The Spiritual World

The Spiritual World

the spiritual world

Here we will talk about the spiritual world or dimension according to our Taoism knowledge and real personal experience.  You might wonder what the spirits or whatever “thing” that is in the other world are like and why they might be invading our world, why they are here to steal people’s energy, what kind of food do they eat and how do they live a “life”?  In this article we will shed some light on this subject for you.

In our lineage, we call this the D6 (dimension 6) 靈界 Ling Gaai. It’s the spiritual world or dimension that works the same way regardless of where and which zone.

First of all, there is our world here that has the “Yang” property, and here we are like this – we have a solid form, and people are all like a solid that absorbs elements around us, and we need light to make us show up (as you can see, our body absorbs light, and so we have colors).

In the d6 world, the spiritual world, beings or things are not solid, they are in the form of “light”, like how things are made of light particles, and they do not absorb things around them, in fact, it’s the other way around. They get absorbed by the environment around them instead, while they give off light themselves, from their “body”.

These spiritual beings are living in a form that is kind of like gas or light form, and this is the same kind of element like your soul energy body, and so the more soul energy they have, the more vivid their form is.  You can use this simple formula to understand how it works:

Particles form energy (like a cloud form), and energy packs up and gets dense, then light is formed and created. When more particles are packed into a small area the result becomes a dense vivid light condition.  The opposite happens with dimmer light and less density of particles, but the cloud coverage spreads wider.  Therefore, to have a super strong body there, you need a lot of particles, and to condense everything up. If you are “big” meaning your energy is spread out in a large area, but your inside particles are not packed, then the condition becomes big, foggy and dim, like a fat ass in this world or “big but useless”. The denser it is the tougher and stronger it gets. 

In our world, everyone doesn’t have everything they want, and so we have to deal with the frustration of having to earn things by working, finding things, or creating things. It’s hard here, we all suffer from wanting this and that and don’t have it, you need to work for it, how sad right?

In the spiritual world, it’s the opposite, you can have anything you want and you don’t need to work for it to make it there. It’s like magic, you can “bling!” and there goes a car, a house, a game console, whatever you can imagine, you can create it in seconds like a computer does it.  However, everything you make is born out of your own soul energy, which is the “particles” from your own body, and so the more you create, the more you have to “cut yourself up” for the things you create. Everything has a cost, but they don’t cost money, they cost life.  The more you create, the more you have to take things out of your own body to create, like how we'd have to cut our flesh to make a toy, a chair, a table, how’s that sound?

After you've created something, you also have to upkeep it, like it needs “power” to keep glowing, so it will keep hooked up to you all the time and drain your energy out.  If you don’t want to be drained so bad, you'd better remove some of your creation to make new things.  That’s what life is like, and so a lot of these spirits are always going the “simplistic” route, because of the cost that is involved in creating things they need or want.

In here, we sense things from the external, and so we have many feelings with our body such as pain. But in the other world, you do not feel pain at all, since everyone is not solid! The spirits are mostly feeling things from the inside and out, so they are all self-centered and do not really have external feelings, it’s sort of like a cold-blooded type of being, and so they do not really have the “love and warmth” of a human.  Many spiritual beings are self-centered and selfish, they always think in the logic of their own benefit only. For them to be happy, or really feel “fulfilled’, they need to see things that are very visual to make them happy.  For example, if they want to feel some food is very tasty, they need to really exaggerate the food, as in like really making an animal scream and go crazy in order for them to “feel” this animal is giving off a lot of energy, which they will now think it is very good and tasty.

When these spirits possess people, or influence some evil cults, you will see the reflection shows up, and people will start to act like a weirdo too. You see people being very nasty, gruesome, and they often do things that we think are very dirty, crazy, or wild. Stuff that normal people will not even want to look at, like how we don’t like to see torturing, bloody stuff, and things like that in the old days with the people inventing those crazy torturing methods.  Spirits love that and the more evil the occult is the more they are into that blood shit stuff.

As you can see, spirits do not need “physical” food, but they like energy as food, and they love your soul energy as food. When humans get close to them, they will suck up the soul inside the human being and get “stronger” because their body can now glow brighter, and because of that, they can also create more things they want. It’s like having more money!  The more soul you eat up, the wealthier you become, and the as long as you have the soul energy pumping in, you will never die, because you don’t have to upkeep this stupid physical body.  Therefore, some occult and evil paths will tell you about their “eternity” of life, because in the spiritual world, that’s one of their selling points, and that is to stay living forever – by sucking up soul energy.  People don’t know the truth behind it and think it's cool, while it’s really not.

You may have heard about the “burning paper money” tradition in Chinese culture, or of other cultures that also burning things for the ghosts and spirits or even some “gods” too. Well, burning paper of course doesn’t do anything, and burning a paper car doesn’t really mean they will have a car. At the same time, paper is a physical object, and it can contain energy. According to the color and the people burning it that infused their intention and energy into the paper, these become energies and contain a bit of your soul energy too. When you burn them up, they go into this d6 zone and the “beings” can then receive your “gift” in the form of more soul energy, and not the physical car or money. After that, they will get stronger, bigger, and of course – wealthier.

Another thing you might not like about the spiritual world is the fact that you don’t have a choice about your color. Here you have a body and you are always the same color (flesh color).  You can change your clothing, but you cannot change your skin color (unless you do body painting!). In the spiritual world, it’s not like that.  As you can see, everyone is made of energy and they are in the form of light. Your mind and feeling are what determines your body and face color. You might be showing a green face now because you are thinking, and a blue face now because you are comparing things, or maybe a white face now because you are giving off your ideas and such. All these relates to the colors we talk about in the “nine star theory”.  Therefore, people there have a hard time keeping secrets and it’s very easy for people to “see your mind”.  Due to this fact, people will learn to be very “empty minded” and start to "not think of anything” and have an “emptiness” vibe, so people cannot see their true heart or feelings.  It’s like trying to be “feeling-less” so you can stay “neutral” and people cannot really see what’s in your mind.  Another trend is that people start to lie and make up things to even trick themselves, like a con artist who lies to even brainwash themselves to believe the lie is real, and then, your colors will show according to your “plan”. It’s not a world with honesty!

This world might seem pretty messed up to you, but the spiritual world isn’t that great either if you compare with what you have got here. However, some of your ancestors who passed away and went back to their “yuen sun” by chance are also in this kind of spiritual world state. The difference between deceased ancestors and the higher-level spirits is that human being ancestors can sensd pain and other feelings in that world, so they are considered “weaker” when seen by the spirits who have not been a human yet. 

Now you might see why burning those paper and things for your ancestors “might work”, because you are just purely giving them your soul energy, which will go there and bond to them and they will feel energized, bigger, stronger, and everything can be powered up better. You do not need electricity in that world, since everything is powered by your soul energy anyway.  You want a better signal?  More soul energy pumped into the TV, there goes the signal. 

The best way to describe what the spiritual world is like is to say that it is like the world of the “dream realm”. It’s like when you go into a super real and vivid dream, that’s the kind of place it looks like. It looks exactly real and vivid to you but it is not like this world. It’s like a fantasy world, where there is no gravity, and you fly anywhere, create anything, and things can get very crazy and wild etc.  That’s what the spiritual world is like when you are living there. 

If you are encountering any spiritual attacks or similar things, do not communicate with spirits!  As you can see, they are not going to play honest with you, and they don’t even “feel” for you. The feeling you sense from them can be 100% faked just because they are trying to con you for what they want, and that’s how they “hunt” in their world!  Never bargain, never compromise, and never make deals with them. 

For a true Taoist who ordained into our lineage, if you encounter any of these spirits, the only solution is to pop them up and eliminate them from this world, which pushes them to recycle in nature. Any spirit that you can encounter is already breaking the rule of nature, crossing over to this side where they should not be. We are Taoist, and we are the guardians of nature. Hold your sword and protect the Tao, bust those bastards and don’t be “humane” to these viruses. If they are “good” spirits, they would not be messing with this side from the beginning.