Oath to the Tao in Taoism

ordain form

In order to be accepted by the Tao, one must go through the process of saying “yes I want to be part of this path”, which is the whole purpose of the oath in Taoism.   As explained in the article of “What is Taoism”, there are many sects and lineages of Taoism, but the “Tao” they connect to is not the same. To be a Taoist of one path, you have to decide to be part of the family, then request to be ordained, and if you are accepted, then you have to submit your oath to the Tao, which declares and marks the beginning of your Taoist life.

As we have said, all the Taoist sects connect to different higher powers that teaches them the things they have today. If you look around, you will find some that attract you more, and some that really turns you away. It’s not which one is better, but which one fits you more. If you watch our videos, read our blog posts, and you like our stuff, it means you click with our Tao of Saam Law, and you can then request to ordain into our lineage once you have made your mind. 

Upon revision of your information, and after asking our higher powers for an approval, we will accept you into the lineage, and you will be given a package of goodies from us. This package includes a very important piece of paper which is the oath to get you ordained, by submitting yourself to Saam Law, and for the Tao to accept you.

taoist package


The Oath to Tao in Our Lineage

Every lineage has different standards and rules, and in order to ordain into them, you accept these rules. Here we will openly explain our oath in the皈依表文, which is the form that you will be burning in front of the altar to submit yourself to the Tao of our lineage. After doing so, your ordination is 100% complete and you have officially connected and a part of our family.

The oath form that you will be getting is stampedand authorized by us to submit this record into our lineage's system, which is what makes it legitimate.

Before you read the form below, you might need to know what the Saam Ching (three pure ones) and the "three treasures" means, in order to understand some of the things below.

Here is a translation of our form.


On the date of acceptance and the time for the meeting, the sky and ground open (the pathway between you and the Tao opens), building the altar and burning incense, kneeling down to invite (invite the Tao to listen – receive your words).


Trustful disciple (you) start up the altar facing the power that flows my way, invite Saam Law to allow me here to inherit your powers.


The sky (Saam Law, the Tao), and the ground (my altar, my body, that absorbs) witness this, with my altar connected, with all sorts of offerings on the altar, to show my heart and intention. (special food and stuff placed on the altar for this – like a code done with food to show your message)


The disciple is here, appealing to all the higher powers, and with my heart, I say my wishes, please allow me to be ordained.



Bow and ordain to the Tao,the highest power before the sky,its light shines upon us,giving birth to fortunes and energizes the sky to spin,

Obey for the rest of my life, Sheung Ching Tin Law, Yuen Chi Tin Juen. (3x)




Bow and ordain to the Ging (methods), the five forces that can be triggered and moved by my heart, which can call the sky to rain down its power, and purifies my heart and body,

Obey for the rest of my life, Yulk Ching Dei Law, Ling Bo Tin Juen. (3x)




Ordain to the Si (masters), the celestial dragons come to save the world, by passing on the Saam Law Tao, letting our heart reaches the highest sky.

Obey for the rest of my life, Taai Ching Daai Law, Doe Duck Tin Juen. (3x)



Bow inside the light (the power of Saam Law), magical power assists (so that the Tao can “remember” and “record” your input).


天一三羅神龍教               弟子                                   

The lineage’s name ----- disciple Tin-X ---------


Year / Month / Date / Time – announce the letter and submit to the higher power above.


Summarizing the whole Oath, in short, is that you wish to have the power of the Tao that we connect to (Saam Law) and so you submit yourself to it with your heart, with honesty, with trust and faith. You agree to take from Saam Law, and to give back to Saam Law, just like we have explained in the Tao Te theory in the article of “concluding magic”.

The whole oath seems very simple, but it is not that easy for many people to really follow it. You might not be perfect yet, no worry, our Tao is very humane and does give you time to slowly learn to achieve the perfection. Therefore, you cultivate the Tao, meaning that you try to learn more about how to be a good disciple, how to be a good member of this path, and as you keep learning, improving, you will get more and more from the Tao in this path. The better you do, the more you can get out of it, and that’s the whole idea of “cultivating the Tao”.

There is nothing to hide, and there is nothing fishy or tricking to this form that you will be burning. It means what has explained above, and you do not have any hidden contracts or “micro font” tricky stuff inside this form.  Other lineages might have their own version of oath and such, but this is what our Tao requires from our disciple, not the other form but THIS one.

stamp taoA side note here, just like we said in the “magic stamp” article, your form that you will be getting from one of our Sifu in the lineage, is also stamped and consecrated. Which is why your form works!

After you have burnt the paper given to you, and you have truly agreed to submit yourself with your heart, then the vow is sent and everything started. You are ordained, and you are now a true Taoist of Saam Law Tin Si Tao三羅天師道.