Money Magic with Taoist Magic Number Power

Money Magic with Taoist Magic Number Power

How to Pay Money with Taoist Magic Power

Paying or receiving money can be magical if you know what you are doing. Setting a price for things, or giving a certain amount of money, can be magical or not magical. The difference is, do you know what and why you are giving or setting this amount or not. We are exposing this magical method for you today, mostly for our disciples to learn how to "conclude"  their magic learning better and with learning the wisdom of number magic properly, using numbers according to nature's principle.

As we have mentioned before, doing Taoist magic or Saam Law Sun Gung to be precise, requires you to “conclude” by using the form of money in order to have a healthy cycle and keep blossoming. In this article, we will talk about how to use the money to do magic, combining the nature’s principle to our money system and understand why you should pay a certain amount or why is a certain amount charged for our FU Talismans and such. What are they trying to balance off and why they are charged this way and not more or less.

In nature’s cycle of life pattern, we say that it is all born from 1 to 2 to 3, and 3 give birth to 3, resulting in 9 stages to complete, and the 10th step is the birth of a new cycle. That is also why human takes about 10 months to get a baby fully developed and ready to come out of the mother’s womb.

Therefore, we can use this theory to combine into the monetary system and use the digits to corresponding to these nature’s energy theory or principles. Here we will show you the “theory of 9”.

Taoist Magic Theory of Nine

1 to 3 is the stages of “TIN” (sky) which is all about the resources and elements.

  • The first stage is new elements coming into the system.
  • The second stage is when the resources are being processed and pushed down.
  • The third stage is when the elements got pushed out of the sky and into the ground to be absorbed.

The 4 to 6 stages are the “DEI” (earth) stages.

  • The fourth stage is when the ground intaking and absorb into the system.
  • The fifth stage is when the ground digest and blends the resources, a processing stage.
  • The sixth stage is the final processed goods being kept inside the ground, waiting for an opportunity to interact with the outside world.

The 7-9 stages are the “YUN” (human) stages.

  • The seventh stage is the launching out or giving birth stage.
  • The eight stage the state of something born and growing and blossoming to mature state.
  • The ninth stage is when things are going to die out and finish using up their fuel inside, then it will recycle back to 1 again.

Ordain Fee

For ordaining ceremony of Saam Law Sun Gung, we charge $368 for a reason. The three digits are the 3 digits for Tao 道, Ging 經, Si 師. This is the “three treasure” that we talk about in Taoism’s theory meaning the leading essence that

The three digits are the 3 digits for Tao 道, Ging 經, Si 師. This is the “three treasure” that we talk about in Taoism’s theory meaning the leading essence that gave birth to the whole system, the processing of the resources, and the executing and final work to be done.

$300 - Three is the Tao, it is to push resources down from the TIN into a DEI, from a pool of resources to a ground that absorbs It, from the lineage’s power bank to you the absorbing side, for keep.

$60 – Six is the Ging, it is to keep inside you and so that you can use it to “work with the external elements”, meaning to bring out the inner energies to use it as your “magic power”.

$8 – is the Si, which is the final destination or final location, which is dimension 8, the post-heaven Yang dimension, the physical dimension, the world of you here, making everything become “real” when combined with your body here. The resources given to you will help you grow and blossom, giving you more potentials and energies.

As you can see, our numbers are used with a magical intention, which is not just there for show or by random guesses. Every amount that we charge does have a meaning behind to correspond to a pre-heaven matter for concluding the transaction nicely.
Some people will ask, can’t we shift the decimals and move it one digit to make it 36.8 instead of 368? The answer is you cannot! 

Making it 36.8 means $30 and 6 and then 80 cents, it is not the same anymore because we are messing up the 10s and everything changed. You must not move the decimals and try to be “cheap” when working on magic numbers for doing magic work.

Taoist Magic Ceremony Fee

For our distanced ceremony, we charge a few different amounts. For example, the distanced ceremony for exorcism is $680 each. With the Tao is 600, Ging is 80 and Si are to 0. What it means is, the work done is going to be working on your “internal” body, your soul and your other pre-heaven matters. Then the process is to give your physical body energy to pump you back up and help you regroup your health. Then the final stage of Si, the execute is at zero, meaning that it is to help you neutralize the threats so that the evil spirits or evil energies that were doing harm to you can go back to its most neutral state and be recycled back to nature.

Money Luck Boost Ceremony is $328, meaning $300 for giving birth to new potentials for you, and $20 for giving you a pushing force for the process and amplifying your energies, then $8 at the end to give birth and energy to your physical life, reality, making you better.

When you order FU Talismans from us, we often charge a $30 fee for the general FUs, which is to give birth to new potentials to you.


Never Give Single Digits

There is a reason for why you should never give a concluding amount in single digit. The stages of how nature works are first you get the intention and second a process starts, then third is something is born. If you give a single digit, it is only the intention and nothing is really “out the system”, there is nothing to conclude the process and the work that is done, there is also nothing to conclude the result too.

Giving 2 digits will be good for the intention and then the process, but no results or final stage.


Never FREE!

Never trust anything "free" because nothing is free in nature, it just comes back in one way or the other. You choose money then it is money, if you choose free, it will just freely take back anything equivalent from your life...!  Free magic is always the WORSE because it takes away your LIFE in the long run and ruins your future!  Know more about it in our previous article on money magic!

Best Suggested Amounts and Methods

For “concluding” it is best to give the amount in 2 digits, at least, to make it one for the intention and one for the process and work. If you can, doing three digits is good for things that the lineage has helped you to success or pulled through. For example, if you learned or achieved some new knowledge or discovery, then that is your “result”, and so the third digit concludes the last part of your “achievements”.

Some suggested amounts for concluding can be like:

$36 – giving birth to new resources internally.
$38 – giving birth to new resources for you from inside to outside, spiritually and physically.
$46 – Planting something back to the inner power bank of you.
$48 – Planting something back to your reality, real life, good to do for luck magic too.
$53 – Starting the blending or processing of some work.
$52 – Pushing or rushing a process to kick in.
$57 – Pushing a process to finish up or have effects.
$59 – Ending the process, concluding work.
$68 - Using your inner power to output to the outside, reality.
$79 – Concluding for something to come out and show effect or result soon.
$81 – Hope for reality to see effect.
$85 – Make effect shown in reality be kept and keep going.
$138 – Something new can happen to give birth to reality.

There can be so much more combination of numbers, or even working with decimals to be more advanced. When things are on the decimals, then anything after the decimals on the right will be the digit from “the giving end to the receiving end”, like a “future potential” to be happening later.

Why Does It Work?

Why just putting some meanings into numbers will make the concluding work? Does the currency matters? 

To be honest, currency does not matter, because it is the numbers that do the job. That is why teaching magic is not about “the money”. But you will always use the currency of the person doing magic for you.

While the currency does not matter for the “concluding” part, there is also a part that you need to conclude, and that is the “human” side of things. Yes, you can be paying someone in China $368 and it means so little in China currency, compared to $368 Canadian dollars or USD. That is why there is always a “red pocket” in the concluding process to make up for the amount that can make the person “feel good” and show your appreciation or gratitude about the trade.  If the person feels “good” about the trade, they are happy about it, then the number you give for concluding will work, because they “accepted” you in the heart, the pre-heaven side of them. If the work they have done is too much and you only gave them so little money, the work cannot conclude because you did not make them feel good enough or fair in the heart.

Therefore, the concluding part is just the magic amount that “means” something you wish to conclude, for a better future of something to happen again. But that does not equal to the amount that can make everyone happy and make the person “accept” you all the time. If the person does not accept this to be a fair trade for their work done, then your magic amount will not work too. 

Connections are done from heart to heart, a pre-heaven element to pre-heaven element. Therefore, you must give more than just a concluding number on top to make the person happy if the exchange rate for the currency is bad (such as China, Hong Kong and such).

Why using such number and meaning works?  It’s because that is how nature principle works and it is what numbers correspond to in nature’s energy pattern, and how nature gives birth to life. There is always 3 main steps with 3 minor steps in each of them, and 9 steps complete a cycle and move on to the next cycle. This is a pattern, like yin and yang, 5 elements, etc. If you work with nature’s pattern, with the right intention and mindset, it will connect to the pre-heaven and it will be able to move the pre-heaven elements, which means you will be able to conclude things properly.

What if you are in a tight situation and cannot use the number you want?  For example, you want to do $128 for concluding but your financial situation is tight. If you are doing this for the monthly concluding then just think of a random symbolic amount of how much you can afford as of today, out of this amount as your “goal”, Maybe $20, maybe $30, it’s fine. As long as your intention is to aim for $128, but you cannot do it, then you use a $20 to “represent” your $128 for the time being. However, this got to be a truthful process, meaning that you really have to think that way in order for your symbolic amount to work too. If you are lying to yourself and you are just being “cheap”, then the symbolic is not a true-hearted symbolic amount, which means, it won’t work, and your magic will fail to do the job or even to conclude anything.

Numbers magic does not only apply to this concluding magic or money, it can be applied to anything in life to bring a better future or result too!  Want to learn the more advanced theory of these and apply these kinds of theories to everything including your phone number, e-mail, license plate and everything to make them magical?  Learn Saam Law Sun Gung and you will be able to make your whole life filled with magic powers!