Secret Magic Stamps on a FU Talisman

magical stamps of Taoist magic

Magic stamps are used in Taoism all the time, and so is in Chinese calligraphy. You can basically see that stamps are tools that place a marking of power on something. A stamp from the court makes your letter effective for legal purposes, while the same letter without the stamp don’t have the same power and authority! A stamp is like a signature, which you have to put on a cheque to approve the withdrawal of money from your account.  

However, signature must be done with the hand, and a stamp is a granted tool which other people can have and “stamp it for you” if they are authorized to do so. For example, people who work at the government office will be authorized to chop the government stamp and approve things for the government.

magical stampMagic stamps in Taoism are working about the say way as stamps in the example above. The stamps are consecrated, which means they are connected to the “Tao”, and the higher powers of our lineage.  After stamps are consecrated (chick’d), they will allow the disciple to transfer the authority and power of the higher powers onto different things, or embed a specific kind of power for the stamped object etc.

For example, you might be drawing a sealing symbol on someone to seal their body for blocking off negative energies. After you are done, you can be chopping a magical stamp of Saam Law Jo Si on it, which means this seal is powered by Saam Law Jo Si now (instead of you), and when this symbol kick into action, Saam Law Jo Si will be the one powering it up.


Consecration of Magic Stamps  

The consecration of magic stamps are very important, because it is what makes it effective and real. There are 5 essential things that a stamp must have, in order to be an effective and real magical stamp in Taoist magic.

1.     Authorization – proper inheriting, meaning that the lineage got this stamp from its higher power, and now pass it to its disciples. If the stamp you are using is not in the lineage’s system, it won’t work even you try to consecrate it.

2.     Connection – heart spells are used to connect it to the lineage’s higher powers, and then the altar will connect the stamp to the specific higher powers.

3.     Programming – there are specific spells and things to be done on the stamp to make it work, it basically programs the stamp for the job it is supposed to do.

4.     Activation – power is in, duty is assigned, then its time to Hoi Gwong開光, which means to open the light, activate and expose the power! This requires some magical work too.

5.     Empowerment – the stamp is now activated and ready to be used, but power that the stamp have is not yet developed. It must be on the altar for at least a period of time, soaking up all that energy from the “Tao” every day… It will go through days of charging and empowering for the stamp to develop its power.


Magic Stamps on a FU Talisman

fu talisman

As you can see from our online store, all our FU Talismans will have stamps over them, and they are not just for show. A FU talisman must be stamped in order to be consecrated and activated.

The FU Talismans is like a ticket, and this ticket says three things – where to get resources and power from, to do what, and how to deliver this power and effect when used. The FU writing process is like creating this ticket, putting in the required ingredients in, but the power source is not yet connected.

Once the FU is written, it must be stamped accordingly, which then defines where this FU will be getting its power from. If the FU is not stamped, it’s like a cheque without a signature, then it is rendered useless.

Stamping the FU is not as easy as just smashing the stamp on the paper. To “effectively” stamp the FU, you must first take the stamp and stomp in your heart spells – which connects the stamp to the power. Then, chop the stamp down to where it is supposed to go. After the stamp is connected to the FU, you will need to execute the magic by doing handsigns and saying a spell to make the energy flow from the power source to the FU, and now the stamping is legit and real. Just chopping the stamp everywhere doesn’t means anything, because you have not dial the number before you talk to the phone!

fuAs you can see, magic stamps on a FU Talisman is very important. Without stamping, the FU is useless and powerless. Using a FU that have no stamp is like trying to pay for your grocery with a fake cheque or credit card, it doesn’t work, and you might even stir up more problems.

The stamp design is granted by the higher powers of the lineage in the pre-heaven side, and then inherited down the lineage. Disciples must inherit the stamp and be authorized by the master, in order to have the stamp work for them. Stamps for different sects and lineages might have similar designs but they are not connected to the same power and does not share power at all. Just like a “shipped” stamp from company A might look alike with the one in company B, however they do not mean the same thing when used in reality.

You can buy the stamps of many sects and lineages on the internet today, because people are expanding their business and promoting their stuff worldwide. However, if you are not part of their sect or lineage, even you have the stamps from them, it is still useless, because you don’t have connections with their powers, nor authorizations from their lineage. The same goes to our lineage and our stamps too!

Therefore, if you want to get your hands on some real magical stamps that works, you will need to get ordain and learn from our lineage. Get started today and get to feel the power right away!