Western Magic Versus Eastern Magic

Western Magic Versus Eastern Magic

Eastern Magic versus Western Magic

Every culture has their strength, because we are all born in nature for a different purpose and that is why we are different.

In general, the western cultures are good with things like technologies, invention, and creating the futuristic tech, thinking out of the box and bringing new advancements to the world – such as computer, or even light bulb! 

The eastern culture is the opposite, they are mostly good at bringing the raw materials into their best use, and processing things that we are given.

As you can see, most eastern cultures are more into the “down the earth” vibe, and we mostly take what is there and utilize them to their best potentials. Such things can been seen from the herbal medicine, or the way how people build their houses by using mud and water etc. Most of the time, eastern cultures take what is there, mix it and process it, then use it to get the job done.

The advantage of the way how eastern culture works is that they can utilize things nicely, and be able to bring out the potentials of what’s in nature. However, the disadvantage is that they cannot really think out of the box, and that is why Chinese cannot have things like the light bulb, radio, or even a power-lines even in the Qing dynasty. People are still burning oil lamp while there are already light bulb and electricity here and there in the west. 

Many thinks that Chinese are smart, but the westerners are not stupid either, it’s just that we don’t realize the fact that we all have our own roles to play in nature, and we all have our own strength.

understand the taoMagic in the eastern culture is better than the western culture, period. Why so?  It’s not a surprise, just like saying technology today is all driven by the western invention. When do you see the Chinese cry about it?  The eastern people just adopt and learn from the western people, and that’s why you see the Chinese learning from the west and then inventing their own stuff based on these “western’ tech.

A lot of western people are starting to realize this too, and that is why many people in the west are now attracted to the eastern culture for religious practice, spiritual wisdom and magic.  That’s where to go for, if you want the good stuff in the field of magic, because the eastern side is the side that is born to be stronger in this field.


Eastern and Western Magic Today

Most of the western magic today are all into the DIY route, or mostly is at the experimental stage, with many things that they just believe but cannot explain. Yes, some of them work, some doesn’t and some are even just random hoax brew up by people to fill the internet up with garbage.  

With the power of Christianity and such, who pinned down the witches and occults hard in the past, it becomes even harder and harder for magic to be developed in the west. Nevertheless, people are mostly being educated by “science” and the idea of “magic” is just being labelled as “crazy” or “stupid” in school, and in the common-sense among all societies.

dark sideIt is okay to say you believe in Jesus and pray to God when you are about to eat your dinner, but it is not okay to say you believe in magic.  That’s how the western culture is today. Magic is more or less falling into the minority’s side and is seen as something not as important, or even the things that the lower class and the “dark side” does.

However, saying that you do magic in the eastern culture instantly brings you to the top class in society. You can see how the rich people value the spiritual leaders or masters who practice magic. They treat them like the “master of true wisdom” who they can rely on for anything that they cannot explain or solve with the normal methods.

While technology is still a main part of the life for all people today, magic and spiritual practice is still very important to most Asians in the east, and that is why you see all the temples and things are still full of people during special times and there are still many TV shows that hires these “magic” wizards as guest to demonstrate stuff for them etc.

worship before movie

Whenever there is a movie coming out, the whole crew will hire a master who does magic to do a ceremony for them, blessing the crew for good luck and even cleansing the place to avoid accidents and such. It doesn’t matter if it is working or not, but you can see that most Asians do look very heavily in magic and spiritual practice, where the westerner will just laugh it off and just grab a bunch of beers instead.

If you are looking for magic to learn, it’s time to ditch the western path and go for what’s worth your time and can bring you to a bright future. Chinese goes for the western stuff when it comes to technology, and the westerners goes for things like our lineage when it comes to learning magic and understanding about the spiritual side of nature and life.  We are the pro in magic, that’s fact. Western magic today is still like the Chinese soldiers back then, using sabers and riding on horses… while the other side already have rifles, canons, and tanks.

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