Saam Law Taoist Magic Lessons Series Released

We are proud to announce that our Saam Law Taoist magic lesson series is now going live! This series is a series of open-lessons on the Taoist magic of our lineage, which we will openly expose to the public for everyone to watch. While everyone can watch, you must be ordained to have the heart spells, symbols and some other contents that are only accessible to our disciples. The main goal of this series, is to encourage our new disciples to learn and open up some lessons for the outsiders to get an idea of what you can learn when you ordain. Even if you are an outsider, you can already learn a lot of the theories and get a taste of how it is like when you are learning as a disciple. The amount of knowledge and theories you can learn from this series is just unbelievably massive.

What's the difference between the "Taoist magic" and our Sun Gung magic? We have been talking about Saam Law Sun Gung all the time, and why Taoist magic all of a sudden? The main difference is that we are opening up this subject for the new disciples to start learning magic that they can do while they are getting their gears and preparing for their big altar set up. Before you can go big, you can at least start small. The essence of this Saam Law Taoist magic, is that you can do magic with the minimal tools, and start doing something even when you just ordained and have no tools in hand. This series will be geared toward the simple route and getting everyone a solid start on magic theories.

With Sun Gung magic, you have to have an altar, and there is a lot more work focusing on building up your "storage" of magic power with your altar, and getting new elements or energies from external sources and such. The Taoist magic series does not require an altar, although you can have one for a even better result. In this series, there is no altar storage building, and you can open a mobile altar to start doing work by utilizing the energy around you, or even summoning the energies of the environment and nature. There isn't much "storage" work going on, but you can open and close your altar anytime, which makes it extremely practical for people, and you can even do it while staying over at someone's house or inside a hotel room etc,.

The main goal of this series of Saam Law Taoist Magic is to utilize the power of our Tao in the local dimension, or physical realm, which is the planet Earth as our Tao. In another word, using the energy of nature in this dimension, our planet, to do magic. Sun Gung Magic will get you out of this planet and connect to other further and more pre-heaven dimensions to get power, and it's a harder path, which requires much more dedication and effort to start. Don't think that they are stronger or weaker than each others, you can really use them together and treat them as just two subjects in the same school. Just like math and English or science, it's not which is better than the others, but which one you need more at a specific situation. Sometimes this one fit you better, sometimes you want that one more. The main goal is, to learn to do magic using any method, which can be simple or complex, depending on your current situation, mood, or need. Imagine a kid of 15 got ordained, he saved up $368 and got himself ordained, how can you expect him to spend more money right after the ceremony to buy a bunch of tools and build up his altar to start learning? In order for him to start learning right away, this path of Saam Law Taoist magic is definitely the way to go. At least, you are off to learn something that you can start right away, and not waste a single day of time during the wait.

While I am opening up this new series and I am already full of ideas, I also need my disciples' help to keep fueling this series and keep it going. For my disciples, or even for those of you who are about to ordain. IF you have suggestions or things you would like me to cover in this series, feel free to suggest it to your Dai Sifu or other Sifu(s) in the lineage, and they will gather up your suggestions for our future episodes making. I also need ideas to keep the series going. If you got things you want ot learn, don't hesitate to shout out and see if I can put those into the list!

Why am I not exposing the spells and symbols in the videos? First of all, everyone learning under our lineage is being guided by one or more of the masters / Sifus here, and you guys all have full access to email them or even me for things. I am encouraging you guys to be communicative, and as long as you email and ask politely, you will get what you want. I want to train my disciples to communicate, and so everything should be handed over by email communication, or by chat app conversation. Just ask, and you will be given the materials, that's why you ordained, right? You want to ordain to learn, and you have a bunch of great masters taking care of you, correcting you and guiding you, why not make the best use of it? We don't charge for teaching you stuff! Keep asking questions, and be communicative is the key!

For those people who are not ordained in the lineage, even I expose all the spells and symbols, it's not going to work for you anyway, because everything is specially encrypted for our disciples to use only, and the power spells (heart spells) in Saam Law Sun Gung / Tasoist Magic is all specially attuned for the disciples, with their Taoist name / Magic name in there, how can it be effective for just anyone who came across the website or video? Instead of wasting your time trying to "pretend" doing our magic, I strongly suggest you email us directly and get ordained to learn instead. If you are still not unsure, then watch more, or ask questions. We are the only lineage that teaches Taoist magic online which is super-open for questions and inquiries. You can even feel like talking to us in real person, even we are chatting online, because we are so transparent, and you can really get any answers immediately from us.  As the Chinese saying goes, real goal does not fear the red hot fire. We have solid knowledge and real magic that we trust and cultivate, and we are more than ready to answer any questions that can come our way. If you are having any cloudiness, blurriness, or confusion, feel free to fire your questions our way. Nothing can kill a person's achievement in magic learning, except for dishonesty, and not communicating with your master. Even if you are busy, careless or lazy, you are still going to learn something if you talk and not pretend to be a "wall" before or after you ordained. I have seen good disciples who learned a lot after their ordained, because they talk and they put their heart into learning. I have also seen disciples who just went "silent" after they ordained and you can really see they sort of went into "invisible mode" after the ordain. Whatever reason it is, but paying $368 to ordain and then pretending to be a wall after you are in the lineage will just bring you nowhere.

I hope that everyone will enjoy and learn well with our new Saam Law Taoist Magic series! If you are not yet ordained, and wish to do so, just email us and request right away. Don't hesitate to ask questions before or after you ordain, we love to talk, and communication is the only way to learn. I wish you a hearty learning experience, and remember, to use your heart to learn.