No Chinese Required to Learn Taoist Magic

No Chinese Required to Learn Taoist Magic


Many people are getting interested in Taoist magic nowadays, and a lot of westerners who have no Chinese background wants to learn it too, but they all fear the language barrier. This article is to make it 100% solid and clear for everyone that you DO NOT need to know Chinese for learning the Taoist magic or Taoism from us!  We speak English too and we can teach in full English! 

What About the Spells, Scriptures and the FU Talismans? 

No worry, because spells and scriptures are in English pronunciation form, and we have non-Chinese speaking masters who can guide you and teach you how to learn the words better too. Treat it like a bunch of sounds and you are good to go. You do not need to be 100% accurate with your sounds for the magic to work. The main point to keep in mind is that as long as you are our disciples, you go the heart spells, and you have trust and faith in us and yourself, then your magic is guaranteed to work.

FU Talismansare in Chinese, but you can also treat them like scribbles and a bunch of pictures. Do more and they will get better looking. Some symbols like the FU HEADSare really symbols that even Chinese won’t understand, so the Chinese won’t do better than westerners in this case.

You do not need to understand the words for a spell to work.
What makes a spell, a FU talisman, or any magic work, is not the wordings and symbols, but the proper inheriting power transmitted to you, cultivated by yourself and bonded to the lineage by heart.

Your heart spells and your relationship with the lineage is the key to unlocking the resource pool of the lineage. When you can access this pool of gold nuggets, any magic is going to work as long as you know which magic you are doing and for what purpose.

The Problems with Chinese People

Right, Chinese do have an advantage over the westerners because of the language system, yet they also have a common problem and that is they all have a lot of things stuck in their mind already, which puts more and more restriction on their development in learning. Whereas the westerners have no idea of what the words means, so they are easier to teach since they are like a blank sheet of paper, we don’t need to erase your page before putting on something new.

For example, when we write Tin Law sun, Dei Law sun, the word “sun” 神 is often interpreted by the Chinese as a “god”, and many will just think that it is a deity, or spiritual being, while it is explained in our previous article that it is not about any entity, but a used as a verb.

Magic does not use Chinese words the normal way, and many words are weird looking words with weird combinations that make no sense to a Chinese person, especially the words in the spells. They all have their deeper meanings inside, which is taught to the disciples when they have learned for a while and got the foundation rooted into their heart.

Your Insurance in Magic

The lineage has the magic in Chinese, but you do not need to know Chinese to learn the magic. Basically, you treat spells as sounds and words as pictures, then you are good to go. As long as you do the spells daily, it will bring you to a point where you can say it without using your brain. Everything is built up and developed with time and daily effort.

What about “just in case” or “what if” moments where you need to request help from the lineage or the pre-heaven side of the lineage for an emergency situation, yet you don’t know Chinese?  Don’t worry, the pre-heaven side of the lineage, with our grandmasters there, they are not Chinese too!  You communicate by thoughts and in your own language, and there is no need for you to learn Chinese to do things right or request for help etc.

Some asked, can magic be in English?  YES!  That is right, it can. However, it is just too weird if we have spells in English and it feels like we are doing Harry Potter here, then no one will believe it is real Taoist magic at all. As you can see, many people look at things from the surface and the first impression can kill every potential. We can do spells and magic in any form, but Chinese seems to be the most legit looking way which works for everyone. If you learned long enough in our lineage, maybe you can witness the English magic side and see how it’s like yourself!

Oh right, don't worry, Chinese magic works on ANY spiritual cases!  Some Chinese really do believe the hoax that Chinese magic cannot cure problems for non-Chinese spiritual issues....!  Hilarious!

Last but not least, rest assure that you are in good hands, as long as you do what you are taught. Practice the heart spells, heart scripture, your daily cultivation, and be a good disciple, then your magic is for sure going to work. Nothing can go wrong if your heart is not wrong.  The heart is everything, enough said. Ordain today, and get started in learning!