Taoist Wealth Boosting Magic

Taoist Wealth Magic Boosting

Lunar July-August is the best time to boost your wealth, and here is a free lesson on how to utilize this magical power.

Who is the Money God or Wealth God

This statue on the left is a statue of "General Kwan", which is an icon of the "wealth god". However, it's not because he is rich or have a lot of money, it's because of a theory behind that makes it the perfect symbolism for magic purpose. It's not as direct as "this guy is good with money, we pray to him for money". Check out the two lessons below for the details!  We have talked about the actual magical theory behind this in our open temple session.


The MO CHOY SUN 武財神 can help you by putting his magical powers into what you are doing and help you "achieve the fruit" or "make it become reality". Also, think about any kind of fruit you can earn by spending what you have in hand, that's the best situation to utilize the wealth god's power too.

Investment is a great example, no matter you are investing in stocks, or even investing into learning a new skills (signing up a course online), or buying something for some kind of fruit to come.  It can be as simple as you are investing your time and energy into a friendship, and you want this friendship to blossom and become something nice, you can also ask this wealth god to help you too.

This symbol on the right side is a magical FU which you can write to bring some quick help to your situation. The catch is, you got to be connected to the lineage to use it. Therefore, if you really want to get the help, you can go with the free initiationplan first. After you got in you can use it!

To use the magical symbol above, you have to hold the sword finger handsign with your right hand (at chest level) and recite your heart spell, stomp left foot 1x and draw the symbol in the air. After that, stomp the right foot 3x for it to execute right away.

While you draw the symbol, for better effect, recite the spell too:


"Gup ching mo choy sun, ng hang ding fun gum, gum sui muk foh toe, daai gut maan fuk sang, gup gup yue lut ling."

Spell translation: Quickly invoke the wealth god, the gold distributes into the five elements, gold water wood fire earth, push out the fortunate and let it be born, quickly execute as command.

The meaning of the spell doesn't really matter, what matters is the spell is recited with a true heart, with trust and faith, and your heart spell that you got from the initiation. Once you got the connection and the spell, it will work as you recite the spell and do as taught.

Want more help and more power? Here is a FU that you can purchase from us. It needs to be done by the pro(s) and you can't do this yourself yet as a newbie.

What is the difference between a FU talisman and doing that symbol and spell above? Well, imagine how it is when you just call someone and ask them to help by distance, it could be a small pointer or tips, but not some great help.  If you call a friend and this friend come to you, and sticks to you 24/7, the help can be much greater, it's not just a quick call anymore. The FU talisman is much more powerful but it requires more work to make the magic!

For those of you who are using the symbol, you should think about ways to utilize it and use it more often. One time use is not enough, you need to use it often and let the wealth god know about what you usually need help with in order to make the magic work well. Just like those voice recognizing AI, you need to keep using it for it to be getting smarter and know you better, so it will do a better job!

Application Examples

To use the wealth god symbol (FU), you have to know that you ALWAYS apply magic BEFORE you do something, not AFTER.  For example, I am going to spend my TIME AND ENERGY to do this essay now. I would do the magic BEFORE I start doing the essay, and then after I have done it, I will go and do it right away to utilize the help.

Example 1)  I am going to re-organize my room now (spending my energy to do it) for a productive setup. I would stand in front of the room entrance and then do the symbol in front of me, requesting the wealth god to give me ideas of how to re-organize the room for better ideas or setup to get myself more productive. After the magic, I will go and re-organize the room and there goes the magical help.

Example 2) I am going to talk to someone on the phone now, "spending my energy" to get a sales. Before I call the guy back, I did the symbol and magic first, THEN I start talking. I am asking for help to make the sales happen and so I can close the deal.

Example 3) I am going to grocery shopping,. before I enter the shop, I stood beside the car and do this magic, requesting the help so that I can "spend" wisely and bang into good sales, making good buying decision.

What to do after the help is given to you? TE-time.

Once you got help, don't forget to give back and thank the god for a healthy cycle of TAO and TE. By doing so, you keep the cycle going and make the gods happy about the fact that you are appreciating their help, and want more people to be able to get the same kind of help too. To do that, you can do the "offerings" on our website.

There is no limit about how much you can get from the wealth god, as long as you need help, you can ask for help by using the magic. However, it's also about taking and giving back. Showing your appreciation lets the cycle go on and it won't be like only you taking and taking. 

Go and use more, use whenever you need. If you have stories to tell after using this magic, some good news, good result, happy things, feel free to go to our FORUMand share your stories!