Thanking the Tao and Giving Back

thanking the tao

We have already talked about this topic in the “concluding” article, but here we will clarify the importance of thanking the Tao and concluding in your magic and your Taoism learning journey to ensure our disciples know why they are doing it and how important it is to do so.

In the article “What is Taoism”, we have talked about the fact that there are many sects and lineages in Taoism, but each of them have connected to their own different higher power, which they call it their “Tao”, the leading forces of their lineage. This Tao sets the destiny of the path, and also inherits the wisdom of their Tao, which leads to the knowledge and things that each lineage will have. 

In our lineage, you can read about our “origin” and know where we got our wisdom, knowledge and powers from. If you are ordained into our lineage, you become a part of this family and you are also connected to this Tao only. Read the article “What’s involved in the ordain ceremony” and the “oath form” to get a better idea of what’s involved.

Because you are a part of the lineage, the family, that is why you can take and request things from the family. We all know that we cannot just take and not give back, like a farm that you have can provide you with food, but you must give back to the farm to make sure you have more to take later on.

Let’s say you are in love with someone, and the relationship has started. You can ask the other person to help you with this and that, drive you here and there, or even help you to cook a meal too. However, you should always think about giving back to him or her. What can you provide to the other person when they help you with this and that? Well, whatever they need and you can provide, you will give back and that will make the relationship much stronger over time. Imagine a husband who only uses his wife like a slave, and doesn't her with anything, can that be a good relationship?

A bad cycle, a bad relationship, will lead to a break up, and eventually the twos heart will not bond together anymore, and that ends in divorce.


Being a Taoist

Being a Taoist of our lineage, you are a part of the lineage and you know that this is your Tao giving you the wisdom, knowledge and power through your masters (Si Gung and the Sifu(s)). Every month, you should remember to “conclude” by thanking them properly in order to cultivate the TE, to give back, and preserve the relationship and the heart energy connection. 

It’s not only about money and giving materialistic things too, but also about trying to improve the relationship between you and the masters and the lineage. Remember love is not one way, and if you are selfish enough to think you are just here to learn and take, fail and blackout is the inevitable result.

The masters are the first thing that connect you and make it possible for you to connect to the Tao, so this is the most important part of the relationship. To make sure you and the Tao connect, and you can keep drawing the power, getting the wisdom and potential development, then make sure you do the concluding with your master properly and build a good relationship with them. 


The Master’s Shoes

We as the masters do not control our disciples, because we only provide from our side. We provide you with love and care, the teaching and knowledge, and the power with support at the back for all your magic work. However, all these things depend on how strong your heart and our heart connect, and how well you have built your relationship with us. We basically work like a horse for free here, we don’t charge you a penny for anything you learn, and that is why it is all based on the heart energy and not money given. You might be in a financial crisis, but if you are doing well as a disciple and doing some concluding with money that you can afford to do, you will see we are happy and you will keep getting the power you need. It’s not about money all the time, it’s about the true heart.

However, the heart is not a physical thing, and it needs some “form” to deliver to the other side. If you just “feel” you are paying respect, that’s basically like nothing is happening. You need to output that into something to show it, give it, and deliver it to make it real. Just like you love someone, you have to say it, write a letter, or buy some gift to show your love, and these physical things carry the love energy for the other side to keep.  Don’t just “say” you love the girl, show it and give her things to keep so she can feel that it is real. Pure talk is useless, we all know that.

Just as an example here, some bad disciples might think they can just take the stuff from the lineage and move on with their own practice and keep doing the magic or even selling it somewhere else. When you decide to do that, the heart is disconnected. A betrayer, or even if you just suddenly stop showing up and start doing your own weird thing, you are imprinting an impression to my heart here, and you are making me dislike you, or even hate you, and give up on you. When that happens, even if I don’t do anything, you are finished, and your connections are all gone. No matter how much you practice, it’s all useless and nothing will work because the Tao is gone from you.

Monthly concluding, sending some money support for the master, the lineage, and such will help you build a very good foundation in this path and will make sure your heart is bonded well, while the masters also bond to you well.  A long-lasting relationship requires output from both sides, and you see the master here doing it and outputting a lot of his time, energy and love for you guys already. Yet, love is not one way, it is always two-way!

For the others reading this article, get ordainedto learn today if you are not yet a part of our family!