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Origin of Tin Yat Lineage Explained

Tin Jee Lineage Exclusives

This article will give you a more in-depth but crystallized summary for the origin of Tin Yat Lineage.  The short form that we use for our lineage is often just “Tin Yat Lineage’, but the long form is Tin Yat Saam Law Sun Lung Gaau天一三羅神龍教, and as you can see, it makes no sense to the westerners, and hence the short form for the majority is a better idea!  We have been around for a while and many people were shocked to see how come we suddenly changed the name and website. Therefore, this article will answer most of these questions and give you a good idea of what our lineage’s name means and how it came to this world.

Lau Jo Si and Mak Jo Si (a.k.a. Gum Sifu and Jee Sifu) are the lineage holders and you can say that in a way they are also the founders as well. Both sifus have been through the training from other sects in the past, and also graduated from a sect called Mao Shan Sheung Ching Sect.  Both of them have gotten their approval from their previous master to move on and seek for further advancements, and off they go to step onto their own journey, for more discovery into what’s beyond their limitation.

By detaching fully from the previous sects, they moved on and cultivated to break through the limits. With a huge amount of effort and courage, they have found the way and Tin Yat Lineage was born.  At that moment, they have gotten a lot of new wisdom, knowledge and magical achievements from the pre-heaven dimensions but are not fully ready to present it to the public. They started off by exposing and releasing the materials partially to test the water and see how it will be like, experimenting as they go, and this resulted in their previous blogs and websites.

During 2015 to 2016, they have set to a turning point and now they decided that they are ready to go for a full-on exposure to unleash what have been hidden from the public all these years, the truth behind what they were doing all along – Saam Law Sun Gung.

Tin Yat Lineage is Saam Law Sun Gung, and Saam Law Sun Gung is Tin Yat Lineage.  Saam Law Sun Gung is the magic cultivation or the name of the practice that we do. Tin Yat Lineage is the name of the lineage or at least the short form of it. 

The full name of our lineage, Tin Yat Saam Law Sun Lung Gaau 天一三羅神龍教 is roughly translated to the Tin Yat Saam Law Celestial Dragon Lineage. It does not translate well because the words are too deep to be translated.


Deeper Meaning of the Lineage’s Name

Tin Yat, Tin is the sky, but here it means the resources, essence, intention and the pre-heaven elements. Yat is one, and in magic, one means to connect and start. Therefore, Tin Yat together, it means to connect the Pre-Heaven dimensions to this world and brings things to a start.

Saam Law is a very deep word. Saam is the number three, and here it means that when things are ready to be born. Law means to wrap around and internally triggering it to give birth to a new state. When something is Saam Law’d, it starts their life and the Pre-Heaven connects and powers this subject to make it alive.

Sun Lung, is not the animal or celestial dragon. Sun is a verb, and it means to convert essence into energy, pushing it through a universe limit and so it can expose its power. Lung is a dragon, but it is not the animal. Dragon here means the essence energy or a form of Pre-heaven energy that is used for creation in nature. When the action of Sun Lung is performed, it is like a full unit of essence being unleashed out of a system to give birth to something.

Gaau means to teach. A Gaau is like a religion, but not the same kind of definition as the western culture. The word Gaau here means it’s a system of teaching, and it teaches the disciples Saam Law Sun Gung. What we do is all around Tin Yat, Saam Law and Sun Lung, meaning to take the resources from the Pre-heaven dimension, to give birth to things, and then send this new essence out of ourselves to give off the energy and power to other things or people. In short, it’s to draw the Pre-Heaven energies to do magic, to help and make your life better.


Inheriting the Magic

Most people asked Jee Sifu about where he got his knowledge or skills from, and the secret has been kept away from the public in the past due to the fact that he was not allowed to expose at the moment. Saam Law Sun Gung from Jee Sifu is inherited from Saam Ling Lo Si Gung 三靈老師公 and there are many before them who cultivated in this magic.  Right now, Gum Sifu and Jee Sifu hold the highest authority of the lineage and have nine sifu(s) trained to help handle the teachings and management the lineage’s internal work.  The name of this website, Tin Yat Sun Lung Gung 天一神龍宮, is granted by their master Saam Ling Lo Si Gung too. Right now, when you get ordained into the lineage, you will be learning under the nine sifu(s), with Gum and Jee Si Gung at the side teaching from time to time. Those who made it to stage 3 will be taught directly by the Si Gungs. The lineage operates like a team and focuses on togetherness. Newly ordained disciples must learn to be communicative and proactive to inherit the magic.


Taoism and Beyond Taoism

We do not call ourselves Taoist, if the word Taoist or Taoism is used the normal way. Yet, we are a Taoist if the word is definied.  We are better to be said to be Taoism and Beyond.

Taoism, in short, is mostly to cultivate to bring down essence from our Pre-Heaven dimensions, the Yuen-Sun and make life better in this physical world. At the same time, we will cultivate in this world to pump resources back to the Yuen-Sun to give back to Pre-Heaven and create a better future for ourselves with a nice healthy cycle.

While that is great, and we also does that in our lineage, but we do more than that at the same time. We and our lineage network is connected to the Pre-Heaven dimension of Dai Law Tin, the most original space, and we cultivate essence from there to bring new elements into our Yuen-Sun, which is to bring in new resources into our life, instead of just utilizing what's already given. Therefore, this is called Sun Gung, because it is a cultivation that breaks through our natural limitation and go beyond what we are born with.

Disciples who are ordained in the lineage, are also Taoist, and they are ordained under Saam Law Tin Si Tao 三羅天師道, which sets their destiny and afterlife to Dai Law Tin 大羅天, going back to be reborn to where everything started, the most original universe, the most Pre-Heaven world.  In Chinese, you can say that we are aiming to cultivate to achieve the state of Dai Law Gum Sin 大羅金仙, being the Pre-Heaven, complete form of being. 

There are no certificates for ordained disciples like the Taoism in China, but only solid and personal cultivation and learnings. Certifications are born in western cultures, and we go by the old school method here. You ordain as a disciple, and we are then bonded by the heart, not a piece of paper. If you like learning magic the old school method, Tin Yat Lineage is for you!

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