Water and Fire Symbol for Taoist Magic

fire magic

This is the water and fire symbol for Taoist magic in our lineage for our disciples to learn. If you have not ordainedyet, you can do so right now. Become a disciple and you can learn, use and apply this magic to your daily life!  Remember in “what is Taoism”, every sect and lineage in Taoism is different because they connect to a different higher power, and so our “Tao” is not the same. If you want to use the symbols that we introduce, then you have to link to our system for it to work, since it’s the language we use with our Tao. Also check out the article on “what is FA JEE花字symbols too!

Now we are expecting that you already know about the foundational concepts behind the symbols, we will not waste time, so straight into the topic today – the Water and fire symbol. We call it Foh-Dull火斗and Sui-Dull水斗which is water or fire Dull, and Dull means a contained system, like a bowl, which contains a bunch of things inside to be processed.

The first Symbol – Fire

The first symbol is FOH DULL火斗which is fire-system, and remember what the symbol is doing? You are basically tell the “Tao” to do or give what you write into the subject. For example, you write fire, the TAO gives in fire.  However, fire does not mean the physical fire, it is the fire as in what we say in the five elements concept, which is to activate and give things a push to be born, like the “start” button.

fire magic symbol

The picture below shows you a great visual metaphor. You put a bunch of ingredients into a pot, add fire, and the stuff will be cooked up. You will then get the smell and things exposing back up.  Now the same concept goes to magic. If you dump a bunch of magic powers and commands into a subject, it doesn’t start up and take effect, until you do this fire symbol to “burn” and there goes the magic kicking in to show its power back out, which means it will activate and start working.

fire magic picture

Second Symbol – Water

The second symbol is very similar, which is the SUI DULL水斗, water instead of fire. When you add water to things, water will contain the “things” and not let them go away, but also add “energy” (air) to things too.  Imagine you have a bunch of paper bits inside a bowl, they will float or be blown away easily. But what if you add water? Now they will never go away! At the same time, the paper gets soaked by the water and absorbs the elements from the water too.

water symbol magic

Another picture showing you the soup-like example, where you put a bunch of things in the bowl (the DULL) and add water, it contains everything. Without fire, the stuff won’t expose power or start doing anything. So the water-dull symbol only adds in things and does not allow the system to start.

water magic symbol

For example, a bunch of people are having fun at a party, they are really happy and screaming there, which is the stage of “happening” and you can see the “fire” is exposing power there when they are all active and hyped up. Using a water-dull symbol there will then be like pouring water over the firewood, what will happen?

water taoist magic

In short, water helps you add energy and let things absorb the new given energy, at the same time it will contain everything in one group, and not let things move. The fire will help you cook things up, make things happen, make things go LIVE and start things up, or even add firepower to things and make things or people more hyped or boosted.

In our Saam Law theory, we say that the water symbol is like the TIN to DEI stage, where resources “ching” into the ground. The fire symbol is like the DEI to YUN stage, where the things in process gets fired up and give birth to something new back up.

taoist magic pattern

Magic Applications!

There are 2 magic palms which work about the same, but you just have to change the symbols to execute the magic. You will also need a good foundation on your basic FU HEADS first. If you have never “consumed any FU HEADS/FU”, then this magic don’t work well for you. Don’t forget to practice the FU HEADS and master them with the 36x copy sheet pdf too!

Evil Kick-out Palm

evil busting palm magic

Here is the decoding

decoding taoist magic

Visual aid..!

application of taoist magic

Healing Palm

healing magic palm


healing magic

The key to get this magic to work and have power is not just knowing the methods, but as you can see, you will need to be first ordainedand be connected to the Tao of our lineage, which is what makes the language/symbols work. This is like a special language, and it only works with our lineage power. Not yet ordained? Do so today and you will be all set to start learning and using these magic palms and symbols! For more symbols work, don’t forget the famous “Sacred symbols for the Three Pure Ones” and the “part 2of 3 pure ones symbol” and also the “rain ghost symbol series”!