Three Treasures of The Taoist Altar Frame

gum fa sun hung

When you get ordained into our lineage, you will be guided to start building your Taoist magic altar. This altar will consist of a main frame piece with a bunch of text on it. This main frame is called the Sun Paai神牌which is the frame that connects you to the higher powers of our lineage.

On top of the main frame, you will have a big red ribbon with a golden mirror attached to it. This ribbon is called the Sun Hung神紅. The main purpose of this is to bring out the power from the Tao (the powers that we connect to) and down to the table. You can see that it is like two arms that extend from the shoulder of the frame and down to hug onto the table. This ribbon is very long and often comes a bit “folded”, which is to be straighten out by sliding it over the table edge several times, and then use some tape to help you secure it on the wall. 

sun hung mirrorThe mirror is called the Sun Hung Geng神紅鏡, the mirror of the Sun Hung, and the main purpose of this is to help the altar gather in “light” and shine it toward the place in front of the frame, shedding light all over the altar area, empowering the place with this “yellow” energy (gold color mirror = yellow light reflected). The yellow energy is the “heart” energy, the始氣 Chee energy (d5 energy), which is the creation power that starts everything up.   In general, this mirror helps your altar to get light shed from the Tao and empowers the whole area, just like a sun or light bulb above.

With the frame only, you connect to the Tao, but there is no light, no energy, no nothing but just a connection, like a window that connects your world and the Tao’s world.

With the Sun Hung (the ribbon) and the mirror installed, you will have light shed from the Tao to your area, which gives you the heat – the essence, and it shines to protect your area while you stay within its range. The ribbons allows the Tao to extend its reach to your altar, hug onto it, and charge its power into the system, like cables that connect electricity to things.

gum faOn the left and right of the Sun Hung, you will see a pair of golden thingies which are called the Gum Fa, golden flowers金花. The main purpose of these is to gather in the d3 energy, which we call Ling hei靈氣. These are the energies that will help you transfer and deliver pre-heaven resources to the post-heaven. With this energy, you will also be able to be getting the “wind” factor from the Tao that you connect to, which allows you to be able to feel the things that the Tao will want to “say” to you, and you will be able to get more inspired and guided by the powers you connect to. At the same time, the higher power can also receive your “words” when you say things, transfer your message over.

The left and right golden flowers are often placed a bit slanted outward, which is to wave the energy outward, and it means to output this Ling hei (d3 energy) to the outside, and empower your place. With this setup, you will benefit from the Tao’s given energy more. 

When your golden flowers are pointing straight up, it means that it is receiving from the above, and being charged up, this will help the “Tao” from the other world be able to “listen” to you better, and you can send things out to the preheaven better.

In our lineage, we will mostly go with the slanted method. However, disciples can choose what they want to do since they now know what these things are doing.

The golden flowers must be placed on the left and right corner of the main frame, sticking out from the Sun hung ribbon. If they are in the mid-way, then it is not connecting to the right spot to output. You can compare the corners to your “shoulders”. You can put something on your shoulder and so it will flow your arms. If you put them near the neck, it won’t flow down. Therefore, watch where you stick your golden flowers.

Sometimes, there will be time when we stick the golden flowers behind the mirror in the center in a V-shape format, which means to wave out the d3 energy to establish communication of thoughts, and this is seen in an ancestor’s altar when you want to send your thoughts to the ancestor’s Yuen Sun.

For our disciples, once you have installed these things, you must follow the instructions we give you to activate them. There are symbols to draw, and you will also need to stamp the Saam Law Jo Si stamp over them by distance when you have the stamp later. When you do your first Cheng Sun, everything will kick into action for you. 

If you have not followed the instructions correctly, no worry, as long as you are a legit disciple who ordained into our lineage, you will be assisted by the higher powers to make up for what you have done wrong, and things will be corrected like how “auto-correct” works with the phone typing. However, the more you learn, the more you will have to try to correct yourself and get your stuff polished up.