The True Beauty of Ass kicking Taoism

The True Beauty of Ass kicking Taoism

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After the first chapter of Tao Te Ching is explained, we will move on to the beauty of the Tao, which is the chapter that follows. Just to emphasize again, there are many different sects and lineages of Taoism, and all of them are connected to their very own Tao, which is the higher powers that gives them their path, wisdom, and power. What we present you here is what we have learned and inherited from our Tao, the Tao of Saam Law. 


The Beauty of Tao

Why is something pretty or appealing to you? This chapter, we will talk about the concept of why you should and how you should appreciate the Tao that you have chosen. To those who have not chosen their Tao yet, this knowledge is very important for you to make your decisions.

What decisions?  The decision of choosing what as your Tao, and getting ordained into the lineage, submitting yourself to the Tao, like how we have explained in the “ordination form” article.

Let’s dig into Tao Te Ching, Chapter 2.


Everything under the sky (under the Tao as the sky), meaning the people who are under this Tao, knows something “looks good” to them, it means they are actually looking bad.

Don’t be hurt by this phrase, but it actually translates to saying if you find the teachings of this path looks good to you, it means that you have lots to learn from this paths since that’s exactly what you are lacking to make yourself look better!  


Everyone knows something is good inside and beneficial, is just because you are not good inside.  Same idea as before, but this is the internal instead of the external factor of things. Simply observe things from the external to their internals, and if you find them both good, it means that’s what you need, and that’s the Tao that you should consider following.

For example, you look at our blog posts, our videos, and it looks good to you.  Then you understand our teachings and digest the meaning of our words, and you feel it, and it makes sense to you?  It means that’s something you need to learn. If the external and internal is good, it means that’s the way to go.

If you put this to shopping, we do it all the time too. The appearance of things always come first because that’s what we see and attracts to first. Then, we analyze the specs and guts of the product. If both the look and specs are good, that’s something you need. Imagine buying a phone, you often look at the design and the shape and colors first, then you dig into the specs, right?


 Therefore, the have and the ones that don’t have will start to interact with each other. Like because you have the product that another person needs, the other person will come to you!


Then what seems hard and complicated will become easy when you get the help from the people who “have” the way already, which means they can bring you success.


The strength of one will help another to get into shape. So if you are “short” now, you will become “long” because the other party that “have’ the stuff will help you and shape you into a better you.


The top will flow to the ones below, meaning the ones who succeed and got more will help the ones who are just started, like how you enter a school and the more senior ones will help and offers you guidance.


The waves and sounds harmonize – it means when the sounds, the voices, and the energy in the system all come to you, it will influence you and harmonize you in the system, making you become alike. It’s sort of like when you are a bad kid, you go into a group of good kids, their words and their “vibes” will harmonize you and make you become like them, and there goes the influencing in a good way.


The ones in front lead the ones at the back.  Just like those who mastered the skills will lead the ones learning from behind, and the disciples follow the master’s footsteps.


Is because those who are connected to the source (the Tao) is doing what they are supposed to do, giving the teaching without using words.

This phrase is telling you that “you”, who are not even in a sect or lineage yet, should get into one and follow the teachings and the footsteps of the others before you.  It is not to tell you to just connect to the Tao yourself. The person who has connected to a Tao at first have gotten their teachings from the Tao that have chosen them, and these teachers are not in words, which means that it is not recorded in history or books.  However, they have converted them into human-language and they are doing what they are supposed to do, bringing the pre-heaven wisdom to this post-heaven world. 

You can look at Jee Sifu (me) right here.  In our “origin of our lineage” article, we have mentioned that we got our wisdom, knowledge, and powers from our Tao, from Dai Law Tin. Their stuff is not in any human language, but it is Gum Sifu and Jee Sifu who have translated them into a form that human can understand.  These masters (the two above) are doing what they are doing, and that is why you should get into the lineage and learn from them instead.


Everything is about working on it and not giving up, to create what is not there, for what you cannot hold onto now, success and not be stuck at the position you are right now.

This phrase is very simple, it talks about why you should go into a lineage and learn, and why you should learn from “the” Tao that you have chosen and feel good about. 

Why you work hard and not give up?  It’s because you want to create a future that is not there right now, and you want to work for something that you can’t have at this moment, to create your future, so that you are not stuck with the life that you got from your home, your family, your parents.

Simply said here, a Taoist agrees that their parents gave birth to them, but they have already seen and witnessed that it is not good enough to bring them to a better future. Their parents and their life are lacking the wisdom that can help them steer the wheel of their life. Therefore, a Taoist agrees to be led by the Tao of their lineage, a higher power that they feel can lead them and guide them better, providing them the pre-heaven resources, the wisdom, that can bring them more than what their life have originally, exceeding their original potentials given by their parents!


kickassYou must get out of your own position, or else it won’t move.  A more modernized way of saying it is that you must get your butt out of the chair and take real actions or else nothing is going to happen.  It’s true if you don’t move your butt and get out of your current status, nothing is really going to happen. Therefore, relating to the chapter 1 again, you must get a name, you must get ordained, in order for things to start moving.

If you feel that our teachings click-in with you, then it for sure looks good to you from the outside. It make-sense to you, then it is beneficial to your inside. Get into our lineage and let the people here shapes your into a better you, guide you to improve, assist you to learn, influence you to change, and so on.  Get ordained today to start. This chapter is all about kicking your butt so that you can get moving!