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What is a FU Talisman?

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Fu Talisman is a piece of paper or object that is charged up by Taoist magic and programmed to do a certain kind of spiritual energy work. A FU Talisman must be handcrafted by a practitioner of Taoist magic because they are the one who is attuned and trained to do the job. FU talisman is not just about copying scribbles and words from a book, there is a lot of things to do during the process and after the FU is made, to complete the magical work as a whole. The most common impression of a FU in Taoism is often a piece of yellow paper, with some text and scribbles in red or black ink. The more experienced one will know that there is also a bunch of special stamps over the FU Talismans, but not much really understands how it works and how it’s made before the user gets it in hand.

The main purpose of a FU Talisman is to set a spiritual energy program into a piece of paper as the container, and when the user gets it, the program will execute with the given resources or by utilizing the resources on and around the person. For example, a money luck enhancing or boosting FU is mostly about using the FU to help the person to attract more wealth energy from the spiritual dimensions so that they can have a greater potential to do better with their business. There is no mysterious spirits or aliens helping you, but only the spiritual energies of the FU talisman that is helping you to draw in the energies of a certain category which will benefit you in a certain way. It is all energy work but often disguised or interpreted as some spirits helping you at the back because not everyone can accept the truth back then with what most people accepts more in the culture.

People in the ancient times are more simple-minded, and not everyone can accept things like energy-work and such. A lot of people will accept the explanation of some gods or deities helping them over just some energy work which makes it sound so useless and pathetic to the majority. In the modern society, most people understand more about energies and is more open up to these things. Therefore, the truth behind FU Talismans is actually not as hard to explained to the open-minded ones.

Usages FU Talismans

FU Talismans are not only for protection and luck boosting, but that is not all of it. FU Talismans are used in many ways, such as for power building in the Taoist magic cultivation, to connect to Pre-Heaven energies, to work with our altar, cure sickness, exorcism, and more. As a disciple of our lineage, you will already learn about doing FU talismans for your monthly cultivation which is what cultivates your energy body, the Faat-Sun 法身 and get yourself stronger with the spiritual energy body being more pumped up, and there goes the magic power building foundation.

taoist magic altar

Right in front of our Taoist magic altar, we have a set of FU Talismans called the Seven Star Altar FU 七星鎮壇符 which is like a set of FUs that programs the primary features of the altar’s energy output and operation powers. Besides that, the FU also helps to protect your altar and secure the operating system, so that your altar will not be hijacked or invaded by any spirits or people with an evil mind.

Whenever we activate a magical tool, there will often be one or more FU Talismans being infused to the object, setting the features and programs the magical tool to do the work as you wanted it to do.

As you can see, FU Talismans does play a big role for a Taoist and their Taoist magic cultivation. It’s like a martial artist and their weapons.


Different Colors of FU Talismans

FU Talismans

FU Talismans, are not always yellow in color. There are FU talismans done in red, black, green, white, or even all sorts of colors that you can think of. Text can also be in red, black, gold, silver, green, white, and many other different colors. However, the most commonly used FU paper are in red and yellow, with either black or red text.

The color of a piece of paper and changes the way how energy outputs and which dimensions it will affect more. For example, we use white paper all the time to delivers our intention and feelings across to the other people, but sometimes we will use colored paper, such as yellow paper, for something you want people to take action right away, such as a yellow illegal parking ticket!  Looking at the same message with the different font, color, and paper will affect the way you “feel” about the message, and that already teaches you a theory – color matters to your spiritual side, the side that you feels and senses.

To sum it up, in short, the yellow paper FU deals with the spiritual energy body of things, which you can say is the “inside” of things. For example, if someone is feeling and sensing things that are not right, these are not physical matters, they are all “inside” matters, and so yellow FU is used to deal with the case most of the time in exorcism. Yellow FU used for protection is often to protect someone from spiritual matters or energy pollutions, and they all deals with the spiritual side of the person, the energy side of things in the unseen dimension.

There is also FU done in red paper, they are used for dealing with things that are to be born into this physical dimension. For example, a FU talisman for protection from physical dangers and threats such as a car accident will be often done in red. A wealth or business luck FU can also be in red because the FU deals with things in the physical dimension. During Chinese New Year, you will see people hanging up or taping up red banners too, and that is also a simple form of “FU” which is to supposed to bring potentials to this physical dimension, giving our life a boost. While those banners don’t really work as magical as the real FU talismans that we do, they are still a good example of red FU being used.

Besides the red and yellow, the common FU colors also include green FU for working with the internals operating system of things or “planting” things into a working ground. For example, if someone is already poisoned by a Gong Tau evil magic, their system is already contaminated, then there is to need of using a green FU to deal with the case to kill the virus that is already in the system. Using a yellow or red FU will be useless for that situation.  Green FU is also commonly used for fixing Fung Shui problems and working with the energy flow of a location.

White FU deals with the Pre-Heaven or to work with someone’s inner-heart. When we need to store things into the person’s heart, or utilizing their Yuen Sun’s potentials, or working with any Pre-Heaven elements, a white FU will be used.   A good example will be some FUs for making a wish happen sooner or a FU for curing and busting a mind-controlling magic for a victim.

Black FU deals with pushing and sucking in elements, to bring a better potential into play, and giving the hopeless one more hope, bringing in new elements for things to happen better and faster.  Let’s say that we are doing a FU Talisman for business boosting, but the situation is still very hopeless, then there is a need for a black FU talisman to bring in and gather in more resources in the Pre-Heaven dimensions for the business to start improving.


FU Talismans Making

FU talisman taoismThe area and table that we are using for FU writing do matter. Before we even start to write FU, we will cleanse our own energy and clear up the space around the table for the best energy flow. We will also put up magic tools and make a formation to channel in the proper energies for the FU that we are doing too. Common tools that we use for this will be the wooden sword, Saam Ching bell, Ling Paai (Commanding plate), incense, flags and such. In Chinese, we call this Bo-Junn 佈陣, meaning to set the formation and is a technique of Qimendunjia 奇門遁甲 in magic, which is to use a certain setup to channel in and guide in Pre-Heaven energy connections.

While we write the FU, there is also energies that will penetrate through the paper, and so we will have some magic tool to soak up the excessive energies for other usages too. As you can see, we don’t waste any energies and also utilize every drop of the essence we output to the maximum potentials. 

FU Talismans must be done by hand and there are tons of small details when drawing the FU too. For example, while our right hand will write the FU, our left hand will be dotting the fingers with our thumb and saying the corresponding spells to get the proper type of energy to infuse into that stroke or word that we are writing on.

The order of how a FU talisman is drawn is very tricky too. Besides that it does not follow a normal writing pattern and sequence, there are many small details that only the disciples can learn over a long period of time soaking in the lineage. You will not be able to learn it all in one go. Most of the time, we teach the disciples to just copy it first and we will fine tune them bit by bit as they learn. Rest assure that the FU will still work, because you are in our lineage, and you have the “insurance” in the lineage that make up for what you have not yet learned or lacked in your work.  However, a good disciple will not rely on the assisting wheel or auto-correct feature all the time, they will learn to write FU with more and more skills and techniques, refining their knowledge and minor details as they advance.

After the FU talismans are done, there this also a very critical step, which is to seal the FU up with your stamps. These stamps are special stamps in the lineage that will be infused to your FU and they act like a chip on the electronic board. A stamp gives the FU a pattern of operation and allows the FU to execute the work according to this pattern.  For example, our Saam Law stamp is to teach the FU to execute the work by using the three energy systems, giving it a full-on power for the executing process.  As a comparison, our Tin Yat stamp is for drawing resources or connecting back to the Pre-Heaven dimensions, building a bridge to the Pre-Heaven energies and pulling in essence.  There are over 20 stamps in our lineage for different purposes and the disciples will learn how to use them accordingly as they do more FU work.  With the correct stamping method, the FU can do the job properly and accordingly, and this is one of the critical factors that makes the FU work or fail their tasks.

After the Talisman is made, there is a process call Chick FU 勅符, which is what gives the FU a life! We will talk about the details of this in the future, but it can be a simple ritual done in a few minutes by a newbie disciples, to a 1-hour long ritual done by the sifu(s). The main purpose of this is to bond in the power and program the FU up. Chick FU, literally means to bond in the power to the FU.  The Taoist magic altar plays a very important role in this process, because it is where your power and essences are stored, and that’s where you can draw the resources to put on your FU. If you army camp has only weak rookie soldiers, then you can only put rookies into the squad.

Here is a video of Jee Si Gung doing a Chick FU ritual that is about 1 hour long, but is shorted to 10 minutes for the outsiders to get a sneak preview of what is done in the process.

Start Learning How to Make FU Talismans

Learn to make FU talismans

You might be wanting to learn about how to make FU Talismans because you want to experience it yourself, or maybe to help and protect your family and friends, or maybe to apply magical power to your daily life. Whatever the reason is, we welcome you to start to learn it for real today. You do not need to be a Chinese to learn it, and we have sifu(s) that is 100% non-Chinese who can success in learning Saam Law Sun Gung too.

To start learning how to make a FU Talismans, you can get ordained into our lineage and start learning Saam Law Sun Gung. Fu Talismans is an essential part of our cultivation and you will get to learn how to make your own powerful FU Talismans as you learn in the lineage. Before you start doing those big FU, you will learn about one of the three treasures for a new disciple, the FU Heads, which is a condensed version of a FU, and they will be the first step to getting your FU power built up.

If you are in need of the help of FU Talismans right now, you can always purchase them from our website too. We offer you a few powerful FU Talismans to choose from, and also offers service for making customized FU for our clients upon requests!

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