Reiki versus Taoist Magic

Reiki versus Taoist Magic

Reiki versus Taoist Magic

Many people asked about our view on Reiki, and this post will present you with some knowledge to break down how we see Reiki with Taoism’s perspective and wisdom. If you do not know what Reiki is, you can always google around for information, but basically, it’s a form of “spiritual art” brewed up by the Japanese with a mix of this and that, combining into a form of art of its own called Reiki, using the two words Ling Hei in Chinese which translates to Reiki in English.

Funny how the Japanese don’t use the exact word in Chinese but only 靈 for Ling and 氣 without the 米 inside for Ki or Hei.  What is Reiki in reality?  Here we will explain it to you after our personal experience in Reiki in the past and observation of Reiki’s system from the inside and outside.

Gum Sifu and Jee Sifu (myself) have learned Reiki before, and we learned it from a high ranking or generation master too. Therefore, we definitely know what it is about and how it works from our own experience.

Reiki uses what we call Ling Hei in Chinese, a form of energy that is moved by your thoughts and your visualization and fantasizing in the head. It is not fake, it’s just that the energy requires a lot of fantasizing and visualizing to “move it” and make it change or do work or to “guide it” around. 

Reiki is not magic, and magic power can override Reiki. You can only compare Reiki to Chi Kung or Qi Gong in the Chinese culture, which is very similar in a way. They can both do similar things and can be “good” for people if you use it right. However, many people use it wrong more than right, so……

We call this form of energy Ling Hei, which is the same as Reiki in Japanese, just different language!  It is categorized as a (dimension 6) D6 property in our system, a “medium force” that is like chi or air or wind. The energy in this category can take in essence, and ten absorb, digest, break down, transfer, deliver, and work with the internals of things. 

As you can see, we categorize this as a “d6” property, and D6 give birth to D8, which is the physical world property, or things that you can witness, see, touch, feel in this world you see when you open your eyes.

D6 energy is like your “internal energy”, it helps you to give you the power to do things, to move, to think and gives you inspirations. However, you can also be polluted or contaminated in your D6 side and start to sense a lot of things that are like “sugar coated poison candies”.

With this Reiki energy, or D6 energy, it is a medium only, there is no essence or “stuffings” inside, which means it can only help to bring things into your system, and not to give birth to new "essences". At the same time, if something in the other dimension tapped into your D6 body, you can be getting things from them and being “brainwashed” without knowing what is happening too.

This does not only apply to Reiki energy, but also to Chi Kung or Qi Gong from the Chinese, and that is why a lot of evil Chi Kung masters are out their preaching tons of “crap” today that make people go crazy and get possessed by spirits.

Danger of Reiki

The system of Reiki is full of mini-spells and tons of symbols they have taken from the Taoism and such. Everything they do is based on these “inspirations”, visualization, imagination and things like that. They have no control over the actual “essence” that is being shot in the process because they are only the “medium” who brings things over, and if the resources are polluted or bad, they have no control over it and cannot deal with it at all. It is not only that they don’t know how to deal with it, but their system’s energy is not the type that can work with these things. Just like water is a good element, but it cannot be used to replace metal.

Another thing about Reiki is that it tricks or misled many people to believe in a “shortcut” to gain “healing power” and then you can go around and heal people like you are the god walking around the globe to bless this and that. Most people have good intention, but they have used the wrong methods or energy to “heal” people, resulting in a negative effect instead of a positive one.

It’s like giving blood to people to “help” and “save” people. Many people learned that and they just want to donate blood, which is a good intention, but your blood quality and condition matters!  You cannot just give any blood to people, right?  Most “healings” in reiki are done by the form of “energy sharing” or “equalizing”. Such as their most basic “Grounding” exercise. They want to use the intention and visualization to push the energy to the ground and “cleanse” the energy out.

While they are doing it “for other people”, they are just flushing in their own energy from the person’s top and down it goes… however, the person’s energy got flushed out, and it takes water to push water out. So, the healer’s energy then got into the system in order to push out that portion that came out of the system just now. Is this healer’s energy really good or suitable for this person?

Another scary thing can be a multi-people healing session, then everyone in the healer team equalizes and combines one bundle of energy to shove it into the patient’s body and flush away a bunch of energies from that system. Is this “salad energy” really good for the patient?

Danger Energy of Reiki

Nature have taught us, not all gas are good to consume and not all gas will help life to blossom. Reiki is a form of a D6 element, which is like gas and energy, or the wind, it pushes around and has the property of gas.

However, not all gasses are the same in the world, and when you mix gasses, it becomes impure, or can even form toxic gas if the gas is not clean and pure enough. Doing healing with a bunch of people is a disaster, because you have no idea what the quality of the “energy” from everyone is, and these people only know “more people the better” because they have no idea about what is really going on.

There are many harmful D6 energy in the air, which is just about the same kind of energy that is used in Chi Kung, Reiki, and similar art. Yes, you can help but you can also harm with these energies! 

What can kill the germs in gasses?

Essence, light, fire, kill bacteria and neutralize threats in the air. D1 property energy can neutralize bad and harmful thing sin D6, which means you need to cultivate “magic” to be able to use the magic power to override or purify these D6 elements, the reiki energy. However, in Reiki’s system, there isn’t such thing.

If you look into Chi Kung or Qi Gong form the Chinese, many of these came from the Taoist text, or books and Taoist are first specialized in magic. If you learn this internal art, the Chinese in the ancient time already know, you need to have the full system, you need to have magic to cultivate and control the essences, and then you need Chi Kung / Qi Gong to push the essence around, the cultivated and clean essences, and not just ANY essences. Just giving off your Reiki or D6 energy or whatever you want to call those, is not going to be good, because it’s like giving out ANY gas to people, you can only end up giving people a tiny boost for health or you will be facing risks of being hijacked soon or later, and be tapped by the unseen world, the evil crossover spirits.

Conclusion of Reiki Versus Taoism or Taoist Magic

To us who practice the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung, we say that the Reiki system is very incomplete, flawed and full of risks. Learning Chi Kung or Qi Gong is similar to Reiki, but safer, depending on the teacher you learn from. If they are a legit Chi Kung master and not a scammer, compared to a legit Reiki Master, the Chi Kung route is much safer and can bring you to better future achievements.

However, Taoist magic also “contains” Chi Kung and the energy that Reiki uses, and we can do what they can do and cannot do because we know what is missing in the whole big picture.

Reiki is incomplete as we have said because that is where the founder is at and what he had got for the disciples. If the master is not there yet, the disciples can’t get more than what the master can give.

Reiki is NOT a form of magic, and it cannot deal with magic or spiritual work. You can use reiki to help someone heal up faster from sickness or prevent sickness from happening with reiki’s energy or the D6 energy, just like how we can use it in Chi Kung or Qi Gong, it’s just about the same kind of thing in different package or form. It is the same thing inside, to be honest.

For magic, we can bust spiritual attacks, kill evil spirits, break curses and save lives who are being possessed or attacked by evil spirits or magic attacks, and these are NOT something you should even try to put more Reiki energy into the victim to “help” them, because these “d6” energy type of energy that people use in Reiki will only become the fuel of the evil magic or spirit. You are just doing nothing but more harm to the case by putting more “chi” in there because Chi or Ki is the thing that is doing harm, more wind only make the original wind more violent! 

What can stop the wind is a container of the wind, which is the magic power that we use. The right type of energy for the right type of things can solve the problem. Please don’t think that they are “just all energy work” and group all the energies in the world into the same pool. It is not the same!  Just like Co2 versus Oxygen, it’s not the same!

Reiki's energy is dangerous if you try to help someone who is being attached to evil spirits or curses. The energy will act like oil on the fire, and the result is a disaster. Again, use the right matter to do the right thing is the key, don’t put oil into fire, and don’t add wind to stop wind.

If you are a practitioner of Reiki, learning Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung will make you much stronger, and also open you up to more wisdom and knowledge about how the energy works in this universe.