Taoist Magic Seals for Protection

Taoist Magic Seals for Protection
This article will be on a practical method of Taoist magic from our lineage that can be used to give energizing, empowering, and protection to a person by just using a magic stamp. This magic stamp is called the Saam Law stamp 三羅神印 (Saam Law Sun Yun) in our lineage.

The method is simple and easy to do. Have your stamp ready and let’s get going.

Taoist magic stamp - saam law stamp

First, you will burn 3 incense with heart spells and put it into your incense pot, which fires up the altar for power and acknowledges your work, drawing power from the altar for your magic doings.

Secondly, take your magic stamp with the hand sign as shown in the photo and put your right sword finger at the back of the stamp to add energy to the stamp. Hold the stamp up and face your altar’s frame, then stomp your heart spells (all)to draw in all the energy you can.


taoist with magic stamp

Pull your hand back to the chest and close your eyes, visualize white light in the chest and stomp the second heart spell1x and....

taoist magic draw power from stamp

...open your eyes, look at the person you want to empower, stamp right into the person’s chest (between the 2 nipples) and put the stamp down on the altar, stamp face on table, facing down.

Thirdly, pull out the 3 incense in the pot and use the burning head of the incense to draw the Saam Law Fu Headover the different spots as mentioned below. On every completion of the Fu Head, you will stomp the left foot 1x to embed in the symbol or seal into the person. After you are done, stab the incense back into the pot.

Now, take the stamp again and draw magic power from altar just like you have done above, then push out the stamp from your chest toward the person and stamp through the following spots again, in order. Every time you stamped on the spot, recite the spell “勅封勅令” Chick Fung Chick Ling and stomp your left foot 1x, and then release the stamp and move on. You do not need to use ink on the stamp for this method.

In order, here are the spots to work on:

  1. Center of forehead (between eyebrow)
  2. Center of chest (between the two nipples)
  3. Below belly button
  4. Left palm
  5. Right palm
  6. The lower part of the neck (from the back)
  7. Behind the ‘heart” in the centerline (from the back)
  8. Behind and a bit lower from the belly button (from the back)
  9. Right foot (bottom, center)
  10. Left foot (bottom, center)

After all, these are done, stand back and do a Saam Law Sun Gwong 三羅神光 to the person from the front and back the activate all the seals and magic is done.

The person then burns three incense and upload it to the altar to get a connection built between the person and the altar, and now the person got the body sealed up.

If you are doing this magic to yourself, you can use a representative doll which we will teach you the method when you are in the lineage, and then you can do any magic on yourself by doing it on the doll that is connected to you.

This is one of the super basic Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung and the magic stamp is also one of our essential magic tools too. We do not only use it for drawing FU talismans, but also for doing other magic work like this too. You can also apply the same kind of magic on your bed, your door, and other things too. There can be many variations and ways to use the stamps!

taoist magic power in real life

Saam Law magic stamp is a stamp that gives the energy a seal to activate its pre-heaven energiesand make the energy flows, circulate, and activates the pre-heaven elements so that it can start to do magic work. Besides that, the stamp can also be used to correct the energy flow and structure that is not aligned or obstructed, making them flow the right away again, just like how you can untangle notes in a bunch of cables or unclog the pipelines.

Many people who are facing spiritual attacks or sensing spiritual disturbance can also use this stamp to help them get rid of the spiritual disturbance and correct the energy flow again to dissolve the illusions or senses created by the spiritual obstacles too.

Remember that your stamp is powered up and programmed by your magic altar, and your own magic power, and so you must cultivate and put your time and energy into the training in order for the stamp to work as you wish. Just any stamps won’t work!  There is a lot of things behind the stamps, such as the dedicated cultivation, the infusing of spells and power, and a lot of work with the altar daily that make the stamp magical and powerful.  Get ordainedtoday to start experiencing the Taoist magic power of Saam Law Sun Gung!