Sending Taoist Magic by Distance

Today is lunar Jan 3rd, the 3rd day of new year, and also the anniversary of our god – Sun Lung Jo Si 神龍祖師!  We are posting this article to show our gratitude toward his teaching and help. This article, we will talk about how “distance magic” works in our lineage, and how it could work in other ways.

What is Distance Magic

What if someone is not with you locally, like your kids are feeling pain and sickness during school hour, or your wife is on the road and feeling anxiety suddenly?  You can do distance magic to beam them the help!  There are so many situations that needs distance magic, and there is no way we can help everyone just by doing things face to face.  Just awhile ago, I have a disciple who needed help, and she is in the other side of the globe, can I tell her to come to me first and we will deal with this? No way!

Ever thought of how people can do magic to curse you by distance? Not everyone needs to see you to hurt you!  A lot of people really don’t realize that people are just doing stuff from home and somehow you already can have all the bad luck you don’t want.

How is it Done

The ordinary way is to use the power in the dimension 6, which is your soul energy as a tracking device. How to have a piece of your soul? It’s actually very simple.

If there is anything that can allow the person to relate to you, such as thinking of you and then writing a name down, that is already a little bit of connection. The more pieces of connection he can gather up on top of that the more powerful this connection is. For example, getting a photo of you, a hair of yours, a business card, a website you made, anything related to you works. If the object is close to you such as your clothing, or even worse is your pads with your blood on it, etc. Anything that is “close” to you will add more point to this distance magic and making it more effective because the tracking device is stronger, like your phone has more signal strength to connect to where you want.

That is why you see people taking a photo, name, date of birth, and maybe a print-out of your website or something to combine all that into a pool of “tracking energy” when doing magic. All these are for tracking you down, so that the magic work can send over to you by distance.

However, because all these are all related to how YOU the sorcerer connects to the subject, if the subject attack you back with magic, and backfired you… all the power will be blowing right into your face and if you lose the battle, it will be you who are eating all the impact directly. That is also why doing magic on someone is never cheap, unless the guy sucks and is just an amateur.

Sun Lung Jo Si Power

For our lineage, we can do things the normal way and track down people using the same method – which is what the newbies can do. However, Sun Lung Jo Si have taught us something better and granted us powers to do the magic in a safer and more effective way.

The power of Sun Lung Jo Si is that it can connect to the preheaven energy network, which is like a powerline-system from nature to everything in this world. Imagine the whole world is powered by one source of power above with many small cables running to every living thing here etc. This network serves like a postal system or delivery system for us, and it can allow us to beam our magic into it, and have it delivered our magic to anywhere we need. It’s like you can hack into nature’s server and use it to send things! The power of this system is controlled and utilized by 8 symbols, which we call the Sun Lung 8 Darms 神龍八膽. They can be used to help us fly our magic by distance or even do other complex sand sophisticated magic work.

By using this method, it won’t link back to yourself, and that means even the magic backfired or something you don’t get hurt because the Sun Lung Jo Si network will absorb everything for us and keeping us safe from any attacks or backfiring.

This magical method can only be used by the Sun Lung stage or above, if you have just ordained, you will still be using the ordinary method first and upgrade to this later!