Taoist Robes Style – Big VS Small

Taoist Robes Style – Big VS Small

taoist robe

After our introduction in the “Taoist robe” article and the “Bagwa robe” article, you might have a better idea of why we have different styles of Taoist robes. In short, they are not decorative clothing or costumes, but a real magic tool that allows us to put the power of our Tao onto ourselves and let us have the specific power on us, which allows us to do different magic with that specific power.

This short lesson will be for our disciples to learn about the 2 basic types of robes that are most commonly seen. One is what we call the big robe, which has “no sleeves” and it is like a big rectangular design. The other type is what we call the normal robe, with the T shape format, with sleeves that you can put your hands through.

Here is a big robe:

big robe taoist

Then a normal robe style:

taoist robe bagwa

The difference is very simple, and it might be so simple that you will not believe it. One gives you a pair of hands and one doesn’t.  If you understand the theory of Tin, Dei, Daai in our lineage, you will understand this right away. See video below for an introduction:

The big robes are like the stage from Tin to Dei, and so you are playing the role of a “dei”, for when you are absorbing from the sky (the Tao) and doing internal processes.

The normal robe with sleeves are for when you will be using your hand to output to this world, and so it is the stage from DEI to DAAI, meaning you are creating something new, or projecting powers outward to the outside.

We categorize the 2 styles of robes into Munn and Mo too. The big ones are used whenever your job is to get things absorbed your way, like doing the Cheng Sun ceremony, or if you are doing scriptures and internal workings.

However, if we are doing magic to send things out, create new things, or to project our power to things outside of us and our altar, we will be on the normal robe style, which is for ‘outputting power” more than getting powers connected and channeled in.

For new disciples, the first thing to ask yourself before choosing the robe- “What are you trying to do now?”  Then you break it down into 2 paths. Are you going trying to connect or channel in energies or work with the pre-heaven side of things?  If yes, then go with a big robe.

Are you trying to project power, or make something new?  For example, you are consecrating a new statue, new FU, or doing exorcism for someone else, etc. These can be good examples when you will be using the normal T style robe.  You need the hands to work with this world, simple! 


What if You Use the Wrong Robe?

Now the question is, what if you put on the wrong robe? Or you just forgot to change your robe and went on with doing something else? 

The answer is very simple, and that is your work will be less effective or efficient. The right robe provides you the right energy and power for the job, and if you keep doing the job with some other energy that doesn’t fit it, even you did the physical actions and the whole ceremony is done, it can turn out not as good.

Another way to look at it is like when you are going to work. Yes, you can dress up all sorts of ways and go to work the same way you do every day. Go to work with your PJs, or just put on your underwear, or maybe dress like a ninja, see what happens!  Wrong clothing gives the people there the wrong impression and you will be having conflicts along the way. 

While we are drawing circles on the paper, holding a different thing in the hand will give you different result even you don’t know about it. If you put a red marker in your hand, you draw a red circle; if you hold a ruler, you draw invisible circles.  Doing the magic work physically the same doesn’t mean the energy output that is splashed out will be the same.  Putting on the right color, the right robe, will make your magic work much better. 

To make sure you are using the right robe, the best way is to learn from us in the lineage, and we will suggest to you the robe you need, and guide you to understand the robe and its features while you are using it, then you will be able to pick the right robe for the task.  Nothing is better than getting ordained and learning Taoist magic for real!