Tablet and Taoism Analogy with the 5 Direction Forces

Tablet and Taosim

Taoist magic can be understood better when you start thinking about the theory in modern things, and apply it to things you touch every day. Let’s take a look at the tablet and analyze it in the 5 directions structure in Taoism.

If you have not learned about this yet, please watch the 5 direction lesson on YouTube first, and you will be able to get the lesson here:

Make sure you are looking at “the tablet” as the main subject. Anything inside the tablet itself is considered inside the system or “ground”, anything outside of the tablet, including the user, is the “sky” or outside matter.

First comes the black – Anything that is completed, anything about taking in, absorbing, or transferring into the tablet system itself will be in this category. For example, how the tablet downloads things, how the tablet connects to the user - as in the buttons and body texture. Everything about its attractiveness will be in this category. Not only that, the ports and headphone jacks or any “holes” for you to plug things in are all in this category too. If you can find any opening that will suck something outside into the tablet, it is a black element, because there is a “hole” for things to go in. Even the monitor itself is one of these elements which draws your attention to the tablet system.

Second comes the green – Green forces get into the tablet, but it is not really doing anything much. What you are doing is only moving things around, like flipping between apps, switching between this and that screen, drag, and dropping, copy and pasting, how things are “moved around”, and maybe even like the volume rocker that allows you to move the settings up and down.  The loading speed is also one factor in the green category because you are “bringing” information from the system or somewhere into the “ground” to be viewed.

Third comes the yellow – This is the control and processing forces that make the tablet actually work, such as the CPU, GPU, memory, and all the internal settings and drivers that make the whole thing operate internally. Everything in this zone is about 2 major kinds of work. One is to input commands to the system for the system to draw in resources to do things, another is to output power and actually DO the job by burning up the resources given. (Just like yellow FU with black text versus red text, black text is the bring resources part, like commanding the ram to be withdrawn for such and such process etc.)

Fourth comes the red – When things are going red, the system is outputting things to the outside, to the user, and it is the stage of the tablet showing it’s internal power. You can see this stage happening when apps are being used and the user can feel the power of the tablet by using the apps and seeing what the response is like. The faster and smoother, the more responsive, the more snappy, the more internal power this tablet has.

Fifth comes the white – this stage is when the tablet is sending out its light, its completed things. For this part, the tablet is white, the outside party must be black (absorbing fully), so think about what the tablet outputs and the outside will PURELY absorb and not interact with it while absorbing? When the tablet is outputting its brightness (pictures) and sound (audio), or even the heat, or even to send out signals like Bluetooth, wifi, transferring of files, etc. Whenever it is trying to output for another side to just receive and “keep”, that’s what this category is about.


Using a Tablet

When we are using a tablet, you can also categorize the apps and things we do with it into the 5 categories too. It’s very logical when you understand the theory.

Black Turtle – Every day we charge the tablet or dump some files from the computer to the tablet, which is when the black turtle is working in the tablet. The charging speed is bad today, which shows you the black energy is not doing well. When the tablet is off, the screen attracts you to look at it, and you spotted scratches on the screen. Oops, this “black” force has some issues, and that is why it is showing you and letting you realize the screen is in need of some repair and polishing work.

Green dragon – When you click the switches, tap the screen with your finger, move icons around, or just drag and drop, copy and past things, or even just to “plant things into the ground” – such as jot notes, stick some memo on the stickies app, or just to transfer photos to your SD card and such, these are all green dragon work. You the user have to be the proactive side to put things INTO the tablet and not the tablet output to you. For example, if you look at the weather for today, that is not a green dragon thing, it’s a white tiger thing. Why? Because you didn’t put anything in, you actually requested for something to output and you just “absorbed” the result on the screen. The green dragon must require you to put in something to the tablet, and not the tablet to you. Typing notes, documents, or even drawing and recording your voices and such are all green dragon kind of work. Mostly is about the outside (you) inputting things into the tablet system.

Yellow Center – The yellow center make things happen and is not touched by the outside element. So this stage is all within the tablet itself and not controlled by you. However, you can be green-dragoning and programming the “heart” of the tablet, yet the real work of yellow is only done by the tablet itself, such as withdrawing resources out for the work it needs to do, or to output the power of a command and actually execute the command for things to show up as you wanted. Whatever it is, the yellow department is all about the internal workings, which is inside the tablet and not visible by the outside factor.

Red Bird – The “bird” factor tells you that the tablet is going out to the sky, which means it is outputting something and reaching the things outside of the tablet again, which includes you the user, and other things around it. Red means the internal power launching out, starting up things, and it interacts with things outside, bite onto them, and attract the user to go “green” with the tablet. For example, if you are the red party, you will be doing something (starting something), like playing a song or dancing, then you attract the other side “green party” to move around with you, and influence the green side to move along. This red category is like when we are playing games with the tablet, or surfing the internet with the tablet. The tablet keeps on giving us a response and interacting with us, while we also interact with it. You can see the action is non-stop being triggered between the tablet and the user, back and forth, endlessly.  The key point is, the user always has to keep moving and moving or keep giving feedback, while the tablet also triggers up next the action for more feedback to come. 

White Tiger – This is very easily mixed up with the red bird action, because the tablet is outputting, but the outside factoror the user ONLY intakes and does not give feedback.  For example, you can be watching movies, listening to music, or just feeling the heat from the back of the tablet, etc. These things are all just requiring you to sit and absorb, not to interact with it, not to give response or feedback at all. While playing a game, you must keep moving and interacting with the tablet as the game goes on. Watching a movie or listening to a song does not require you to move, you only need to sit and enjoy, consume and absorb.

After the red and white are done, the tablet is out of juice again, and now back to the black turtle stage, and it’s time to recharge the battery.

For our beloved disciples, now think about the altar as the tablet, and your FU talismansare like tickets that get the energy of the altar to tell the altar to do a different job for you. Can you see how the altar and FU talisman work better? For example, a yellow FU with red text, is like the tablet executing a command internally for things to “start”, such as the tablet opening an app by itself, or the tablet just executing a command to clear the app and clean junk files by itself, there is no interaction with the outside required. However, a lot of internal processes are happening while this is in progress. Yellow FU and black text tells the altar to draw in resources to help a certain process that is already there. For example, you might already be running a drawing app, and this FU will tell the system to pull in more RAM to support your drawing app so it can run smoother.

Here is a video on the colors of FU!

In the energy structure, we look at everything physical as a container. Therefore, if you use a yellow FU with red text for exorcism, burn it and let the patient consume the FU water… energy goes into the person’s body and executes a command – to remove the evil energy, and now it is like the cleaning app running inside this person’s body, so the junk can be cleaned out. However, the FU does not just work because it is using the energy and resources of the patient, it is actually using a bunch of power from the altar that consecrates the FU to execute this action, so it is much more powerful and something that the patient’s body cannot do on their own. If they can self-help, then they would not need help from the beginning, that is why we use the altar, the FU because it's extra power and resources that you do not have! It’s like getting food from outside, you can’t just eat your own flesh for dinner! 

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