Taoist Magic for Your Kids

Taoist Magic for Your Kids

taoist magic for kids

How can you convince your kids to learn Taoist magic with you? After you have been ordained, its time to get your wife/husband and your kids into it, right?  This article will give you some ideas on how to explain this to them and get them on the path. One good thing for our lineage here, is that you do not need to travel to China or anywhere!  Just live a normal life with your family at your own location, and slap our Taoist magic on everything you do, there is no hassle, no interruption and no flip flop for your family or work life at all. 

What is Taoist magic? It’s not to get you converted to become Chinese, or push you back into ancient times and dress like those ancient Chinese folks with bun style hair, and it is definitely not a cosplay path where you just imitate a “Taoist” in the movie like Bak Mei.  Taoist magic means you are cool, you can protect yourself and your family, and it means LIFE.

For your kids, tell them what you are doing with this ordination is like becoming part of a family that provides you a kind of special power that you can use everywhere to avoid the bad stuff or improve things to make life better.  Don’t forget that there are other kids in school or in your class and they might have some kind of “forces” helping them too.  Some might be praying to this, some might be going to that place and getting help, or even their parents could be loving the kids too much and ask some priest to bless them for “being the best in the class”.

Hey, what does “being the best” or ‘winning” mean?  If you want to win, that means everyone loses. You want to be the best, then you push others down.  Those moms and dads might be just doing it because they would like their kids to do better “than the others”, but that can translate to dragging everyone’s energy down a bit to increase the odds of their kids winning in the race.  It doesn’t matter if the parents thought of it or not, but the magic effect behind their work or the priest’s work, or even some prayers, will have this result most of the time. 

Now let’s go back to your kid… do they want to be a target or victim?  Or do they want to be at least in control of their own performance, or get better grades if they can?  Magic here helps you to protect yourself and block off this crap from the other people, and at the same time, you bring in the power of our lineage to increase your potential, helping you to do better in things, without destroying other’s success and life.  It’s a safe way to help yourself get better, and protect yourself from getting worse.

It would be very sucky to just get a low grade because you suddenly feel not so good on an exam, even if you have spent a lot of time studying, it’s just all the performances are like “stuck” on the exam day for no reason… bummer!

Handing in papers? Magic it!  Going to a competition or race? Magic yourself!  Trying to study and want to be more productive or efficient? Magic it!  Going on a trip and want to make sure your belongings are safe?  Magic it!  Wait, you might want to also be safe yourself while on a trip!  Magic yourself!

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As you can see, magic can be applied anywhere to improve life.

You do not need to super intensively dig into the theories and understand everything yet. For the normal average disciples, or kids and maybe just a relative who tagged along with you, they can all go easy and just be a “user” of magic first. Use more in your life, and feel it as you use it more, embrace the power and do it everywhere first. When they are interested enough, then they will start to want to know the “why this and why that”. By then, they can come over and ask for more knowledge!  You see that at least they can enjoy the magic power everywhere first, and then you teach them the knowledge when they really want to know. That’s how it should be done.

Don’t scare away your wife or kids by pushing all the knowledge that you like here, they might not be ready for it yet. The main point is, show them how practical magic can be, apply a Saam Law Fu Head everywhere, blast some spells on things to empower them, protect yourself everyday when you go out to somewhere, everything is magical, how can it go wrong?

After using it, feeling it, being with it, living it, you will want to eventually know about it later. Taoist magic for different audiences should be introduced in a different way. For kids, you want them to do and feel more than understand first.  Trying to convince your wife who knows nothing about Taoist magic?  Simple, just tell her it will be a helper power for everything, including picking better things on your grocery shopping trip, be able to drive safer, or even just pack a magic blast on your door to avoid bad people. Everything can be helped and get better with magic power, and it’s not hard to understand when you start being creative. Let’s not get too serious first, but goof around and use things everywhere to embrace the power, be soaked in the power, and soon, they will love it just like you do.