Metal VS Wooden Taoist Magic Sword

Taoist sword

Many people know that Taoist is famous for using the wooden sword, and people often go crazy for the peach wood桃木for this. What is the significant of peach wood and are there any alternative? What about metal sword that is sharp, is that even better? Here you will learn about the secrets!

First of all, what is a sword? Why a sword and not a saber?

The design of the sword is very special, it has two edges and 3 points. When you stab things with it, you make 2 cuts at once. Sword is a magical tool that pokes through the yin and yang of walls, going into the deep inside of things, poking through the dimensions.

Our body is limited, we cannot travel through the yin and yang dimensions, because we are in this world, in the physical side of life. In order to reach things in another world, we have to poke through the “wall” (like the skin of your body) to reach there and draw out the “blood” to this world. 

We have our own sword, which is often the sword finger hand sign that we use, and that sword finger only outputs the power from our own hand. A Taoist sword is never a sword that draws power from themselves. Instead, the sword is consecrated to the higher powers – which can vary, depending on the user and what they want to do with it. For example, you have a sword that is connected to Saam Law Jo Si三羅祖師in our lineage.

Now when you use the sword, it is drawing power from Saam Law Jo Si, just like as if you are using the sword finger of this higher power. The main purpose of a sword is like a mouse or a pointer, it delivers your command and direct energies to flow in such way. You can also use the sword to draw symbols, which acts just like how you use the sword finger to do so—but this will draw power from the higher power that this sword connects to, and not yourself.

As you can see, a sword is not a “weapon” like how it is for wars, it is a tool that allows you to channel in the heart energy of the higher power, and direct them to do things. At the same time, you can also use it to command other things you are doing to let them travel out of this world and to another location that you cannot reach.

For example, I am burning a FU for a room that I cannot reach or see, I can use a sword to help me achieve this. First, I will hold the FU with my left hand, and the sword with my right. Then with some movements and spells, I will set the command for the Fu to “fly” in this direction to the destination I want. Now, go and burn the FU and collect the FU energy with my cup of magic water. Then, use the mouth to spray the magic water to that direction while using the sword to work together. This will then allow me to send the FU energy to that direction and to the destination I want, saving me the time and energy to travel there by foot. Sometimes there are places we can’t travel to – such as a distance ceremony for someone oversea or in another country.


Metal vs Wooden Sword

The swords are often in wood, but also in metal. The main difference is very obvious but often not known by people! Metal have the property of “sinking’ into water, and wood floats in water. Very simple, one goes down and one pops back up. 

When we are dealing with work such as empowering, channeling energy from the Tao to us, to get energy transfer into another object (and no work needed to be done), its all about the “sky to ground” process in our theory, like a delivery, transfer, giving kind of property, cleansing and energizing, that’s the metal sword’s job.

If you are working on things that needs to expose power, do work, output power to things, burn up energy to create effect and such, you will need the wooden sword. Things like commanding FUs to do work, exorcism, and things like that, you will want to use the wooden sword.   It’s all about the “ground to human stage” of things in our theory.

Metal sword only deal with delivery and let the other party keep what is channeled down. Wooden sword will burnt things up for something to happen, it needs to “do work” for you.


Peach Wood Sword Hoax

peach wood

Peach-wood is basically a metaphor, and not really the fact. Peach wood have pink flower, and that is the energy color of what we call the d7 to d8 property in the “nine star theory”. D7 red energy push things out of the ground (out of something) and d8 is the white energy combined with the red of d7 that makes things “grows” in the physical world.  The color of pink, basically helps the internal energy to release to the external, and that is the “principle” of how energy color works in nature. Therefore, wood that grows out pink flowers will have this kind of property in nature.

However, you can take any wood and make them turn into this pink energy wood. What you need is just to make the wood expose its energy from the inside to the outside and the wood is now at this “d7 to d8” stage, with internal energy bursting out to the surface. The work you need to do is what we call Hoi Gwong開光, which is to expose the internal energy to the external, and let light shines and radiate to the outside. You can easily do this by using the Hoi Gwong hand signs with spells to blast at target within seconds.  Whether it's pine, oak, or even composite wood, they will all have the same effect as long as legitimate magic work is perform on the wood.

You do not need to fall for the high price and buy the “peach wood” sword. Instead, what you need is to ordain into our lineage and learn the real magic. You can manufactured the sword with precious woods or metals, but without genuine magic power all will be useless. Basically the sword have no link or connection to a magic source. For instance using a top notch smartphone without a cellular or internet provider result with no service connection. Taoist magic sword is only magical, when you are a Taoist!

*That's right, buying a peach wood sword, bagwa, or even a peach wood armor won't protect you from evils.  Don't be scammed by the shops!