The Taoist Hats – Round Hat with a Hole

taoist hats

This article is a short lesson on Taoist hats, which explains this specific design and its purpose in our lineage. The hat is called the混元冠meaning the resources mixing crown. The hat is round and it tubes over your head with the top opened. 

Round, resembles no edges or points, it is a shape that will help to gather in, contain, accumulate, collect and attracts in energies to the head.

Black is the color, which absorbs white (light).  

The hat is not an ordinary hat, and so it doesn’t absorb just any light. The hat is consecrated to be Tao of our lineage, to the higher powers of Saam Law. Therefore, this hat will help you gather in the light of our Tao, of Saam Law, and only from this source.

What happen when things start to gather in to the top portion of your head? Simply said, it mixes in with your thoughts and thinking, inspires and sparks up your creativity, and also empowers your pondering process and increase the power of your mind.

The top is open with a hole there, because it does not only gathers in resources from Saam Law (the Tao), but also allows you to open up yourself and let your own energy vent back out. When your own energy vent out from the top, it goes back out to the Tao, which allows you to output your thoughts and intention to the Tao.

Yuenis the energy of the top of your energy body, the white energy, the essence, the light. This hat is called the Wun Yuen混元hat, because it mixes the Yuen, the light, between you and the Tao. You can say that it is like you are mixing your thoughts, ideas, intentions and such with the Tao. While the Tao empowers you, you also send up your intention and request for help.

taoist hat with hole

The slanted or slope design is because the back is higher and front is lower, so energy flows from the “back to front” when gathered up, it sets the property to be flowing from pre-heaven giving help to post-heaven, from the Tao to the reality here.  

Some disciples will turn the hat around and wear it backward, which is “wrong” but also not wrong at the same time. Wearing it backward is the to mix in resources for things to go “backward” to the pre-heaven of you. One is from Tao to reality, one is Te going back to the Tao.

When you need the Tao to empower and flow its resources to you, you wear it the normal way. When you are trying to gather things from this world and sending it back to the Tao as your cultivation of TE, then you can reverse the hat.

As you can see, the hat is just a tool, you can change the way of wearing it, and the meaning will change. As long as you know why you are doing it, then there is not right or wrong. However, there is indeed right or wrong if we have a given situation to judge from. For example, you are doing your Cheng Sun ceremony, your hat should be worn the normal way and not reversed. You want the Tao to flow its resources your way. While if you are doing some ceremonies like the afterdeath ceremonies sending souls back to the pre-heaven, then you might reverse the hat by chance.  

*You will be using it the normal way more often.


When to Use this Hat

Whenever you need to send your thoughts to the Tao and receive or gather in energy to your head to help you think, ponder, or even inspire you to a certain directly, to sense the energy from the Tao etc… this hat will be awesome.

Usually you will use it during the time you do your Cheng Sun ceremony, or when you are doing cultivations that requires you to connect to the Tao for resources. You can also use this hat when you are trying to learn, study, or whenever you need a boost in the head/brain power. Sometimes you can even be in need of ideas when talking to people, this hat will help you gather in resources from the Tao and boost your head up for more new ideas and inspire you to think better.

Q: What if You Don't Have the Hat?

A: You have a hat and that is why you can enjoy the shades. You have a watch and that is why you can look at the time wheny ou need. You have a phone and that is why you can call someone. With this hat, you can do such and such. Without the hat?  Of coure you cannot do the job. Therefore, gearing up the tools is a must for Taoist. Without tool, you cannot do your job properly. Simple as that!

This Taoist hat must be consecrated in order to work as explained above. Where you connect the hat to is where you gather in resources from. Therefore, if you are not yet ordained into our lineage, then you cannot connect the hat to our Tao, our higher powers, and hence it won’t bring you any benefits. Ordaintoday and get started!