Tha Taoist Whisk and Magic

Tha Taoist Whisk and Magic

Taoist Whisk

In our article of the “three pure ones”, we have already briefly explained the magical tool of a Taoist whisk. In this article, we will introduce what a whisk in our hand can do and why we need to use a whisk as the magical tool in our lineage.

A whisk is basically a duster tool, which is made of horse hair and a wooden stick as the handle. The “hair” is the essence here. Hair tangles and clings onto everything, and when it does so, the static from the hair also goes onto things it touches.

As we have all learned in science and witnessing how things work in life, hair can absorb water and also can absorb static charges in the air just like when you got a hair-raising experience. However, in Taoist magic, we are not working with science and we do not really need the hair with charges inside them. It’s a “corresponding theory” that we uses, which only need to have the “meaning” of things kicking into the same groove and it will work to do the magic work we want to do, because all we need is the “Tao” to understand our intention.


Whisky Magic Power

Whisk, not whisky!  The Taoist magic whisk is used as a tool to cling onto things or even to the air, and charge in the pre-heaven energy to these things. At the same time, it is a good tool for grab and pull to toss energy around like it is a rope.  Just like a duster, the hair clings onto some dust and when you flick it to somewhere with a bit of force, the dust goes off with the whack and delivers it to the other place. It’s a tool for empowering, and giving the energy to charge things up.

There are many different colors of hair for the whisk, and we often stick to the white style with a bit of yellowish tint, which corresponds to the d5-yellow heart energy, the “creation energy”. Different color hairs will have different energies that it can pickup and transfer. For example, a black whisk will help to suck up and absorb things, like absorbing some bad energy from you and dump it into the altar.  While the white can help to “add” energy to things. 

The Taoist magic whisk is not only an ordinary whisk, but it is consecrated to our high powers, which allows you to withdraw the energy from the lineage’s Tao. Instead of saying that it just “charge” energy into things or space, it is specifically taking the energy from the higher powers and charging it into things to energize them up.  The whisk also whip through the air and touches everything in the mid-air too, hence it is also a great tool for cleansing, purifying and dealing with evil energy in the location too.


Smart Whisk Magic

The hair on our body not only picks up the charges in the air, but it also help use “sense” the type of energy in the air which we call Ling hei 靈氣 (D3 energy).  This type of energy goes through the hair and into our body, then sparks up our inspiration, creativity, and affects our thinking powers.

Therefore, if you are trying to think better, or if you want to make the space better for thinking and working, you can also use the powerful whisk to clean up the place first, and enhance the “d3 energy” there before you work. 

When I am teaching some stubborn disciples, sometimes I will also use the whisk to do magic on them and open up their thinking power, which helps them to unclog their logic and think properly!

When you are feeling clouded, or your thinking is being affected, or maybe your logic is kind of messed up and you can’t think straight, the whisk can be a great tool along with whisky!  Hold the whisk and use the power of that to charge up a cup of whisky, enjoy the whisky and sip it for 30minutes, you will find yourself really thinking in a much better pattern.

There are many more ways to use the whisk, but the most important thing is to be able to consecrate it and program it up, which is what makes it useful and powerful. To do so, you will need to get ordained and then everything can begin to roll!