Secret of Taoist Hats

Secret of Taoist Hats

Secret of Taoist Hats

There are many Taoist hats and yes even your baseball cap can be a Taoist hat if there is such a hat in the lineage, being used as their magic tool.  Just like all Taoist gears, outfits, they are not just there because it is a part of the tradition. The clothing, robes, hats, are all magic tools just like our swords, flags and such.

Taoist hats are not things that “grade” the Taoist and their “rank”. Instead, the hats are magical tools which can help you tune your “resources” that you use for doing magic work to a certain state or property, which will make your energy more suitable for a certain kind of work. In a way, you can say that it is a tool to program the energies of your body, your energy body.

taoist hat and stamp

Basically, you can say that anything you put on the head can be a variant of the Taoist hat too, but is it really a Taoist hat or a decoration headwear?  In our lineage, all the gears from head to toe are all magical tools, and they all must go through a ritual to infuse power into them, program their features, and to activate them as a magical tool. There are FU talismans to be burnt into them (infusing the FU into the object) and special spells for programming the features, adding in the power and making the hat or tool turn into a real magical device, instead of a decoration.

You can put on a baseball cap as a Taoist hat too, and that is true, it does not even require any “Taoist” artwork to be a Taoist hat. It can be a baseball cap with pure color or even a bird too. The question is, why are you wearing this, and what is the purpose of this hat In magic, and have you programmed it to do the work yet?  Post-heaven elements cannot be used to do magic work unless you have programmed it to do so. Even you picked up a bunch of super cool and traditional Taoist hats, they are still just nothing but a decoration if nothing magical is done on it.

Magical Purpose of a Taoist Hat

Why do we need a Taoist hat?  You can see your energy body is like a sphere with 3 sections, the top portion is where your neck to the head and above is, and this portion is white in color. This upper section of the energy body holds all the resources, potentials and all the un-used and non-moving resources.

The lower section is around where your tummy is, and down to the bottom of your groin. This section of the energy body is black in color and is mostly all the digesting, breaking down elements, consuming, and operating powers are, it’s like the internal operating system.

The center between the two is the heart energy system, which is really around your “heart level”, between the two nipples. This section is yellow in color and the energy is for creation, starting something, commanding the top to flow to the bottom to get into a process or action.

When we wear a hat, it is very obvious that we are dealing with the elements from the top portion of our energy body, working with the “resources” and energies or essence that is to be pushed down and flow into the bottom section to execute our magic work.

The energies are all neutral and have no commands or property set to it, just like pure water with no taste. When we put on a hat, the hat with the magic work inside, will program the resources in the top section of the energy body, and tune the resources to be more suitable for doing such and such kinds of work. Just like water, you can mix it with this and that color, flavor, and turn water into useful resources.

taoist outfit and taoist magic hat

There are also decorations on top of the hats, no matter a 2D picture, or a bunch of 3D decoration like these in the picture.

The decorations will help you tune and program the energies to do a certain type of thing, making the energy know what your intention and the main focus are, and what to do with the surrounding.

The simplest way to tell what the hat is for is to see if the top is open or not. If the top is opened or with a hole there, it means the hat is for helping the Taoist to connect to the upper (pre-heaven) elements and doing some more advanced work. If their hat is closed, like a milk-box style hat, then it means that they are mostly doing things in the local realm, the place here in this world.

Besides that, the color of the hat can also tell you a lot already. For example, black hats will help you suck in energy from the pre-heaven dimension, bringing in potential resources. You can also be seeing the yellow hat, blue hat, red hat and many other colors too, and they are all to tune your energy body’s upper deck resources into something that suits what you are doing at the moment.  Remember that they are all magical tools, and not a decoration or a ranking system.

There is no right or wrong in Taoist hat for magic, but there is a theory behind all the designs and a way to program the hat to do the work they are supposed to do. All the hats design that we use in the lineage can be decoded and you can understand every part o the design about what it does and why it’s like that etc. There are all sorts of possibilities, and you can have endless designs of Taoist hats, yet, what really does the job right and have you done the work required to program it to work is the main question. We do not just buy something and put it on the head and call that a Taoist hat. Taoist hats are magical tools, and they require magic work to be done on them, for them to be magical.

Here is a good video that shows you more about our outfit on YouTube!

If you are learning in our lineage, you will experience this yourself and learn how to infuse power, program and activate your own Taoist hat, gears and outfits too. After you have learned the details behind them, you will no longer look at them the same way again! Ordain to become a Taoist today and start learning! :)