Taoist Magic Versus Magick

Taoist Magic Versus Magick

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When you search about Chinese magic online, you will come across those coins and rabbits kind of magic, staged performances, card tricks, etc. But here, you will know about something different, which is the “real” magic, Taoist magic, which is also considered as Magic or Magick in the western world.

What is “Magic”? 

In our dictionary, magic in Chinese is basically to make something progress onward, to push things to happen, and the word for this is Faat, meaning a method that pushes things to “move” or “go”.

There are things like Shue-Faat (書法) with the same word, which is the way of writing, calligraphy, and it pushes our mind and intention to “go” onto the paper for others to see it on the paper.

There is the strategy for the military purpose called Bing-Faat (兵法) which pushes the military to “go” execute the task accordingly. You can also say, it is the way to use the army.

The magic we teach here is called Tao or Doe-Faat 道法 in Cantonese, which means Tao-magic, and as you can already guess the answer, it is to push the energy of Tao to “go” onward and delivers it out to this world. What is the Tao? Here is a video lesson!

The Tao is the essence that brings a full system toward a certain direction or destiny, such as the boss of the company, the father of a family, or your head of the whole body. The Tao that we talk about in Taoism is what we call the Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body).

The basic foundation of a normal Taoist-magic platform is to be able to utilize the power of this Tao, which is their own Yuen Sun. However, for us in Saam Law Taoism, we go further than the normal Taoism and our source of power comes from the deepest nature or the pre-heaven nature that exist even before our Yuen Sun.

In short, you can say, that we are utilizing the creation energy of nature, and this energy is a form of pre-heaven energy, which means it is not like all the “post-heaven” elements or energies you can see in this world. This energy goes into things that are already created, and it powers them up, just like electricity powers up our appliances.

There are so many things in life that might not be going the way we want, and as a metaphor, it is like we want the water to come through the pipes, but there are clogs and leaks here and there. By using this “magical power” in the deep nature, we can push things to change, to fix, to move forward, just like how you can unclog the pipes or seal the leaks when you have new materials that are outside your house! 

Chinese Magic or Taoist magic is not a form of superstitious or hocus pocus, it is a real deal ability that one can learn to apply it to your everyday life, to make things better, and to solve problems that your normal methods cannot do a thing about. 

Here is a nice video that shows you what Taoist magic power can do, and even a beginner in our lineage can do these things:

Taoist magic is very different from the western magick and such, because it requires the practitioner to get ordained into a lineage first, submitting themselves to the source that got the power and knowledge from, and then is part of the system, in order to use the power that was build up by the lineage and the lineage’s power source.

No one can just pick up a Taoist’s manual or magic book and start copying or doing magic out of the blue. Even you have the books and tools, they don’t work for you if you are not part of the lineage, because the powers that the lineage is connected to simply do not respond to anything that it does not have any relationship with. 

Chinese magic is always very mysterious to the outsiders because we have codes and many secrets that are not exposed to the outsiders at all. To be honest, even we exposed it, the outsiders won’t even understand it at all. How and why does the codes, symbols, and spells work?  It’s all because they are inherited by the deep power of nature, and nature sets the rules. If you are not part of the lineage, then you cannot connect to the line that stores all the information of these codes.   

Maybe someone else will say, but I am doing magic in the western style too, and we also use nature’s energy!  Well, as you can see, you have your own English codes or methods, which have nothing to do with the Chinese’s knowledge, then it means the two system does not share anything in common, even they are both using nature’s power. 

Let’s say, we are all drinking the same water on the planet, but we are in fact very different and not all related, we don’t share our money or houses, even we are living on the same piece of land.

If you are curious, you might want to dig into your website more and see how our stuff works. Those who want to learn, you can now get the opportunity to do so – without even stepping out of your house. Saam Law Taoism is now open for all to learn.