Taoist Rites Cultivation and Purpose

Taoist Rites Cultivation and Purpose

Taoist rites

Taoist rites in our lineage is one way to cultivate the Tao and Te. As explained in our “concluding magic” article, cultivating the Tao means to pull things down from the “Tao”, to absorb things, and to take.  The cultivation of Te means to give back to where you have taken from, and so that there will be more to take later on.

As we have said in the “What is Taoism” article, different sects and lineages in Taoism connects to different things as their “Tao”, and therefore, doing the rites of Saam Law Tao, will cultivate your Tao and Te with Saam Law, the power from Dai Law Tin (Da Luo Tian) 大羅天 that we connects to. 

In short, doing the rites helps you connects, absorb and be charged by the powers of our lineage. At the same time, you will detox and gives off your unwanted energies, which goes into the lineage as a form of give back, and the Tao will then recycle your waste.  Therefore, doing the rites everyday will help you grow and develop your Taoist power as well as strengthen your bonds with the lineage, increasing your potentials and helping you to learn better in the future.


Structure of Rites

The structure of our rites consists of different sections that combines together into a fully loaded and structural session of cultivation.

First, you will be connecting to the Tao with the opening section.

Then, you will be doing spells to command different powers to be packed into you, charging up yourself and the altar or space around you.

Then, you will get into a section with what we call the 寶誥 which means the treasure’s “announcement”. It’s hard to explain what this means word by word, but basically you can think about what it means to “announce” something.  Basically, it is about putting what’s in your heart on the paper or message, then delivering it out to the audience, and so they can get what’s inside your heart.   The magical effect of doing this “announcement” is very similar – which is to channel in the heart energy of these higher powers that we connect to. By doing these “announcements” you will connect to the higher powers better, you will be channeling powers from them to your own body and Yuen Sun, and you will be strengthening your bonds with these powers in the pre-heaven.

After that, you will have a bunch of “scriptures” (Ging) . The scriptures are like “internal exercises”. You channel in the energy of these higher powers with the previous section, and the scriptures then burns the energy by running them inside your system, making them do work. As you do the scriptures, accordingly, you will be having some sort of effect depending on the purpose of the scripture, and it will also promote the growth of power when you start burning up your energies. Therefore, it’s also a power building exercise in the long run.

After the scriptures are done, we will close off the scripture and cools off, sending things out to a specific direction. It could be going back to the lineage’s connected source, or it can be going to you and the space you are using etc.If you have someone who you want to give help to, you can also send the powers to them instead!


The Three Rites

In our lineage, we have 3 major rites for the daily rites practice. Morning, Afternoon and Evening. Disciples in our lineage are not “required” to do them, but they can choose to do them if they like. Even you are not doing the full rites, you can also choose a few things to practice out of the many.  Usually, it will only be the morning and evening rites that needs to be done daily, and the noon rites can be done once a while.

The morning rite – it will draw in energy and purifies you, charges you up for the day of work to come and keep your day pumped and protected.

The evening rite – it will help you exorcise and detox the negative things, and then send them back to nature, back to the Tao, to recycle. Sending things back to pre-heaven.

The noon rite – it will help you empower and expose the power from the Tao to this world, charging up everything. This rite will be used on occasions like when we are empowering things, blessing of a new home, new business, or something like that.


Learning the Rites

As you learn, you will acquire more magic tools to make your rites richer and be able to do more things with the same rites. Just like you got a computer, and later the cmoputer can upgrade for work to be done better, nicer, and such.

To learn the rites, you do not have to be Chinese, but you must be ordained into our lineage to start learning. You might feel that you are just reading a bunch of alien words – but that’s fine!  You learn the meaning of things when you start to learn from us in the lineage, through our LINE chat app and such, when we communicate!  Even a Chinese won’t understand a thing from our rites, because they are all not your ordinary words, they don’t mean what the ordinary way.

The key point is – you know what you are doing, and why you are doing it, then you do it. The meaning of things will be taught when you communicate and inherit the wisdom from us.  Therefore, being proactive in learning, asking questions and communicating is the only way to learn in our lineage. You can’t just sit and do everything on your own. Without communication, you will only be wasting your time and pumping out words that doesn’t do anything at all.  Get ordained and start learning today!