Taoist Dragon Hand Incense Pot

Taoist Dragon Hand Incense Pot

hand pot

This Taoist magical tool in our lineage is called the hand-pot which is made of wood and it has a dragon handle with a “pot” in front of it that got a hole for you to stick your incense into. We can all burn incense, but it is all burning incense as ourselves. First of all, why do we burn incense?

You can look at the picture of a human holding incense, and it’s very simple. The incense is like a line that connects you and your body, while energy inside transfers from your body into the incense, it becomes smoke and energy vents off into the air. As the smoke builds up, everything around will get the smoke, the smell, which carries your thoughts, your intention, your energy, and so on. 

holding incense

Burning incense can be done for many reasons depending what are we burning incense for. The fact that you cannot change is that you are burning incense as yourself, because your hand is holding the incense, and so it brings the energy inside you to go into the incense and vent it out as smoke. That’s your energy that is coming out.

This dragon pot is consecrated with the higher power of our lineage, the “Tao” of our lineage. Which means, it represents the higher power, the Tao.  Dragon is a basically a metaphor, which means “as a whole unit” that goes toward a certain direction together. In this case, it is the power of Saam Law as a whole, which is being held by your hand, to vent off its energy through the incense.

In short, its like now you are burning incense as the Tao, and venting off the Tao’s energy instead of your own. That means, the incense is drawing out different power now, and is no longer juicing up your power to vent out energy.

When we do the Cheng Sun ceremony, we will use this hand pot for some incense, because they are done to bring out energy of the Tao, and not just ourselves.

Let’s give you another example here that can help you relate to the mechanics.

Let’s say you work for the king, and now you need to sign a paper for the king. You can’t do it with your own hand, because your hand is yours. In order to sign for the king, the king now give you a piece of cloth to hold, which has his signature and stamp on it. Now you are holding onto his signature and power, with authority, and you sign the paper for him. Now you are doing it “as the king’ and “for the king”.  The signature then carries the power of the king, and not you.  As you can see that is how the handpot works too. It allows you to burn incense “as the tao” and not yourself.

However, you must understand why we burn incense and the mechanics behind how it works. It’s all about putting energies into the incense and then letting it vent off as smoke to let things absorb these elements back.  If you want to empower your house and such, you can also use this handpot and the incense can be pumped with weath-spells, and there goes your blessings and empowering with the Tao’s power to the house. 

Again, if you have not ordained yet, then this pot doesn’t work for you, since you cannot really connect to anything at the moment.  Get ordained to get started!