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Taoist Rites Cultivation and Purpose

Tin Jee Lineage Exclusives

In our lineage, we have 3 main Taoist rites that we can do for our daily cultivation purposes. First question from most people after listening to my demo on YouTube is – wow that is a lot of stuff, and we need to do all these DAILY?  That is so stressful to be honest!  Before you read on, please calm down, it’s not like you need to do everything daily!

Taoist rites can be short and compact, or they can be longer, like the ones I have been doing on YouTube for you to enjoy. These rites in our lineage are not easy to do, but they have a great impact on one’s magic power building progress. How much or how many rites we need to cultivate daily?  Well, it depends. If you feel like you don’t want to do it that day, you can skip everything too. To me, I would say that for most casual disciples, you can try to do the rites at least once a week, maybe 3 rites on the weekend or just 1 rites per day and that will take you 3 out of 7 days a week to do them. It’s not so hard and not stressful if you think about it. The main ones are just the morning and evening rites, the afternoon rites is not commonly done and is not as necessary for most people. If you like, you can just do a morning rites on Saturday, and a evening rites on Sunday too. It’s really up to you, and our suggestion is just a basic reference, you can adjust it yourself. The key point is, don’t stress yourself out and don’t freak out from thinking too much about it. When your foundation builds up nicely, you will want to do more on your own, and you will get there.

For my serious disciples, those who are really into their cultivations, I would say one rites per day isn’t a bad idea, or at least bi-daily isn’t a bad idea. For the “lazy mode” days, you can always go for the short rites too.

Here I will be introducing the 3 major rites of our lineage. They are the morning, noon and evening rites. You can know about their purposes and why you should be doing each of them.

Saam Law Taoist Morning Rites

The purpose of the morning rites is to get the pre-heaven energies that got transferred to you at night during your sleep to soak in, absorbed in, and nourish all the parts of your body, so that you are cleansed, energized and realigned back to the optimal state. With this rites, you can get yourself all prepared and ready for a whole day of work to follow.


Saam Law Taoist Noon Rites

The purpose of the noon rites is to unpack the essences and energies from the morning to output them to this physical dimension, to this world, and it will nourish yourself, your house and your altar to boost their energy, improve their flow, and pump everything up to a more powerful state. If you are in need of an energy boost, or you just went through some big construction work at home, it’s time to get this rite out and resettle your house’s energy plus energize everything up again.


Saam Law Taoist Evening Rites

The purpose of this rites is to detox, cleanse out the pollution you got from a whole day of work and socializing, and then beam the unwanted energizes to the lineage network, so that the lineage can help you digest the pollution while giving you some positive energy in return. This rites can also be done before your evening bath, or before you sleep, to get you a better quality sleep. If you are having sleep issues, you can try this rites at night in 1-2 hrs before you sleep.


 Taoist rites are not “prayers”, we never and do not “praise the god” kind of thing with our cultivation. The rites are spells and things put together to cultivate your internal energies, your magic power, to make them workout and channel energies around, it’s all a workout and not anything like in the other “prayer style religious cultivation”. Doing rites with your altar is better, because you have a powerful system to help you make the rites more effective and such. If you are doing it on your bed, it’s fine too, just that it won’t be as good as when you are doing it at your altar. For our disciples, we suggest that they will have to get the musical instruments magic tools too, because these tools are actually a must have for one to utilize their altar energy to the maximum potentials. Without tools, it is impossible to utilize all the energies in your altar.

For those of you who are not yet a disciple, you can also consider yourself as a believer, and you can feel free to contact us to get a copy of the rites, so you can tag along and follow our rites on YouTube too. The best way to start is just to listen to them once a while, they will act like “background music” to get you relaxed, just listen and close your eyes, it will do the job on its own. If you fell asleep during the rites? Let it be, and just wake up when the rites is over, you will be feeling refreshed!

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