Taoism vs COVID-19

In the year of 2020, everywhere is being hunted down by the coronavirus, also known as the COVID-19, and there is no excuse for a Taoist master to hide away from this topic when people all over the world are searching for answers on the internet. Therefore, Saam Law Tao has decided to shine its light for the people who want to find a way out of this disastrous situation. The virus itself is deadly, but it doesn’t mean that there is no way to fight it.

The way how people are feeling after being infected or affected by the virus is what matters. Just like simply saying that you are not feeling well, so please deal with it and fix the problem, and then you feel good again. Whatever methods you are using, whatever theory that you try to explain things with, it is useless if it doesn’t work to bring the person back to normal. There are many ways to fix a problem, just like some believe in using a vaccine, but some believe in using another drug that doesn’t kill the virus, but just kind of fixes your immune system to make your body detox or recover on its own at a faster rate, some even believes in other remedies that you might not have even heard of. We must be open-minded, and not enclose ourselves in a little bubble. The only way to solve a problem is really to open yourself up to see all the possibilities. Being open minded also means being hopeful, and not “giving up” or feeling “doomed.” As you might have heard – even if the physical issue is there, your mental health plays a big role in guiding your body to recover. Why are you here reading this post? You are here to see what the Taoists say and do about this COVID-19 issue.  The answers are here, and you won’t be disappointed.

The reason why you are feeling sick and why all the symptoms are showing up because of the COVID-19, is not always because of “that” virus doing something inside your body. It is because your body is malfunctioning like a bunch of workers in a restaurant going crazy and freaking out because there are some unusual happenings going on. Any virus or disease makes people sick because they mess up your body’s normal operating flow, and so your body start to give out signals telling you that something is wrong and something is not flowing through. Ever heard of people having a headache or something like that and they went for a walk, did some stretches and kicks, and then suddenly they feel their head “unclogged”? How come something is wrong with the head, but working on the legs will solve the problem? This is all because we know how your energy body works, how the chi flows, and so by working on the energy body, you can achieve all sorts of results and fix all sorts of weird problems within your body. A good example of this is how acupuncture and cupping therapy works ­­- western doctors have no clue how it even works, but it was proven to be effective already!

To deal with the symptoms that you will experience from the COVID-19, we as Taoists, have a few ways to handle it.

When the virus or problem is still outside of your body, we shall aim to PREVENT it from going INTO your body and always do our daily cleansing. To do this, we have our daily scripture and rites, FU for carrying, and also doing our chi kung daily to strengthen up our system.

When the virus is coming into your body, but still around it in the open space, we shall cleanse ourselves and our house on a scheduled basis. Bath soaking in FU water is also a good idea to soak out the bad energy.

When the virus is already in your body, we will use the chi kung method to push it out of our system, as well drinking the fu water to remove the negative energies inside. 

Chi Kung requires time and dedication, and it is just like body building, which takes time to build up the power and it cannot be rushed or just microwaved. It is powerful and it works for me and my disciples, yet it will take a bit of effort for someone who is new to this to get started and building up their chi foundation. Therefore, if one wants to go the Taoist way and use chi kung to handle these situations, they must start learning it ASAP. When it hits you, it’s already too late to start cultivating and building up your power.

With real-life experience, we have proven to ourselves that these methods do work for us and yet they aren’t something anyone can just “copy” and do on their own. Compared to drugs or vaccines, the Taoist way will require more discipline to solve the problem. Taoist Magic definitely can bring you a lot of help and prevent the virus from coming to you. However, if you are not doing your job such as keeping yourself safe, wearing a mask, or something like that, then even if you do all the magic possible, it won’t help you solve your problem. This reminds me of people coming here to purchase a FU for “wealth boost” and end up they only know how to sit at home and surf all day. Even if you have hundreds of FU taped to your body, it won’t make any changes to your life. Taoist magic cannot replace physical effort, and we must not forget that even though we have Taoist magic and chi kung, we should always do our best on the physical side too. The COVID-19 is not that scary, but you just have to be open minded enough to see this in another perspective.