Taoist Magic Talisman and Charms

Taoist Magic Talisman and Charms

While teaching people Taoist magic or what we call Sun Gung magic or Chinese magic, we often run into one issue, and that is finding a word that matches what we are trying to teach or introduced to the market. Everyone is so filled with already existing words and google isn't helping. Amulet, talisman, charms, ornament, what are we referring to when compared to our magic?  It's not even comparable, because there is no equivalent word in English, since there isn't even anything like Chinese magic in the western culture. Therefore, I have decided to make the move to make a post here and set a ruler, a standard, so that everyone can understand it better with these two words in "our dictionary" here, and this is going to be the only place you will find a definition of 'our magic' terms and how we choose to use these words. Google and dictionary don't bring you anything more accurate, because in our lineage, we set the standard of these words for our own purpose, so that we can have a common understanding when we speak within the lineage. I am not trying to "change the word" here, it's just something for our lineage and so if you come to read our stuff, at least you can know what we mean exactly, and why we have to differentiate them.

In Chinese, we have these "yellow paper" with some special writings which we use for magical purposes, and most people only know that they come in yellow, but not other colors. In reality, we use all kinds of colors for different purposes. You might have seen it in some Chinese vampire movies, but that is not what the real FU is for.


We will use this word of Charm for some of our FUs and objects that we empowered as magical devices which can bring pre-heaven energy to the post heaven world for people. These FUs and objects will "create" things for this world or bring things over to this world to cause something to happen.  Just like a bridge in the middle, it brings things from pre-heaven to post-heaven, and the reason can be anything - ranging from  just a protection magic, to money luck boosting, exorcism or even to help your business do better etc.,. The essence is, because this word uses 5 letters, and due to the pick of the alphabets, we will relate it to the 5th stage in nature's cycle, which is a creation stage, bringing things from pre to post heaven.

What is pre and what is post heaven?  This is nothing to do with any "heaven". Actually, it is about before or after something happened. Putting this into what we are trying to refer to, it is before or after this planet is born. In another word, we bring spiritual energies to this world, and using it to create new things or empower things with it. In Chinese we call this LING FU 靈符 which means a "charm" that brings pre-heaven energy to this world for helping us do things, change things, or empowers thongs etc. The purpose of the charm varies, it can be for almost anything.


We will be using this word for the "charms" that are supposed to reinforce, protect, secure, harmonize or do work to our physical world, and guard you in this physical world. For example, if a talisman is placed at home, it can secure the energy of your house and make it safer for you to live in. It can also be a talisman that you carry around and it stays with you to secure and give you protection.  To make it simpler, it's something empowered by magical powers, to stay in this world and give us help, instead of the "charm" that only bring some elements over for a while and don't stay for long. You can also have a charm that stays with you, but it only works when it needs to and is not a "contained" form.

Sum it up?

You can say that our definition of Talisman is like having a human being around you, it will always stick around and give you help and shield you from things according to the talisman's purposes and power infused.  Charms are like robots, they will help you do work when you need and do things for you when you need. Compare a charm to a coffee machine and a sofa as a talisman. Charms are more dynamic and have abilities within it. Talismans are useful to have around, and you can use them when you need, or they will already have some usage just by staying there. 

To categories it up, I would say that the charm is in the "yin" properties and talisman as "yang" properties. Don't get it wrong, Yin and Yang is not about good and bad. It's like your organs versus your body, organ is yin and body is yang. Yin has the properties of eating up light and then gives off energy.  Yang has the properties of containing energies and giving off light. 

In nature, everything starts from white, which is a full essence, that is contained within itself. When the essence grew big, and too big, it generates a new form of itself, creating black. Black then absorbs the white and start regenerating the pattern of white again. With the two elements now, they mix and creates things later on. Yes, everything starts from white, not black. Just like life, starts from sperm, which is white. A full essence, that is self-contained, full and complete, and ready to get into a black space to unpack the essence, giving off it's energy and create new elements.  

Yang and Yin, white and black, the color of the energies are decoded from "light" energy and not color pigments. If you try to use pigment color to look at nature, you are only analyzing the "post-heaven" pattern, and not the pre-heaven pattern. In pre-heaven pattern, it all starts with light, white light, black energies, and such. The third color is gamma green, and then green, and so on. I am going to make a new post on this!

I am pretty sure you never heard anyone explained yin and yang in such a precise way, because you know why? Because I know what I am talking about, and I don't reference to old books in the ancient time!  

Anyway, in this article, at least we clarified what we mean by Taoism FU as in Talisman and Charm, and we will be putting these words into our websites and blogs later on when we update the content. We are planning to change the FUs products soon, and these words will be very useful for us to use and communicate with our potential customers, or even our disciples who are not Chinese.

I still cannot find a very professional looking word for "magical tool", and so I guess I will have to define my version of this in my next write up!