is the need. It’s more the problem with people looking at us- will they be able to accept Taoism in English like its out of a Harry Potter movie?  I guess most people can’t accept that. 

Side note here – We have once tried to promote some magic that is a bit more modernized, like using flashlight, game console, and air guns as a magic tool, and people go crazy calling us a “scam” because it looks different from what’s in the ancient Taoism.  To be honest, swords and flags are also “stylish” and “new” things back then, why it is okay to have a sword and not a gun? 

taoist YEAH

Learning from experience, our lineage then goes back to the old fashion method, staying more traditional to make it friendlier to the average crowd.


FU Talisman s Essentials

A FU Talismans require proper way of writing it, then stamping It with the magical stamp, and then consecrating it (Chick FU 勅符) to make it bond to the higher powers. Now this FU is live and ready to be used.  The whole process requires a lot of work and you can see a video here of how we Chick-FU in our lineage, going through a one-hour ceremony to make the FU “work”.

You might be thinking that it is a bit overkill or overwhelming, but no worry, chick-FU and things can be as simple as a one-minute thing too. The amount of work we do to the FU can vary depending on the situation, the need, and it’s just like cooking.  You can spend a whole day preparing and doing your dumplings and special sauce, then cook the whole night for a big special meal. That’s a lot of work, but do we do that every night?  Sometimes you just take a package of those frozen dinner and zap it for 5 minutes and call that cooking too. It’s fine, that’s also cooking!  The amount of work done on the FU is basically like this too. There are big and fancy methods for the big and fancy purposes, and there are short and quickies too!

No matter long or short methods, fancy or quickie, the essentials for a FU Talisman to work is that it must be inherited from the Tao of the lineage, and it must be chick’d (consecrated) which is to bond with the Tao of the lineage. Also, it must be deployed or used properly according to the method of the lineage’s book. If it lacks these three, the FU is rendered useless.

*The FU does not only use the energy and power of the person writting it. The FU must be connected to a power source, which is the Tao of the lineage. Without this source, there is no FU!


Benefit of Learning FU Talismans

The power of FU Talismans can be very useful for all things in life. As long as you want to get help from the higher powers that you are connected to, and for whatever reasons, you can use FU Talismans to get help from the Tao, the higher powers.

You will bump into problems in life, or maybe you are doing a project now and you want it to success, or you have a date and you want it to turn into a success… anything can be helped by the use of FU.  However, the amount of “help” you can get from the FU depends on your relationship with the Tao and the lineage. For this, read the “concluding magic” article to learn about the Tao and Te, or simply watch the video below:

Same as saying that you entered a company to work and you can ask the company to help you and give your resources anytime you need. But what have you done for the company and how much work have you been doing for them will affect the amount of resources they can give you too.  If you are new, don’t expect too much.  But when you are working there for 10 years already, the company will treasure you much more and help you with some bigger things.  It works the same way with Taoism and Taoist magic too.

Get started today and learn FU Talismans of our lineage, get ordained and start learning for real!