The Wise Master of Tao

The Wise Master of Tao

wise Taoist master


After our first chapter and second chapter of Tao Te Ching explained, here you will see the third!  It’s stunning to see how many people actually don’t get the basics right in the western culture, and therefore we are exposing what we have learned from our Tao, our higher powers, and sharing these precious wisdom with everyone who might connect our way.  Again, just like we said in “What is Taoism”, there are many sects and lineages in Taoism, and they are all connected to a Tao of their own, which gives them different teachings, leading them to a different path. 

To be a Taoist, as we have said in the earlier articles, you must find your Tao, and ordain to that specific Tao, in order to start learning anything from it.  Here we are presenting you the wisdom we got from Saam Law, our Tao!  If you like it, then it means you fit to learn under our lineage!


Tao Te Ching, Chapter 3


Not praising the smarter ones, then the people learning won’t compete.

Yes, most people get it as “you should not praise the smart ones, everyone is equal” – that kind of mindset. Here is actually the opposite…!  Read on!


Not value the rare items, people won’t turn into robbers to “loot” it. 

If you don’t put a value on things, how can people come and chase for it. This is the basics of business!  In order for people to come and want to “rob” your store (to buy everything), you must emphasize how precious it is and how valuable it is. That’s the art of selling!  It also applies to Taoism!


Not seeing why it is needed, then people’s heart won’t get into chaos.

Chaos here is actually a good thing. What happens when you are suddenly given a very good deal for something?  Your heart goes “crazy” and “chaotic” because your heart just got something very exciting and it is trying to make the decision.


That is why the ones who connected to the Tao already (like the masters who are already connected to the Tao) will empty their heart, and pack up their guts, weaken their courage, and strengthen their bones.


This is like saying, that’s why Jee Sifu here empty his heart, which means he will give and output all his heart energy (by doing all these crazy blogging, videos and such), and he will do his best to stuff up his guts, meaning to pack himself up with knowledge, and energy.  Weakening the courage means the burn the fuel of his heart, you keep weakening the heart as you burn your fuel!   Strengthening the bones means to be able to be stronger inside, and be supportive of the sect or lineage like the bone of the system, supporting everything inside.


Always making the people (in the lineage) being naïve – because the master is always improving and getting smarter every day. When you see someone who is always smarter than you, it makes you feel naïve!

Always make the people not have any desires – because everything they want and need is already in the lineage, there is no need to seek for anything outside.

So that’s why even people with wisdom like you will not even dare to do what the master does. 

Doing what each position should be doing, then there is nothing that cannot be done or fixed. The article on “wu wei” explained this even further. It basically means you should leave the computer stuff for the computer guys to do it, and not try to do everything yourself. We all have our roles, and let's just do the best for your role, and then it is all good and flowing.

In this article or chapter, you can see that it goes deeper into why you should learn from a sect or lineage that already found its Tao.  The amount of effort, courage, and dedication that it takes to be the person who can connect to the Tao like the masters is just inhuman. Instead of trying to figure it all out by yourself, why not get ordained and learn from the masters and inherit the wisdom instead? 

scrapesDo we ever try to make a computer out of scrapes and wires?  Or do we just buy one and learn from the schools and teachers?  It’s obvious enough, and that is why we enter schools to learn when we were a kid.  You can figure out all that math, science, language, or even art by yourself out of nothing?  Don’t waste your time, be what you should be, and learn from those who already got it figured out.

Taoism is sometimes very simple, and very obvious, but we often got distracted by things floating in the air.  You might be still wondering which path of Taoism is best for you.  If this article clicks for you, then you have the potentials to get ordain and connect with the Tao of our lineage!